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Part 108: Supertramp

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Ouch... Kaito almost pummeled me to death...

I understand how Gonta feels... I do not wish for anymore victims, either...

I wonder if Gonta's okay. He seemed like he'd try to fight an Exisal by himself if we left him alone...

Miu say she take us to world with no killing game, right? Did Miu find way out of here? How come she not tell us?

I wonder what Miu was talking about... She talked about a world without the killing game. But it seemed like she wasn't talking about going to the outside world...

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Everything's back to normal... Even the wax effigies are gone. But Angie, Tenko...and Kiyo...are still dead.

No one wants more victims... Maybe Gonta doesn't understand that? It'll be meaningless if we're saved, but Gonta loses himself.

That Kokichi... He better not have been serious... He must just be frustrated by everything that's happened...l think.

All of the evidence of the ritual is gone.

Fine, then help me! But if you're gonna help me, you better do EXACTLY as I say!

Miu and Kokichi are the only people who like this crap.

Whoa! I've wanted this for a while! I never expected you to have it, Pooichi!

Why didn't you give it to me sooner!? Geez, you just wasted my precious time!

Sure looks that way...

Hey, hey! Why the grumpy face!?

Then lemme give you somethin' to get things movin'! Hah-hahahaha!

Why is Miu in such a good mood? It's a little...creepy.

Come, Shuichi! To my research lab!

Completely ignoring my confusion, Miu headed to her lab.

Started? Start what?

Clean the shit outta your ears, Pooichi!


Miu showed me...

Are these...sunglasses?

Not just any sunglasses! These have built-in erotic animations. Movies appear behind the lenses so you can watch dirty movies anytime, anywhere!

Here, use this too! I'll bet this'll get your blood movin'!

...What is this?

It's a recording of my moans!

I recorded a voice sample for you! You're welcome!

A virgin like you would never have the chance to hear this voice! Hah-hahaha!

... Is this grounds to file a sexual harrassment complaint?

Everything in the box Miu gave me was clearly for...*that* purpose.

Be happy! I made all this stuff for you!

Don't men need this kinda stuff? You can't get anything done if you're always plugged up!

It's weird to be handed this stuff out of nowhere, whether I need it or not... I am a bit taken aback by how nice Miu is being, though.

Hah-hahaha! See? Bein' honest ain't so bad now, is it!?

I like how honest you are! Since it's you...

I don't really want to hear it...

Hey! Why the hell would you say you don't wanna hear my secret!?

Oh, I know what's up! Nothin' gets past Miu Iruma! You're just actin' like you don't wanna hear it, right?

Even if your mouth says no, your body is sayin', "Yes, Miu! Tell me!"

I guess it doesn't matter what I say, she's going to tell me.

Alright, let's hear it.

What? Really? You'll hear my secret?

Why is she being shy? She brought it up!

Alright! That‘s a great attitude! Now we're talkin'!

I'll listen, but no more inventions. Will you take these back, please?

Y-You don't want my inventions? Are you sure you're even a dude!?

Or...did you not like them? Then I'll make you something more awesome...

N-No, I don't need you to make me anything! I-It's okay! Here, I'll just keep them!

Then say that in the first place instead of leadin' me on, you knob-gobbler!



...What do I do with all of these inventions, anyway?

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

What's wrong? Did you need something from me?

Oh, it's you... What's up? You need to talk with me?

A world without the killing game... Who asked for that!? We're having so much fun with this interesting game!

...Does Kokichi really plan on becoming the blackened? Maybe you should be more careful about letting him into your research lab. There are lots of poisons in there, so...

Everyone else seems to have been given an appropriate lab... So how come my lab has a sci-fi theme!? This is probably more robophobia...

Oh, Shuichi. Good timing. Do you wanna join me?

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Hmm... Gonta know he see tiny bug other day... Why it not come out today...?

Are you tellin' me you can't wait!? Hah-haha! Fuckin' virgins don't know how to be patient!

Only Miu will accept this gift, and I have no idea why.

Whoa! I've wanted this for a while! I never expected you to have it, Pooichi!

Why didn't you give it to me sooner!? Geez, you just wasted my precious time!

You're the first person I've ever shared this with... So, I might have some trouble saying it right...

Miu's acting strangely... This must be important.

I'll just tell you straight up. To be honest...I...

This might be the greatest screenshot I'll ever take for this LP.

Yes, you're an Ultimate.

That's not what I mean, shitpuke! I mean, yeah, I'm a beautiful genius and whatnot... But I also understand that bein' so damn perfect also makes me a freak of nature!


Ughhh, whatever! Just listen, bonehead! I'll explain it to you!

You look like a normal person to me...

Heh, so you've fallen for it... Well, I can't say I blame ya! My terrifying secret definitely works to my advantage!

Oh good, you're aware of it.

Of course! I'm not so dense that I can't tell what makes me weird.

Then why not do something to change?

Cuz I need someone else to assure me...that I really am weird...

You really are weird.

Seriously!? How did you know!?

...It's pretty clear.

You can tell just by looking that I'm an augmented human?

An augmented human...? I didn't realize she was talking about something like *that".

Hey, out with it already!

N-No, I mean, I can't really tell...

Huhhhh!? Then why the fuck did you even say that shit in the first place!?

Back in the day, I used to be a boring, unremarkable girl with no talent at all...

One day, I got in an accident and ended up in a coma... Real life-and-death type shit.

Anyway, after the surgery, I barely managed to regain consciousness...

And I had the brains, skills, and physical talent to make those inventions a reality! But that's weird, isn't it? I mean, think about it. It's weird, right?

Y-Yeah, weird...

So I've come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, an augmented human.

That's right! The surgery augmented me somehow! That's how I survived the coma!

Sure, I do normal human stuff like eat and take shits, but...

I mean, look at Keebo. If someone can make a robot that passes for human...

Is this something to get excited about?

Of course! Superpowers are within my reach! Or should I say, literally within me! Yeah, that's it! I got the power inside me! We better start cutting me open!

I'm an augmented human! It'll take more than disembowelment to kill me!

Miu might be bizarre, but she's still human!

Hah-hahaha I just gotta jam this baby into me!

Miu brandished a wrench and swung it up into the air.

I frantically grabbed her hand to stop her.

It doesn't matter if you're augmented or not. You're a living, breathing human being, Miu.

So you can't hurt yourself like this!


Uhhhh... Wh-Why? Why are you lookin' at me like that...?


Ah, Miu!

I hope she's okay... I hope she's not doing something stupid.

Next time, the last secret scene in the game.

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The wonderful world of anthropology.

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