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Part 111: Feed Me Weird Things

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

There's one thing I can do. I'll support you with my magic.

Hi, Shuichi! How can Gonta help you today?

What can we each do to make sure that we all survive...? We all possess Ultimate talents. There *must* be something we can do.

Being all panicky won't do any good. I think I'll take it slow today.

Something only I can do... ...I can think of just one thing.

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

For some reason Kaito's nowhere to be found at this moment. I'm sure he's fine.

Hey, it's Shuichi. Can I help you?

No matter what I always responds very sensitively...

Huh!? Fuck that! I get way more outta spending time with this computer than with you! If you wanna be useful, bring me some food! I haven't eaten since this morning!

This feels like a Tsumugi gift, but I've got some other stuff in mind to give her.

Damn, Pooichi! You actually brought me somethin' nice! Alright, I'll show you an invention of mine! I bet you're so thankful, you're about to cry!

Huh? Y-You're not interested? Whyyyy?


She seems down... She must be thinking hard about something.

Ah, Miu?

N-No, I'm worried about you...

Her voice cracked...

I...I-I'm fine. I'm not that upset.

But you were talking about being augmented before...

S-So what? Even if I am human, it's not your problem.

Nghhh... H-How can you say that?

Miu? Your face is red, is something wrong?

I guess I gotta take off my clothes now! Isn't that right!? Okay, off they go!

Th-Then you...take it off... Take off your clothes...

C'mon, just whip it out already! Jerk it to my perfect proportions!

Ughhh... Ughhhhhhhhh... Ughhhhhhhhhhh...

Are you sick? You've been acting weird, perhaps a fever...?

F-Fever!? N-No way! I don't have a fever! Nuh-uh!

But your face is so red...

Wh-Wh-What the hell!? You sayin' I'm lovesick or somethin'!? Man, you're annoying!

You should get some rest. You're clearly not feeling well.

Huh...? D-Don't spring that on me all of a sudden...

What do you mean?

C-Cuz, I mean, y'know...we should at least go on a date before we hit the sheets...

Are you worried about something?

Huhhhhhhh? Shuichi, you blockhead! What does a genius like me need to worry about!?

...W-Would it be weird if I was worried, though?

It wouldn't be weird at all, Miu. Even geniuses worry about things.

B-But it's just heartache...

A heartache... I see, so that's what's wrong.

Y-Y-Yeah! I'm fallin' for you!

You said it first. That you're so worried about me...cuz you're in love with me.

...I never said that!

No, I didn't!

Ah, ah, ah... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Did Miu...just confess her love to me...?

What should I say when I see her again?

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

...It's sort of strange that Monokuma hasn't done anything to us yet. Also the motive card key that Kokichi took is somewhere out there...

O-Oh, Shuichi... What's the matter?

See? Everything's fine.

*sigh*... When I think about it... I can't actually come up...with anything I could do...

Nyeh...? You need to talk to me or something?

I bumped into Kaito, and he ended up giving me a lecture. He told me to think of a way to escape... But the only idea I can think of is becoming the blackened myself. That'd entertain everyone.

Nrgh... Gonta tired... Gonta think too much...

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

I noticed that Miu seems to have shut herself inside the computer room.

I don't really have time for you, but...I guess I can get away from my work for a little bit! That oughta be enough time for a two—pump chump like you!

Don't give DeviantArt any ideas, game.

Wha—! I-I've...wanted bad...

Not bad, perma-virgin! When are ya plannin' to slip some fliff between these big ol' titties!? Well, if you're tugging it to me every day, I guess I can let that slide!

Hah-haha! Hey Shuichi, why the sad, miserable face!?

I guess I was the only one worried about it.

Since you look so bummed out, I got you a present!

Is it...another invention?

I, Miu Iruma, will show you just how versatile I really am! So here, take this!

Yep! It's an apple pie! I baked it from scratch myself!

I didn't think she would bring me a pie... And it looks really professional. Miu must be a pretty good cook. Impressed, I inspected the pie. That's when I found...

Hah-hahaha! Don't worry! I added some hidden ingredients!

B-But...I just want the person I like to eat me...


I-I made more, too... Cookies with my fingernails... Chocolates with my blood...


...Well, at the very least, it means that her confession was genuine. But she's, ah...coming on a little strong.

Uh oh, she's staring at me! She wants me to eat it!

Ah, um, I'm really...honored that you made this for me, but I'm concerned about the hygiene... And there are no hospitals around here, so we have to be careful...


But y'know, even a genius like me should be more careful with the stuff I make!

If anything happened to you...I might...go crazy...

Are you volunteering to be the new Kiyo?

I-If that happened, the world would never recover! Right!? Isn't that right!?



Hah-ha! The time has finally come to use this!

Miu whipped out the ray gun from earlier.

Time to go commando!

A piece of fabric suddenly materialized in my hand! If I remember correctly... I think I know what this is...

Whaddaya think of that, Shuichi!? Can you feel my residual heat?

...Yes! Yes, I can!

When we get outta here, you're goin' on a date with me! Got it!? It's already decided!

Duh-doy! If you go on a date with me, I'll just explode with excitement! If you turn me down, the world will never recover! Understand?

AUDIO: Miu Free Time #2

You're the only guy in the world who's ever made me feel this good!

... This is how Miu expresses her feelings, I see.

Alright... I understand.

Ah, haha...

Miu smiled, but I returned it with something more akin to a grimace. But at the same time... She is showing me a lot of affection. I am happy that I was able to make this kind of connection with Miu.

I'm sure it will be okay. We'll get out of here, together!

You've learned a new skill, XXX-Ray Goggles.

It can be pretty unclear how much area around an object you need to clear away before you can select it. I'll give this a shot next trial.

Miu's Undergarments posted:

Miu's favorite panties. Special underwear worthy of
adorning her "busty, brainy, beautiful goddess body."

So is Miu the reason why we keep getting these?

Next time, it's not either of them.

Metamorphosis Azure
Tsumugi Shirogane's theme.
Beware the phantasmagoric charm!

I really like this one, too. The color scheme reminds me of something, but I can't remember what it is.