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Part 110: Bad Moon Rising

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

Um... This is an official announcement from...uh...what's this place called again? ... Huh? What time is it right now? I forgot... Actually...have I always been alone? I...forgot that, too. Ugh...I can't remember... I feel like...I used to have someone very important to me... Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I...I can't remember!

*sniffle*... Poor Monotaro.

MUSIC: Darkness Time

Alright, time to go to training. Kaito and Maki should be in the courtyard.

I recommend that you return to your room, as the nighttime announcement just played.

Ah, yes. After I'm done, I'll head straight back.

Yes, please do. Another murder could occur if you're out of your room at night.

Kokichi said all those unsettling things earlier...

Kaito may have silenced him at the time, but I can't imagine Kokichi being so easily swayed.

But Kokichi's never serious... That was probably all his idea of a joke, right?

It is very difficult to determine the sincerity of his statements.

I never have any idea what he's thinking... That's what makes him dangerous.

Another murder should not occur as long as we all stay vigilant.

Yeah...let's do our best.

Oh, Shuichi... Nothing really. That announcement played when I was going back to my room.

It would've been fine if they just told us the time, but why'd it have to be so melodramatic?

I don't know, but it's definitely too much...

But then...

Where was this concern with Kiyo?

Umm, the Monokubs are bears, right? I don't know if human morals apply to them... Or, actually...I guess they're robots, not bears.

...So you're also a robophobe, Tsumugi.

He does have strong beliefs...

I've been thinking about it, and...Keebo's persecution complex is a bit over the top. On the other hand, that might be the most human thing about him. It's actually kind of amazing.


He's been like this, because of what happened.

No, I'm fine... My stomach just hurts, is all... Hey, for today's training, instead of exercise...



MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Talk...? About what?

Stupid! Nobody decides what they talk about before they start! Well...let's go find somewhere to sit!

Kaito picked a random spot in the courtyard, and we all sat down.

AUDIO: Life at the Orphanage

So what are we gonna talk about?

...Didn't you just say we didn't have to decide that?

C-C'mon man, that was...just a joke. Ummm...ah right! Then... Let's talk about Maki.

...Me? What about me?

Y'know, like, general stuff about you. There's a lotta stuff we don't know. For example...what blood type do you like?

What blood type do I like? Don't you mean...what's my blood type?

Hm? Did I say something weird? Well, whatever! Ahahahahaha!

...'re kind of bad at this...

Th-Then you ask something! What's your question for her, huh!?

...Am I like a guinea pig to you guys?

Well, I *have* been meaning to ask... When we first met, you said you were the Ultimate Child Caregiver. Why was that?

Shuichi, that's way too direct! You can't just cut to the chase like that!

Ah, really? Sorry...

Alright then! Let's play it safe and ask about her favorite spaceship—


I grew up in an orphanage.


MUSIC: Heartless Journey

I don't know anything about my parents... They were gone before I can remember.

Maki slowly began to tell us her story.

MAKI: Because of that, I started looking after the younger ones.

KAITO: I see... So that wasn't a lie, then.

MAKI: For some like me. But I'm not particularly fond of taking care of them.

KAITO: Maybe that suits you better than being an assassin.

When I was around 10 years old, these strangers started visiting the orphanage... At first, they seemed like normal, kind men... With smiles on their faces, they watched the kids play. But the men never approached them... Thinking back on it, I'm sure they were scoping out our talents.

I didn't want to go, but I heard they would donate a huge sum of money if I did... I remember thinking that I had to go. But...that was the beginning of hell.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

AUDIO: Life as an Assassin

MAKI: I think I had some natural talent to begin with, but I worked incredibly hard as well. If I couldn't keep up as an assassin, the orphanage would no longer receive funding... And then, I wouldn't have a purpose in life anymore. Training was difficult. I vomited every day...and cried every night. But after vomiting and crying over and over again, my heart gradually became empty. Eventually...I got used to it. It was the same after my first job. For a while, I couldn't eat or sleep. But after doing this for such a long time, I felt numb. There were times I wondered why I had to kill these strangers... But I eventually stopped thinking about that. I adapted to the lifestyle...of killing people...of stealing their lives... And...of being a horrible person. Even to this day, I think the same thing after I finish a mission...

