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Part 107: And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

It's how many mochi each player gets in the red bean soup they eat after the game. It's too much work for the guy who's making the soup to check each player after the game. It's much easier to check during the game when the number is on their uniforms. That way, they can just prepare the red bean soup during the game... And then the red bean soup will be ready to eat as soon as the game is over. And if players want a different number of mochi, they can just trade jerseys with each other. You know how after the game, players will sometimes trade jerseys? That's how they exchange the number of mochi they have to eat after the game. Oh, but for baseball jerseys, the number is how many pieces of meat they get in their curry. And for volleyball, it's how many pieces of sliced pork they get in their ramen... As you can see, jersey numbers vary greatly depending on the sport. This has been the Random Trivia Corner, brought to you by Monokuma!

Day 15.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

You know how busy I am with band practice, arcade games, and pachinko!? Now gimme some money! Hurry up!

N-No, please don't kick me in the tummy! You can...hit my face all you want, though!

Just leave the money on the dresser and get outta here!

Boo-hoo-hoo... You weren't like this before. You used to nice...

I've forgotten all about the past! Did you forget that I'm forgetful!? C'mon, c'mon! Hurry up!

N-Nooo! Not the tummy!

I suppose it doesn't really matter. I should head to the dining hall.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

...Good morning.


Kaito's obliviousness made last night...weird. But the way she talked about it like she didn't care, that got to me...

...Hey, about last night.


But, that wasn't it at all.

It wasn't?

You're not fit to be a detective when you assume things without listening first.

Then...what were you trying to do? Why did you bring it up?

Nyeeeh, good morning...

Hm? Tired?

Nyeh...? It's because I ran here from my room.

You got tired just from that...?


I decided to live life facing forward. That's why I can't stop.

I-Isn't that a bit extreme?

...Huh? It's extreme?

You don't want to live *too* fast. It makes me worried.

Is that so...? ...


What don't you know?

I want to live life facing forward for Tenko and Angie's sakes... But I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

I'm probably paying for saying that everything was a pain up till now...

Here, this is a keikogi belt.

You can wear this and train in the dojo, just like Tenko did.

...Will that make me positive? Can I live life facing forward?

Ah, I can't say for certain...but it's better than just sitting around doing nothing.


Of course I will, Himiko.

Thanks, Shuichi. You're a good person. But does that make you a good detective?

Ah, *apprentice* detective. Anyway, when did you want to train?

Well, I'll see you later.

Oh! Hey there, Poo-ichi! I almost didn't notice you!

Then again, a pussy like you will always be overshadowed by my greatness!


Hm? Fun?

Hah-hahaha! You act all big and now you're gonna play dumb with me!? I can't believe you and Kaito had a public threesome with that assassin chick!

I-I would never! W-We were just training, and—

Hah-hahaha! I understand you wanna do it, but you should wait a little longer! I'll make the perfect invention so you won't even need to wear a rubber!

But what did she mean by "wait"? And she seems happier than usual... She's not...on drugs or something, is she?

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

L-Like I said before, it's reckless! There are still two Exisals, right!?

Gonta know that...but...

Watching friends disappear... Seeing everyone get weaker...

Fight Monokuma!?

Shuichi, good timing! Talk some sense into him! Gonta's saying a bunch of reckless stuff and he won't listen to us!

Waiting around, doing nothing just make more victims...

Gonta, I get how you feel, but don't you think you're getting ahead of yourself?

Y-Yeah! It's reckless to fight against them barehanded!

...More like meaningless. You shouldn't do that.


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker


...Why not?

Actually, why would you even want to stop the killing game? It's just starting to get fun! It'd be a waste to stop it now.

Oh, don't tell guys aren't confident enough to win the game? Geez, if you're really that much of a weenie, then you might actually lose, y'know?

W-Win the game...

Are you planning on becoming the next blackened then?

Me...? The next blackened?

Are you serious...?

Of course, I am! Games are only fun when you play them seriously, right!?

So, c'mon guys! Let's enjoy this more! It's not often you get to play a killing game, y'know? Soooo, who's gonna be the next victim!?

If you dooon't, then I'll kill someone instead! Just like I promised, got it!?

Kaito shot at Kokichi like a bullet, and...

AUDIO: Crushing Punch!



You were messed up to begin with, but this is a whole 'nother level of weird... If you keep acting like this, I'm gonna knock your senses back into you!!!

TSUMUGI: already hit him.

KEEBO: Kaito, please stop. There is never a good reason to commit violence. Even minor aggressions...can lead to atrocities such as murder.


But, Kokichi...I hope that whole stupid speech of yours was a lie.


Maybe...Gonta have to do it. If friends are gonna fight like this, then Gonta go fight Monokuma.

Miu...? what you would usually say. But what's with the uncharacteristic concern?

I'm serious, there's no reason for Gonta to do something so reckless.

Huh? Save us?

Got it!? Just wait a little longer! I'll bring you to a world where the killing game doesn't exist!

A world where the killing game doesn't exist?

Oooh...I'll keep my plan a secret! I love being a tease!

Nyeeeh... I've got a bad feeling about this.

Yeah, me too...

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Shuichi! We do this together!

Huh? You're here too, Gonta?

Gonta wanna help Himiko!


Gonta very moved by Himiko's feelings! So Gonta wanna help Himiko stay positive! Gonta wanna be useful, even just a little!

I don't need any help...

N-No...well, maybe you can help me just a little.


Nyeeeh...let's see...

Why are you looking at *me*?

What wrong? You being modest?

I-I know that! You tell him, Shuichi!

I knew you were gonna make me do thisl

Shuichi, how can Gonta help?

Ah, um, perhaps we should work out together?

Y-Yeah! R-Really! The exercises I'm about to do aren't regular exercises. They're for mage training. So that means, I need mana to move my body.

Uh...erm...basically, it's energy. I need a lot of energy to use magic.

And the best way to get that energy is by having someone with overflowing vitality nearby.

Sorry! Gonta still not understand!

...And that help Himiko?

Uh, yeah. It'll help a lot.

Okay! Then Gonta train with Himiko too!


We haven't even started and I'm already tired...

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

AUDIO: Himiko's Training

Follow along after me! Don't forget to smile for the audience!



One! Two! Three!

One! Two! Three!

We practiced waving our wands and straddling broomsticks 100 times... It's honestly...difficult to comment on...

What's the matter, Shuichi!? You're slacking on your poses!

It important to smile, too! Smile like Gonta! Smile like gentleman!


One more time, from the top! One! Two! Three!

Himiko is more lively than I've ever seen her. All the anger and sadness... She's trying to deal with all of that in her own way. Hey, Tenko... Can you see Himiko from wherever you are? You've reached her, Tenko.

I think...Miu is the same. What about me? My friends die...and all I can do is solve their murder after it's over.

There has to be something more I can do...

Insect Green
Gonta Gokuhara's theme.
You can practically hear the bugs.

The kanji buttefly flaps its wings open and shut about every second.