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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 109: Love & Rockets

MUSIC: Cool Morning


What kind of fantasy does Kaito have in mind? I'm nervous...but I want to know.

We've each got 99 wins this'll decide the true winner.

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

Now, let's end this!

Wait, what!?

What kind of role do I play in this fantasy, exactly?

Ah, um, we...each have 99 wins? Was I in some kind of competition...?

What, are you looking back on things before the final battle or something?

The first time we met... It was in the sky...

I'm Kaito Momota! Luminary of the Stars! I decided that before I enter the vast universe, I'd conquer the blue sky...

And there you were!

We didn't even know each other's names during our first airplane race!

Ah, I see! We're pilots or something... Kaito's fantasies are just as eccentric as he is.

It was the beginning of a heated battle over who was the fastest and coolest!

But, I never dreamed our battle would last this long.


Pretty much. There's no more extra innings, you got it? ...

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

Yeah... This is it...

...Kaito? Something wrong...?

I wish these days could last forever, y'know?


What if we kept racing forever? I'm sure some races would be fun, others bad...but somehow I know that...we would always enjoy them. Together.

It's like, even though we're rivals, our hearts are one. I like that. way or another, this has gotta come to an end.

This sky we flew through together wasn't so bad...but my true destiny's the universe!'re right, Kaito.

This is gonna be our final race. Come at me with everything you got!

Y-Yeah, right! It's just that...ah...

I don't know if I get excited about this. It's not as if we can actually fly...

In a heartbeat, I found myself backed up against the wall, his presence overwhelming me.

Are you really gonna go into our final race like that!?

Kaito shouted and slammed his palm against the wall near my head, staring into my eyes.

Kaito, you...

I barely managed to meet his gaze. He felt so close, looking down at me... That's when I remembered where I was, and...

My eyes darted around the room, focusing on that weird bed behind him... I was so caught up in the fantasy that I forgot where I was for a minute. But with Kaito so close to me, in a place like this... It's hard to stay calm.

No, I'm not gonna back up!

You really think I'm gonna do what you say?

Rather than backing off, he brought his face just inches from mine...

AUDIO: The Key to Kaito's Heart

Geez, you're the first...

I wanna get to the universe as fast as I can, but...I don't want this to end. understand what that means?

I know that as long as I'm here, I'm Kaito's ideal. And so, I... I understand, Kaito... I hold the key to your heart, but...

Anyway, it's not like me to start babbling like this!

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Kaito took a quick step back.

I exhaled a deep breath I didn't realize I was holding. have to tell me?

Could that...mean...?

Now that it's been decided, I wanna hurry up and say it already! Let's go!

If he wants to tell me something *after* the race, then... It's not something I can ask him. He has to tell me himself.



Ah, well, I don't plan on losing! I was just... curious as to what you have to say, Kaito.

Didn't I say I was gonna win!? So just hit me with some trash talk, already!

Ah...what a mess...

And so, we two aviators headed to one last race...together.



Last night, with Kaito... Was that a dream? Yeah. Just a dream.