SHUICHI: ...What is it?

MAKI: What would I have been like if I stayed at the orphanage? I still think about that...all the time.

Maki sighed deeply after baring her soul.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

"Interesting"? No, Maki, that was... The burden you've been carrying all this—

Geez. You're carrying too many burdens for someone so small.



Don't try to shoulder everything on your own. You gotta trust other people. Once you're able to share your burdens with your friends, then you'll be stronger.


...It might be thanks to the training.

Well, obviously! My training is based on a systematic method!

Most of it was meaningless conversation, but... It might have been the first time I was able to actually have fun and forget this place. To protect my friends... I need to reveal the truth of this academy. I need to face the truth and reveal it to the world.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

It's Mono-Mono-Mono—Monokuma!

You actually came. Hmm, so I guess I'm allowed to do this, huh?

Technically, it's not a rule violation...

Riiight? I was thinking the same thing! This fun and vicious killing game is the only thing on my mind!

With that said, you're not even gonna try and use that motive?

Ah-haha, you don't get it...

That's what I've been thinking, so I tried coming up with ways to use it...

And I finally came up with an idea. So, this is my proposal... A certain someone is planning something interesting, so if we use the motive there...


Puhuhu. You really are an evil bastard.

Of course... I *am* the Ultimate Supreme Leader, y'know?


MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Cuz you can never predict when they're gonna do something...incredibly stupid. It's honestly easier to go through life without telling a single lie. Which means honest people are just lazy jerks who'd rather coast through life. By the way, the recent trend of encouraging honesty is actually a lie. You see, it's better for liars if there are more honest people in the world to deceive. They've been lying about that trend so there can be more stupid honest people. ...But that might be a lie, too. Puhuhuhuhu.

Day 16.

Where...did he run off to? Probably with some other woman, I bet. But...that's fine. As long as he's happy, I'm fine with that. Maybe not today, but someday...I'm gonna be happy too!

Monophanie... I...finally remember... I need you, Monophanie!


...Too convenient, huh? I know I'll only hurt you more by saying stuff like that... ...I'm sorry for everything. Goodbye... silly man.

My goodness...your body is coming apart. You really can't do anything on your own. Alright, come here. I'll sew you back up.

Th-Thank you...Monophanie. *sniffle* *sniffle*

*sniffle*... Why are you crying? That' not like you... *sniffle*

Ah, well... I need to go to the dining hall.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Oh... Hey, bro! Perfect timing. Can I get your opinion on something?

Huh? For what?

Well, it's about our training...

But, I feel like something's missing...

You do...?

We've only done sit-ups and push-ups so far...

Even if I don't need it myself, in order for you two to grow...

Now that you mention it, I do have a practice sword...

Oh! Good idea! Practicing with those will be a great training exercise. Alright! Let's not wait till night! We're gonnado this special training as soon as possible!

Alright, I got it.

It's decided! I'll bring Maki Roll, so let's meet at the usual place! But first, breakfast. I'll see ya there!

There's the rubble...

...and here's Gonta.

Where you hiding! Come talk to Gonta!

Gonta? What's wrong? Are you looking for someone?

Oh! Good morning, Shuichi! Gonta not looking for person. Gonta looking for tiny bug.

Well...Gonta no can find him. Gonta see him lot s of times, so Gonta pretty sure it not mistake...

I see...

Huh? Ah, um, I don't like bugs *that* much...

N-No! I love them, Gonta! I said that before, right?

Oh yeah. You good person, so of course you like bugs.

Look forward to it!

Nyeh, it's you, Shuichi. This morning was very unfortunate.

Hm? Did something happen?

What are you saying? The Monokubs' drama ended.

