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Part 112: Dirty Computer

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

No? What about Goo-ichi? Spoo-ichi?

Well, whatever! Pick any nickname you want!

M-Miu? What are you doing here?

...What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

We can escape?

But there's no rush, so if you wanna rub one out while you think about me, you got time.

But I shouldn't just ignore her.

The computer room on the 4th floor...

MUSIC: Darkness Time

Oh...hello, Shuichi. Did Miu tell you to meet up, too?

Yeah... So everyone got the same message?

She said we'd be able to get out of here, but this all smells really fishy... My magical instincts are telling me to not get involved with Miu.

I think we should go...just in case.

I guess you're right...

Himiko? What's wrong?

I just Tenko would always grab my hand and pull me along at times like this...


I can picture Tenko taking her hand and saying, "I'll protect you!"

Well then, Shuichi. I'll go on ahead. You should head over soon, too.

...Do I look "depressed" to you?

There's no way we wouldn't show up when we were told there's a chance to escape.

But I still think it smells fishy.

You always seem to show up for stuff like this. I've got you figured out...

Thanks! The key to a mutual friendship is understanding each other!

Is there really a way?

Duh-doy! Of course there is! Geniuses like me never make mistakes! are we going to escape?


MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

"Another world"? wanna know? Huh? Do ya?

Huh? Why...?

Hehe... When Shuichi and Kaede bowed to sorta awoke somethin' in me...

...Hm? Shouldn't you be the one bowing down to us?


You want us to listen, right? Then get down on your knees and beg like a dog.

Wh-What the hell? Isn't that...weird?

What? Wh-Why? I stayed up all night getting this ready for everyone—

Okie then! Everyone, let's gooooo!

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

AUDIO: I Want to Talk

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

...I actually feel sorry for her.

Hey...let's at least hear her out.

Did ya hear that, Miu? Good for you!


Heeeee! Y—Yes, sir!


What? This?

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

It uploads your consciousness so you can go to a world created by a computer program.

A world created by a computer program?

Exit is in that kon-poo-ter box! So we gotta break it open and go in!?

You mean this virtual reality, right?

I-It's more than just virtual reality... lt's...a Virtual World...

Ah! It's the matrix! I saw a movie about that sort of thing on TV when I was little!

Alright, now let's go!

Huh? Go? Like, to the Virtual World?

What!? Why!? You promised that we'd all come at the same time!

Just in case, I should ask a question... What's going to happen to our consciousness when we're inside the computer?

...How do you know this?

Miu told me already. I helped her prepare our trip to the Virtual World! I brought all of our seats here... In exchange, I made her tell me the reason.

Um... What you guys talking about? What's this..."ah-vuh-tar"?

They're characters that will represent you while you're in the Virtual World.

In other words, this computer will transfer our consciousness from our bodies...and shove 'em into avatars inside the Virtual World. And then...

But what happens to our real bodies?

Your body will basically be asleep for the duration. In that sense, it'll be like a dream.

Like I said, we're not going. It's definitely dangerous.

Wh-What the—? Am I...really that untrustworthy?

Well then, you'll be relieved to know that I didn't even create this Virtual World...

What? Someone else?

So an avatar is another body... But I like this one. This body made my soul, and my soul made this body...

Which means my body and soul together make me who I am! Separating them is outrageous!

This must be remarkable technology if it can upload our consciousness into a computer...

Do you even have a consciousness to send off to the Virtual World, Kee-boy? You're a robot. Your tin head can only mimic a human's emotions through a mechanized process.


Gonta not really understand... We all gonna sleep and have same dream? That possible?

Can you really just separate your consciousness from your body like that? We're not just objects, y'know?

So it separates the consciousness from the body... If that's possible, then...'s nothing.

I thought something was different about this room. It has all these chairs in here now. They probably brought them in since it'll be like our bodies are sleeping. That was uncharacteristically thoughtful of Miu.

I'm totally down to go to the Virtual World. It seems interesting.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Nyeeeh! I knew it!


Him! He's my daddy!

Now then, allow me to explain! I used a certain program as a template to create the Virtual World...

...Killing game simulator?

W-W-Wait! I said wait, dammit!

If Monokuma made it, it's dangerous for sure.

I pulled an all-nighter investigating it, and I deleted everything dangerous from it...

There's no need to worry. It's just a simulator, right?

No, this is Monokuma we're talking about. It may not even be a real simulator.

