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Part 113: Wack World


...What is this?

...It's a door.

There's a door.

...Still, I need to hurry.

Because I need to go inside this classroom.

...Need? ...What "need"?

No... I should hurry.

Nah, I'm just fucking with you.

We were standing in the other world. Yes... We were there.

NEW MUSIC: Beautiful Lie in the Virtual World

Everybody looks around, not used to having 3D heads that can actually move.

The speech bubble goes over the head of anyone talking in the Virtual World.

So the Virtual World?

At least Ugandan Knuckles isn't here. Thank God for small favors.

These avatars are really disappointing, too! I wanted to have the face of a supermodel!

I thought you liked your face...

I still have a robot body. I must admit, I was secretly expecting more...

Because the avatars have a limited set of expressions, symbols like the blue curtain, throbbing vein or ellipses with period show up pretty frequently. feels weird. I can move this avatar like I could my own body, right? And with this body, I don't have to worry about all that stuff...

What stuff?, it's nothing.


Maki looks around.

...I want to go back.

Th-That was quick...

And this is my avatar. Mm-hm, mm-hm. I get it now.

He punches Keebo in the face.


Ooh, so that hurt.

Oh, well, now that you mention it...I felt genuine pain just now...

That's pretty impressive. If you felt pain, then that means our senses are connected.

...Our senses are connected?

This place is so great, I come here all the time. It's way better than the real world!


This is totally different from what you said. Plus, this avatar has disappointing graphics.

Miu has a bright future ahead of her in the games publishing industry.

Y-Your looks are nothing to write home about. Trust me, you look a billion times better now.


H-Huh? Didn't I tell you?


It means that this goes way beyond the realm of virtual reality! We are *actually* connected!

We get it, so stop hitting me!

No can do! Even if they are avatars, I could never hit a *person*!

...How are our senses set up?

When your avatar receives any sensory input, electrical signals are sent to your brain. Your brain then interprets those signals as if it experienced that sensory input for real.

So even if we're not really being punched, the brain senses pain cuz of those signals...

That's a bully's twisted logic.

Well...there's a lot of things going on right now, but you don't have to worry, Gonta. exactly are we supposed to find the secret of the outside world?

We don't even know where to start looking.

First, we need to learn more about this world. Is there a map available?

Huh? A warning? You need to be quicker on the draw with stuff like that.

I-I'm plenty quick on the draw! But not too quick, cuz then you can't pull out in time!

Shut up...

I wonder what the rules for this place could be...

Shuichi is now free to scurry around the room.

Not that it does him much good. The sparkles indicate the only objects you can examine, and the speech bubble indicates you're close enough to someone to talk to them.

If they were gonna go retro, they should've gone all the way and had it be all blocky...

Likewise, this indicates that you're close enough to look at something.

What *is* this phone? What does it connect to?

But it seems like information from our real bodies isn't sent to our consciousness here. If that's the case,'s fine, but...

This really *is* fraud!

But how we even get here? Gonta not feel anyone pick him up. And we got here so fast...

Ah, well, it's like Tsumugi said, you don't have to worry...

And I never thought a robot had a consciousness to begin with...

...And I thought you would say that.

But if our senses are connected, then that means it's just another reality.

I just imagined these characters trying to do high-level raiding. Not a pretty sight.

I want to find the secret of the outside world and head back to the real world already.

Well, it's not that big of a deal, but there is a special rule to this world... ...Objects here are unbreakable.

In the Virtual World, there are no rules that govern whether objects can break. So any object, no matter what it is, can never be broken. For example, if you stretch a rubber band far enough, it'll eventually tear, y'know? But here, the rubber band would stop stretching at a certain point, and just not tear at all.

See? I told ya it's not a big deal!

Heeeeeeeeeeeee! S-Sorry! B-But...that's the only special thing! In every other sense, the physics here are the same— ...Oh, wait. That's right... There's a special thing about the avatars, too...

Heeeeeeeeee! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

And what's special about the avatars?

To make things fair...everyone's avatar in this world has the same averaged physical strength...

Does that mean there is no discernable difference in our physical abilities?

What!? Gonta weaker!? That also cuz of Himiko's magic!?

I-It's not my fault. That's...just how this world is.

...Are those the only things different about this world, Miu?

Y-Yeah...that's everything.

O-Oh yeah, that's right... I need to tell you that.

Also, that phone is fixed and can't be removed from that room.