So you were really looking forward to that, huh?

I thought maybe it was going to turn out that Monophanie had a baby in her stomach...

And it'd actually be the child of one of the dead Monokubs!

Those are the kinds of melodramatic twists and turns I expected...

No no, this is typical daytime soap opera stuff.Next she'll burn the roast, then...bang! Zoom!

What...the hell is she talking about?

Well, if it's already over, that's that.

Throwing away my regrets and moving forward! That's my new way of life!

She's probably still messing with that computer on the 4th floor.

Or she might be in her lab, working on another invention. I saw many half-built machines in her lab when she performed maintenance on me.

Well, messing with machines and computers is about all she's good for.


Gonta? What's wrong?

Gonta still thinking...since yesterday... How can Gonta be useful?

Okay, but you don't need to make such a scary face...'s not just you. That's something we all gotta think about.

We all should be thinking about what we can do to survive...

Use your self-destruct system to save us. That's how robots make themselves useful.

But you admit it's true, huh...?

I'll...keep thinking about it too. If I come up with a good idea, I'll tell you guys.

We needed to get our thoughts together. We were completely unaware...that an unspeakable malice was brewing.

He said the usual place. I'll meet him in the courtyard.

...I was surprised when you mentioned a special kind of training.

Well!? You brought the thing we need for our new training, right!?

Pass it here!

Here, it usable?

...Is this a practice sword? Why would you have something like this?

Huh? Why are you making such a disgusted face, Maki Roll?

...So you didn't tell Kaito yet. When I first started working, I botched a mission with a katana. Since then, I decided not to use swords...

Oh, I see...

No, it's my fault for making you remember something that makes you feel bad.

Alright! Tell us about it now! I'll listen to all of it!


It's difficult to talk to people about your failures. I get it. But didn't I tell you?

Don't hold on to your past forever! You gotta confront it to move on! And I'm gonna help you with that!

...What are you saying? You're ridiculous. Anyway, that failure doesn't bother me anymore.


Before, she would have just told me to mind my own business.

Maki has changed a lot since then...

You need to know the target—their schedule, movements, friends and acquaintances... For this particular target, he normally worked late into the night... But when I looked further into his schedule, I found out he was into some nerdy hobbies.

Nerdy hobbies? You mean like Tsumugi is?


Never in a million years would I imagine hearing "cosplay" from Maki's mouth.

So while I observed my target's private life... I thought of a good plan to get close to him, while concealing my weapon.

Who is supposed to be speaking here?

...A prop carrying case.

What's that? How's it different from a normal carrying case?

Tsumugi would know.

It can accomodate large props, so it's convenient to carry around... So I placed a katana into that carrying case and made my move.

But then...the people around thought I was a cosplayer, and something odd happened.

What happened?

Unfortunately... ...I had the same height and hairstyle as a popular character, who also carried a katana.

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

AUDIO: Maki and the Katana

MAKI: I got dragged into a hall by a group of excited people with expensive cameras. They almost saw the weapons I had in my case... If they had, they would have found out my katana was actually real...

SHUICHI: Sounds like a close call...

Yeah, was much cuter than I was expecting.

Don't laugh... For me, it was very serious...

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

If they didn't donate to the orphanage anymore...then it would've...been the end...'re right...

Yeah, you're right...that's not funny.

Yes, me too... Sorry for laughing, Maki.

Y-You don't need to apologize. I'm not mad.

Maki turned her head to the side with a pout.

That expression on her face... Opening up to us with her stories... I never could have imagined this.

There's still so much I don't know about Maki and Kaito... I hope Maki is right. We can learn more about each other after we get out...

No. We will become friends! We will definitely get out of here!

What can *I* do? The only thing I'm good at is solving mysteries, but I can't figure out this academy. I don't have many clues...but that's no excuse.

Magical Turquoise
Himiko Yumeno's theme.
It's real magic.

How festive! They do say that Christmas is the most magical time of the year.