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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 11: New Rules

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

Not just from mine—the alarm was going off throughout the whole gym. Which meant everyone else had received a Monopad as well. When I took mine out, a message was displayed on the screen...

AUDIO: The Killing Game Begins

You...gotta be kidding me... I will never... I will never participate in a killing game...

I do not understand why someone...would force us to do this?

But the rules are pretty cut and dry. This game doesn't seem like it'll be boring.

That's not the problem!

Please lower your voice. It is ruining the atmosphere.

Hey, hey! What does this sixth regulation mean?

AUDIO: Academy Rule #6

ANGIE: Only two surviving students? What would be the reason for that?

Nyahahaha, I see, I see. You're so smart, Shuichi.

Q-Quit screwing around... Killing game... School Regulations...

Kaito raised the Monopad as if to smash the device on the ground.

Whoa, hey now, don't do that. School rules say you can't break it.

If you violate the rules, then the Exisals will dispose of you...

I don't care about the rules! No way I'm gonna play this messed up game!

This isn't about "playing" the game. It's too dangerous to disobey him now.

Forget about him! Just means one less dumbass for the world to deal with!

Hey! Who you callin' a dumbass!?

I took a deep breath, then shouted with all my might.


Whoa! Wh-What the—!?

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

We shouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves. Right now, we *need* to work together.

Honestly...l'd probably be more inspiring if I played a song than gave a speech...

Chopin's "Military Polonaise" would definitely help unite us!

Yeah, I could get behind some bolognese, and I don't even like meat or tomatoes.

I agree with Kaede, too! We must remember who the real enemy is! Master told me that strength must always be aimed in the proper direction!

Himiko's sprite is shaking so much here that I can actually tell the difference between 60 and 30 FPS using her as a reference.

Wow! You're shaking so much!

Even I can't handle these intense vibrations! And trust me—I've got loads of experience!

Sure you do.

But...we looked all over that wall and there wasn't a single hole.

Now wait just a second. If there's no opening in the wall... Then how did we get inside these walls in the first place?

...Oh, good point.

That means there must be an opening somewhere! We just have to find it!

Whoever trapped us here wants us to fight each other...

...So let's show 'em that we're not gonna let that happen!


Why are you quiet...? Did I say something wrong?

MUSIC: Cool Morning

On the contrary. You made your case with such succinct aplomb that we've been rendered speechless.

Heh... I was gonna say the same thing, but you beat me to it...

You're exactly right! We can't give up so easily!

Let's split up and try to find the exit!

Ohhhh! Atua give us strength!

I must admit, I admire your spirit.

Nyeh...? What is it? We were just about to get started.

Um... Maybe it not matter much, but... Gonta find manhole earlier. In grass, behind school building.

A manhole?

Gonta peek in. See big, underground passage. Think maybe it exit...

...Sorry. Is probably not so simple.

Gontapeekin! Seebigundergroundpassage! Thinkmaybeitexit!

Wait, not like that! You're talking too fast!

The boiler is behind the school building. We must corroborate Gonta's claim at once. Gonta, please lead the way.

Okay! Everyone, follow Gonta!

Just when I was about to follow after them...

...Kaede, that was pretty cool back there.

Huh? What was?

The way you changed the mood completely. Seems like everyone looks up to you.

L-Looks up to me? C'mon, that's ridiculous. I...just spoke from the heart, is all.

So it just comes naturally to you, then. That's even more cool.


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker


l was just thinking, what you said back there would have pissed off whoever's running this. They definitely don't want us holding hands, workin' together...

...They're going to come for you, Kaede. With everything they've got. I'm a little worried about you. You're just so...straightforward.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Ah, perhaps it's a warning? That's what I think, anyway... Being strong—willed could get you into a lot of trouble around here...


Ah, s-sorry... I didn't mean to sound so negative at a time like this.

...It's fine. You only said that because you're worried, aren't you?

Yeah... Rantaro is a mystery. He forgot his Ultimate talent as well... Is that something you can really...forget?

Well, there's no use thinking about it right now. We should just head to that manhole.

Ah, you're right...

We probably shouldn't waste our time thinking about things like that...

Yeah, let's catch up with the others.

The long, winding paths to the back are open now. Either one works.

Looks like we're all here. So, where's this manhole?

Umm... Over there, in grass.

Time for a beloved Danganronpa tradition: talking to everybody in one room before we advance the plot!


Whoa, look at all these weeds. This place could definitely use a groundskeeper. Right, Kee—boy!?

Why are you telling me that? Furthermore... I would prefer you address me as "Keebo."

But you can pull weeds. Right, Kee-boy?

I can do all sorts of things just as well as any person!

As well as any person...?'re not a person.

Th-That's discrimination... Robophobic discrimination...


