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Part 114: Close to the Edge

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie in the Virtual World

...Snow? There's snow here...

Are you a dog?

Tsumugi start shivering.

Is it...cold here? Our avatars can feel cold?

Yep! Isn't it great!? Not only can you feel cold, but you can even feel pain and pleasure too! In fact, you don't even need to use birth control here!

How about we start by exploring the rooftop?

Yeah, let's do that.

Let's look for anything that might catch our eye. Although we've checked the map thoroughly, it was created by Miu... There may be other things she has forgotten to tell us, if you catch my meaning.

Hey, Maki Roll. Men are... things that must cherish their playful heart! If they lose that, they'll age!

...I thought you said when men lose their curiosity, they'll age.

Yeah, they're both important! A man's got a lot to remember! Isn't that right, bro?

I...don't know how to respond to that.


He really is like an excited puppy...

Like I said before...p|ease try to be quiet.

Since we've been trapped in the academy...

Or wait...? Maybe we can't catch colds as avatars? But...we're definitely feeling cold. I wonder if that's enough to make our real bodies sick.

That reminds me of a study I once read... People were told they were going to be splashed with hot water, but cold water was used instead.

Oh, I've heard of something like that before, too. So maybe we can catch a cold from this after all. It might be good to be careful.

Hah-haha! You're such an obvious peeping Tom!

I have a lot of experience with binoculars? What does that mean...?

I mean...duh. They're binoculars. Feel free to look around with them! Get a good look at everything!

Yep, that's a black void up top. Don't ask me how the perspective on these binoculars works.

Can't scroll any further left than where Shuichi is now.

This triggers when you reach as far right as you can, regardless of how high or low you scroll.

Ah, is this...where the line on the map was?

Then...what is it? Why do the binoculars stop there?

Krgh... Aggressive men are always coming and going and coming too soon.

I'll explain it to you when we get there, so don't get your panties in a bind.

What is she talking about? What could be over there?

This is probably what the game expected me to look at.

And besides, this is a simulator, right? We won't *actually* die, right?

The only thing here is an empty box and some lattice. Rolled up carpet, huh? ...It does look safe.

Yes, but there weren't too many points of interest.

Nice, Himiko! That means if you trip and hit your head, it won't hurt!

Don't be rude! I'm not the type to trip that often—

womp womp

...That's way too cliched of a gag.

Snow and a mansion... How ominous. *sigh* Great job, killing game simulator.

But...we're not leaving any footprints in it. What's up with that?

Yeah...looks that way. But you don't need to worry about it. This is just a simulation and there are no dangerous items here whatsoever.

Let's go outside! We can cross the river and head to the chapel!

But how do we cross the river? I don't remember seeing any bridges...

Let's just go over there so I can explain it to you idiots all at once!

Well...I was just looking at that wall, and I started to think about what Miu said...

And then, I started to think about the wall that surrounds the academy...

We should get going. If we're late, Miu will chew us out with vulgar profanities.

No, it can't be. This world was originally created by Monokuma...

Kaito would be excited for all this snow. I bet he would make a snowman or something...

That's a relief... I won't have to worry about getting lost now.

How the heck are we supposed to cross this without a bridge!?

It feels weird. Like I've become a ghost without feet.

Er, I mean...come with me! Hurry up!

Just so you know, my magic doesn't work in this world!

Don't tell me... Do we have to swim?

Fine, I won't tell you... Besides, you can't go in the river in the Virtual World.

Geez, you're not even trying to hide your stupidity! The river's current is too fast! A boat will get swept away easily!

So we need a bridge then, right?

I told you, we already got a bridge!

Next to it, there's a long signboard that says "Mirai Hills."

So we just need to get that signboard?

Miu slowly spins, looking from side to side.

Shuichi! Go get the signboard!

What? Me?

...Yeah, go get the signboard.



Just to make it special, I want you to get it while you crawl like a dog!

No...I think I'll walk normally, thank you.


Is this...pity I'm sensing?

...Should I re-evaluate how I perceive you?

Th-That *won't* be necessary!

Because you always look so pleased when Kaito's giving you orders.


But you seem happy as the sidekick. Maybe you're just into that sort of thing.


Chin up, Shuichi. I know this is a mortifying spot to be in...

...but you could have it so much worse.

...You actually thought I'd be on all fours?

Whatever. Quit wastin' time and lay the signboard across the river.

Alright then...

We're gonna walk over this shabby-looking signboard? It's definitely gonna break.

Your brain must be smaller than your tits! I told you, objects don't break in this world!

Oh, so even this crappy signboard can be a sturdy bridge in this world, huh?

If this signboard gets washed away by the river, we won't have a bridge anymore!

Alright already. Sheesh, you're so annoying.

Huh? There's a bridge!

Oh, thank god! I gave up when I realized I had no way to cross the river.

Where were you and what were you doing?

But unfortunately, I couldn't find it... Welp, I wasn't expecting it to be that easy anyway. ...Right, Gonta?


Hm? What do you mean, convenient?

N—Nothing! Urgh, whatever... Let's just cross the river!

That's what I've been sayin'!

Aren't we just beyond the wavy line drawn on the map?

You'll find out if you keep goin' forward. Why don't you go check it out?

...This is disconcerting.

If Shuichi disappears after he walks through it...

I'll cry, y'know that!?

Crocodile tears again...


According to my calcuations, my weight should have broken the bridge... But since objects here are indestructible, it merely buckled without snapping.

As long as it doesn't get washed away, it's good enough to use as a bridge. And even if it does get washed away, we can just use you as a bridge, Kee-boy.

Don't worry, you even said it yourself! Objects don't break in this world!

Please don't treat me like an object!

Or is Gonta less heavy cuz he look like this now?

Though, I don't know if these bodies even have hearts or not...

It doesn't seem like Miu wants to explain it, so I guess we'll have to check it out.

...I say "we," but I mean "you."


Let's hurry and get to the chapel! Even if it's only a little warmer than out here!

What...was that?

Wh-What was that!? What just happened!?

For a felt like I lost consciousness and everything went black. And now I'm here.

That didn't happen to our bodies, but it happened to this world.

Huh? What do you mean?

Could it be...loading?

Umm, you said the right word the first time.

Anyway, Four-Eyes is right... You all just passed through the map loading point.

MIU: Well, the outside is like that too, cuz the Virtual World is divided into two large maps. That wavy line represents where the two maps meet. Think of these two maps as if they're two different rooms. In the same way you have to go through a door to move between two rooms... To move between the two maps, you have to pass through the map loading point.

SHUICHI: Is that why we can't see past that point on the binoculars on the roof?

MIU: Obviously, you can't see what's inside one room when you're standing inside the other.

Kokichi crosses the loading point, then comes back.

Yeah, you can't hear anything at all while you're inside the map loading point.

So no sound goes through either...

Kokichi and Gonta walk offscreen.

Kaito walks offscreen.

...It's because you pay attention to him that you're more likely to be tricked.

Maki walks offscreen.

I never imagined I would ever experience anything like that.

Places like this remind you that this world was created by a program on a computer.

Don't worry! Passing through the map loading point won't affect your avatars!

Next time, Miu gives us a walkthrough.

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Exisal theme.
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