Hey, whose side are you on?

How cruel... Why not accept him as your child for now?

For now? I can't play along. He's not even my child.

You guys are only bitchin' cuz you haven't been to the Virtual World yet...

Seriously, it's so fuckin' awesome! I know you guys will love it! And're gonna fall in love with me for showing it to you guys!

So...let's just dive right in, okay? We'll do it together.'s a world that *Monokuma* created, right?

But you just said you pulled an all-nighter adjusting everything, right, Miu? So that was originally a killing game simulator, but not anymore, yeah?

Y-Yeah, that's right... I rewrote the program to delete all dangerous objects that could be used as weapons.

Wh-What's this weird sensation in my chest? I-ls this...what it feels like to be a mom?

Hey, let's trust Miu! We should trust in our friends more anyway!

Why...are you on Miu's side?


I mean, Monokuma created this world, right? Maybe he laid a bait to lure us in!

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

Well, Monokuma? Did you prepare some sort of bait for us?

Oh, bait? Yeah, of course I have.

Me too!

...Mommy's hearing this for the first time, too.

Like Kokichi said, there's a crazy secret hidden somewhere in the Virtual World.

The secret...of the outside world?

All I can tell you about the secret is that if you get your hands on it...

H-Hold on... What's happening outside? What are you talking about? It's like he's saying something is going on out there, but...that can't be, right?

Do you think it has to do with those meteorites?

Yeah! We wanna know, so we'll definitely go!

Kokichi...what's going on here? Did you know about this all along?

Don't joke around like that... It's just a hunch. Anyway, we can't ignore it. It's possible we might find info on the outside world.

Huh!? We can end killing game!? can't! It's probably a trap set by Monokuma!

But if there's even a small chance that we can stop the killing game, we should take it.

Are you still talking about your inner voice? We're already sick of all that Atua stuff.

As I've mentioned before, this has nothing to do with Angie's influence. Whenever I'm lost, my inner voice tells me what to do. I have always obeyed that voice, and I will continue to do so.

Then I'm going too.

You too, Kaito?

Yeah, this "secret of the outside world" stuff worries me, but I want to check this world out.

The idiot's at it again...

Wh—When a man loses his curiosity, he ages! Curiosity is what moves a man!

You can stop talking now, but...l guess I'll be an idiot, too.

Ah, wait... You're going too, Maki?

We've been in danger for a while now.

That's true... My to gather evidence and reveal the truth. So I can't run away from this.

B-But why!? It's definitely going to be dangerous!

No matter how dangerous it gets, we just have to do it.

Fine...I'll go too. Being left behind will just make me worry.

Then everyone, except Tsumugi, is going!

Nee-heehee...okay, now everyone's going.

Kokichi...are you planning something?

Ah-haha, of course not. After Kaito punched me, I became a changed man.


Alright! Then let's get started before you cockroaches change your damn minds!

Okay, fine...

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

AUDIO: Latest Technology

Ah, these cords.

The red cord is for consciousness, and the blue cord is for memory. I could start throwin' down some real fancy techno-jargon, but you idiots wouldn't get it... All you need to know is those cords'll cram your consciousness and memory into the Virtual World. Just don't shove 'em into the wrong hole! And yes, that *is* what she said!

Okay, fine...if she said so.

So then, which cords to which ports?

Put the red consciousness cord in the right port, and the blue memory cord in the left.

Out of curiosity...what happens if you switch the cords?

I dunno. I've never done that before... Probably gets all glitchy or something! Maybe you'll become a vegetable, maybe you'll body—swap with someone... Who knows?

Well...I guess we'll just have to be careful not to switch the cords, then.

I-It's okay... If we j-j-just stay calm, then there...won't be any problems. I hold my chopsticks in my r-right hand, so...

Calm down, Himiko...

After some fiddling around, we were all hooked up to the device.

A paradise more beautiful than the real world, where there's no murder and no Monokuma!

So when Gonta press button,"ava-tar" person take Gonta to "Ver-chew-ul World" place?

Oh, for the love of... Yeah, sure, whatever makes sense to you.

In fact, compared to your current looks, they're a major improvement!

I never wanted plastic surgery... I like my face.

*sigh* I'm still nervous about this...

Alright, everybody! Let's go!

Okay...let's go.

I placed the helmet on my head, and after a deep breath, turned on the switch. ...And then...

VIDEO: Virtual World Trip

Next time, we go digital.

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