We should investigate the manhole right away. If it is an exit, it's only a matter of time until Monokuma comes for us.


If it is an exit, it's only a matter of time until Monokuma comes for us. Even if this really is the exit, it's all over if Monokuma catches us.

I agree. We need to be quick about this.


The ground opens up before us, as though inviting us downward... Once we are swallowed by darkness, will we be able to return to the light...? Kehehe...


Quit wastin' my time, you kooky bitch! Hurry up already! Chop-chop!


Wowww! It's like a super secret entrance! I'm so excited! Atua is just as excited as I am! I know cuz He told me!

TENKO (hidden behind Angie :argh: ):

Though it's hidden by grass, there's definitely a manhole over there!

Typical degenerate male! You peeping Toms love to find things you weren't meant to see!


So a manhole was hidden in a place like this, huh?

Well, you can't hide stuff from the eyes of Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!

But Gonta found it...


...There is a monitor here, too. That aside, this is a rather remote location to install a communication device...'s a pointless expenditure, wouldn't you agree?


What wrong? Manhole in grass over there.


Down the manhole, huh...? Do you think there are creepy creatures down there?

What's there to be afraid of!? Even if the rats are as big as cats, Himiko can just blast them away with her magic!

That's not possible... If I use my magic down there, the entire passage might explode.

Ooh! Your magic is so powerful!

Well then, though I may be unworthy, I will protect you, Himiko!

Mhm, I'll leave it to you...


We need to be careful...or those monsters might appear again.

Nyeeeh... Are you feeling down? Do you want some magical powder to cheer you up?

It's...not a dangerous kind of powder, is it?


...Hurry up. Don't you want to escape from here?


What purpose does this facility serve? One would assume that all this greenery would interfere with the machinery... Does this mean preparations were not completed before we arrived?


So there's even grass out here... Ah, be careful of the roots, everybody...

An important hole near some bush!? Sounds familiar, am I right ladies!?

Awwww, this manhole cover looks heavy. Can we even lift it?

I can try.

Keebo placed his hands on the manhole cover, and with all his strength he—

Grgh...! Grrrrrrrrrrrrgh...!

How embarrassing. It won't even budge.

Huhhh? A robot's not even strong enough to move it?

Oh, don't worry. My physical strength is approximate to that of a strong senior citizen.

Th-That's fuckin' pathetic!

Th-The professor did not want a repeat of the tragedy that occurred during trial production.

Umm... Now I'm just plain curious about what happened during that trial...

Oh, then allow Gonta.


Gonta lift cover before to peek inside. Should be able to pick up cover too.

Gonta placed his hands on the manhole cover and—

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

AUDIO: The Reliable Gonta!

TSUMUGI: So easily!?

HIMIKO: His strength...must be due to my magic. Yup...there's no mistaking it.

TENKO: Ooohh! You're amazing, Himiko!

GONTA: ...What should Gonta do with cover now?

KIRUMI: Please leave it somewhere else. Be careful not to hit anyone with it.

GONTA: Um, actually...Gonta no can do that... Very rude to litter...

But with nowhere to dispose of the manhole cover, Gonta begrudgingly tossed it aside...

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Kehehe...what wonderful strength. You could likely crush a child's skull with ease.

How ungentlemanly! Gonta NEVER do that!

Gentleman or not, *no one* would do that!

But Gonta is sooo much more reliable than some bean—counting robot.

Are you...talking about me? Because I can count many things, not just beans.

While everyone else was talking, I slowly peeked into the manhole.

Th—This place is kinda creepy... We're really going in here?

I'm sure it's fine. At the very least, we definitely won't die down there.

If anything happens, I'll protect most of you! But the degenerate males are on their own!

Then...Gonta protect menfolk.

Awfully quiet... Where are Monokuma and the Monokubs?

I was certain they would show up at some point and crush us like rotten gnats...

Nyahahaha! They probably haven't noticed yet!

Then let's hurry before they show up to mess with us.

One by one, we each descended down into the manhole.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker


What is this place...?

An old industrial passageway, I suspect... Perhaps factories once existed here?

And this is all that's left of 'em.

Hey, take a look at this.

Considerate? You don't think it's weird that someone went out of their way to write "exit"?

Hah-haha! Don't piss yourself in fear! Your natural scent is bad enough!

I-I'm not scared! And I smell just fine!

Well then, go on ahead. No point standing around here.

Ah, yeah...

No need to worry!

It looks a bit dangerous, but we're all Ultimates here!

As long as we work together, everything will work out just fine!'re right.

That's exactly what I was gonna say! We're really on the same wavelength, Kaede! Gimme a hug!

Typical degenerate behavior! You were trying to trick her into pressing her boobs against you!

I gotta disagree with Rantaro, though, because next time, we're gonna talk to everybody again! :unsmigghh: