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Part 115: Wham!

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie in the Virtual World

Don't mind me, I'm just taking the long way around to get to the chapel.

Nyeeeh... Searching this place is gonna be pretty hard.

Now that we've checked out all the important places in the Virtual World...

Oh, so we're splitting up, huh? That's probably better.

I wonder what the secret of the outside world could be...

Monokuma did not give us much information about it, either.

Are we going to be able to find it if we don't know what it is?

Yeah, that's right! Just keep an eye out for anything suspicious, and it's bound to turn up!

It sounds like we have a difficult task ahead of us...but I guess we have to see it through.

Oh, yeah... Before we split up, I wanna ask you something, Miu.


Mind your business, titless! Quit stickin' your pot belly where it doesn't belong!

I-I don't have a pot belly! I definitely don't have a pot belly!

But you're not denying that first part...?

Just leave it all to me! I'll figure out how everyone should split up in a flash!

No, no! Hold up! I'll decide that! I know this world better than any of you, so I'll decide!

O-Oh... You sure?

Huh!? Why do I gotta go up to the rooftop!? It's freakin' cold out there!

Yeah! There's no way the faint-hearted Kaito can search in the cold!

Kaito and Kokichi...really don't seem to get along.

Kokichi... You're in charge of the salon.

O-kay! Got it.

This plan became pretty sloppy all of a sudden.

Then Gonta should come with me. We can search the mansion's surroundings, since no one else wants to deal with the cold.

Mm-hm, a true gentleman must always volunteer to do the dirty work.'re just going to use Gonta again.

I've decided! I'm going that way too! I have to make sure you're not abusing poor Gonta!

Ah, okay...


Is Maki upset...? Because she's all by herself now?


I should keep quiet for now.

Alright! Everyone else, stick with me here in the chapel and look for the secret!

So Himiko, Maki, Miu and myself. Understood.

Tsumugi walks to the right side of the church with everyone assigned to the mansion, and Maki to the left side.

Let's go back to the mansion. We gotta find the secret of the outside world.

Do a good job, Maki Roll!

Hey, is Maki Roll mad? Shuichi, did you do something?

I-I don't know, I...

...Kaede probably could have played the organ well too. ...

There's a mountain of books and posters, and what looks like Christmas decorations... Was this meant to hide the secret of the outside world? That's something Monokuma would do...

Shuichi! We'll take care of searching around the chapel!

Ah, okay. I'll leave the chapel to you, Keebo.

That's something Monokuma would do...

Nyeeeh... I'm already tired... Shuichi, if you want to help, don't hold back, okay?

Ah, I was just taking a look around... I'll go investigate the mansion.


How does expanding this place and making it our new reality sound to you guys? Your bodies may be confined...but here, your mind is free!

Isn't that more like *escaping* reality?

...That is illogical. This is hardly the time to retreat from reality.

I don't like the cold. It'd be better if this Virtual World was a tropical island.

I mean, my face isn't this ugly!

You're gonna regret this!

What are you, stupid? I'm already regretting this!

I shouldn't have...come here.

Ugh...grghggh! I-I'll make you regret this!

Regret this? What does she mean? She says such ominous things...

...And we should probably keep an eye on Kokichi, just in case.

Good idea. I'll be careful.

She's...actually mad.

Whoops, my hand slipped.

Ah! What are you doing!?

I just came here to see you guys off...and my hand accidentally slipped!

That was obviously on purpose!

I-It wasn't on purpose at all! I—I-It was an accident!

Do you wanna spend the rest of your life surrounded by ugly bitches, dumbass!?

Miu runs back to the chapel.

What are they fighting about?

I've...met a lot of people up till now, but I've never met someone so messed up...

Seriously, that girl is so much trouble!

Oh, sorry... There was one more person here.

Oh, you're right. You can only log out from the salon in the mansion.

Well, maybe Miu can fix it later. Let's just get to the mansion already.

Kokichi leaves.

We'll deal with them later. First we gotta find the secret of the outside world.

All I can do is hope that it means a way out...

So can the plain pair, Tsumugi and Shuichi, go plainly search the dining hall and kitchen?

Sorry, Shuichi... It's my fault you got plain paired with me.

But everybody knows that the plain pair is just plain dangerous!

Ah, I don't know about that...

It's surprisingly cold out there, so be careful. You should come back here to warm up.

Thank you...but Gonta okay. Gonta not smart enough to get sick.

Someone who isn't smart wouldn't want to save everyone... They'd only think of themselves.

Oh...thank you.

Kokichi walks off to the salon.

Alright, we'll start searching too.

Yeah...I want to hurry and find the secret of the outside world so we can go back...

I want to go back to my real body.

Huh? These avatars?

Just kidding! It's just a joke! I'm just joking! I'm gonna go check out the rooftop! You guys better not slack off!

Kaito goes up the stairs.

Gonta...go now, too.

Yeah, let's go.

But this isn't the secret of the outside world.