Whenever you log in, you'll always appear in this room.

Hmm...okay, got it.

You guys better not cheat by logging out alone! We have to find the secret of the outside world!

Yeah, we got it. So where's this map?

Miu leaves the room.

You log out by picking up the phone and speaking your name. The phone isn't portable, so you can only log out from this spot.

That may seem convenient at first, but I feel like it's going to end up being a problem.

I'm guessing...because it's programmed like that for the killing game simulator. They want to see what kind of killing game it'll be when no one has their special talent. ...That's probably the reason.

Unfortunately, it seems like I can't use my magic here. So don't rely on me like usual, okay?

...I don't recall ever relying on you in the past.

Hey, who Gonta gotta talk to get strong again!?

But if the secret of the outside world is really here, we can't turn back now.

Everyone files out one by one. This thing chugs if it has to render more than one avatar moving around at once.

Was Tsumugi a Titan the whole time!?

O-Okay...I see. The back of your neck, huh?

Why are you so interested in that? You're gross...

I have some very bad news for you.

If it spreads, people will start trying to play tricks on me during photoshoots...

Kaito, you nasty! I always knew you were a closet pervert!

Wh-What are you saying!? You know I'm not a sneaky guy like that!

W-Wait, so does that mean you're openly a pervert, then...?

...I'm not trying to act like Tenko or anything, but guys really do fantasize about that a lot.

Or is it... ...

MIU: This is the map to the mansion, which is the building we're in right now. This area is the entrance hall, and that room with the phone is the salon. The dining hall, kitchen, and bathroom are also on the lst floor.

SHUICHI: There's no second floor...but I do see a rooftop area.

KAITO: The rooftop, huh? I guess that'd give us a good view. Let's go check it out later.

SHUICHI: Yeah, good idea.

MIU: Listen up, shithead! Make sure you remember everything about this world!

SHUICHI: It looks...pretty expansive. It even continues past the river. Is this an ellipsis here? Showing that it continues?

MIU: Yeah, I'll tell you what that sign means later. You'll understand once you actually go there.

What could she mean by that?

SHUICHI: Ah, there's another building here.

MIU: Yeah, it's just a dinky chapel. It was a cluttered mess in there.

KAITO: A lot of stuff, huh? Maybe the secret of the outside world is hidden in there...

KOKICHI: Oh, I just noticed... There are black lines drawn around the world map... But does that mean something?

MIU: Heh, how nice of ya to notice! Of course it means somethin'! This black line represents a wall!

SHUICHI: A wall?

No, you're not trapped here. Beyond that wall is the end of the world. Literally.

Past that wall, nothing exists. Everything ends there.

I see, so that wall is the end of the world.

...not Monokuma, right?

Th-That's right...I prepared the maps. What about it...?

No, it's nothing. I just wanted to know.

We should be focusing on the more important issue right now.

Yeah. Where in this world the secret of the outside world is hidden... But it's gonna be pretty hard to find something when we have no clue what we're looking for.

Kokichi thinks, then moves for the front door.

Hm? I was gonna go investigate alone. There's a lot of interesting stuff I wanna check out.

Hey... Like hell am I gonna let you do whatever you want.

Whatever I want...? And why do I need your permission, Kaito? I'm free to do whatever I want.

Kept watch?

But Gonta can watch Kokichi so he not do anything weird!

Gonta, you're so sweet...but I knew you'd say that. Even without your ridiculous physical strength, as long as you're selfless and courageous... You'd make a terrific bodyguard!

Kokichi leaves the mansion.

It's okay! Leave it to Gonta! Gonta keep eye on Kokichi!

Gonta leaves the mansion.

It seems he planned this all along.

Geez...he really knows how to manipulate people. Well, whatever. Let's go check out the rooftop.

Alright, follow me! If you wanna peek up my skirt while you're at it, go for it!

Miu goes up the stairs.

Every time Miu opens her mouth, a bunch of unnecessary garbage falls out...

There might be traps on the roof, too. We should be careful.

He is such a bothersome person...

Won't it be a problem if he finds the secret of the outside world first?

Well, it's probably fine. Gonta's with him after all... I don't think it could be hidden or tampered with.

You're right... Okay then, let's get started.

Next time, outdoor environment gameplay trailer.

Coed School Badge Collection
Everyone's school badges theme.

Fun fact: most, but not all, of these insignia are on their respective character's design somewhere. See if you can find them!