Huh? Was there something that caught your eye? I'll check the dining room, but...

No, it's nothing. I'll investigate the kitchen now.

But this isn't the secret of the outside world.

Hm? Shuichi, are you the type of person who admires good craftsmanship?

Ah, no, not really... I'll investigate the kitchen now.

But in any case, this isn't the secret of the outside world.

What's wrong? I'm going to check the dining room.

You're right, sorry. I'll investigate the kitchen now.

But what *is* it? An object? Something else entirely?

I suppose I should search everywhere, look for anything suspicious...

Perhaps I missed something... I'll look one more time.

It's been a while, but I can't find anything.

If I haven't found anything even after all of this, it can't be in the kitchen.

What should I do now...? Search somewhere else?

I didn't find about you?

The same... I checked every corner, but I didn't find a thing. I'm starting to wonder if there's even something actually hidden here. Was Monokuma just lying?

The way Monokuma was talking certainly was suspicious.

Oh, bait? Yeah, of course I have.

Yeah! We wanna know, so we'll definitely go!

But why would he do that?

Oh, by the way... There's something that's been bothering me...

Hm? Something bothering you?

Y-Yeah... It might have just been my imagination, but...

And I thought I saw Miu.

You saw Miu? But she should be in the chapel...

And...the bridge fell, so she shouldn't be able to get over here, right? That's why I thought it was just my imagination, but I figured I should say something—

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead


Wh-What!? What was that sound!?

It sounded as if something was struck very hard. It came from outside, but...


Maybe that sound was something falling off the roof?

But...the person on the roof is...

F-For now let's go outside and check—


That was Keebo's voice, right!? I think I heard him outside! He sounded close!

But Keebo should be in the chapel, why...?


Anyway, let's go outside!

N-No, Gonta not see him.

Huh? You didn't? But I heard his voice close by...

Then, did something fall off the roof!? You heard that loud noise, right!?


What could that mean...? I thought I heard the sound and Keebo's voice close by... But Gonta didn't see anything?

He would have run over here right away... What's going on?

Hey, Shuichi... What does this all mean?

Such strange occurrences...

So that's what I'm going to do.

We need to figure out why Keebo screamed. Let's head to the chapel! Something might have happened there.'re right.


Let's go to the chapel!

Never mind that now, I need to head to the chapel!

Shuichi, perfect timing! Is there anything over there that can serve as a bridge!?

Huh...? Keebo's over there? Then what was that shouting I heard earlier?

Hey, we should hurry and find something else to replace the bridge with.

Make it in time? What do you mean—


I didn't see anyone in the dining room, so I went to look for you guys...

Ah-haha, looks like everyone's in trouble now that Miu dropped the bridge.

Th-This is no time for laughter! We need to find a replacement bridge—


C'mon, over here.

Let's just wait and see what happens.

See, the signboard stuck on that boulder is the same one Miu dropped, right?

You're right! It got swept all the way here!

Now that that's dealt with, let's head back to where everyone else is.

Oh, they're here.

But board is so thin. Will it be okay? What if board breaks this ti—

It may be thin, but it's made of sturdy wood! So, can you hurry up and put the bridge down!?

O-Okay! Got it!

I'll explain later. But, we need to log out right now.

Log out?

Huh? Where's Miu?

S-Something happened to her!

What do you mean!?

Maybe something happened in the real world that's preventing her from moving it.

Th-This looks real bad, guys... Okay...let's head to the salon and log out, ASAP.

...Hey, where's Kaito?

Ah, Kaito! I-I don't know, I ran here as fast as I could, I didn't check the roof...

...You didn't even bother going to the roof to get him. You're colder than I thought.


...He wasn't there.

He wasn't there?

No one was on the roof. I tried calling for him, but there was no answer.

Where did he go...?

He probably...logged out first by himself. But don't worry... He's stupid enough to get himself killed, but I know he won't really die.

I suppose that's true. I don't have to worry about him...

I have to hurry and log out. I have to check on Miu.

Hold on, Shuichi. We can only log out one person at a time.

...Gonta have next turn.

Who cares? Just do it already.

Um... Gonta Gokuhara...

He disappeared... So that's what logging out looks like.

So, the avatars disappear when we log out. But Miu's avatar is still here and unmoving, right? ...What does that mean?

Oh, Shuichi, you can log out before me. I'm sure your detective's intuition is kicking in, right? So, go ahead.


Oh, so you're actually going first? Ah-haha, I was kidding! But no, seriously. Go ahead.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

...What is it?


So, how about you stop hanging out with dumb ol' Kaito, and be *my* friend instead? I think I can be useful to you, too...y'know?

And you wanna save everyone, riiiiight?


When I find someone I like, I'd do anything to get them to notice me...even strangle them.


When I opened my eyes, I could see only black. I was logged out. The helmet on my head was blocking my vision. When I realized that, I quickly reached up to grab the helmet and pulled it off. But when I did, a nauseating sight was waiting for me.

VIDEO: The Sixth Body Discovery