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by Solitair

Part 117: The Mercy Seat

MUSIC: Despair Searching

Explain what...?

You're talking about how you logged out by yourself, right? O-kay! Let's hear it then.

Wh-Why are you—?

Huh? What!?

Kaito...just ignore him and talk to me, okay?

... About the whole logging out thing... I don't really get it myself.

I was suddenly sucked in, and before I knew it, I was logged out.

The same thing happened when I used the phone to log out. How did that happen on the roof?

And what happened after you logged out?

So I just went back to my room and slept. Since it was dawn, I was pretty tired...

And the body discovery announcement woke you?

Yeah, that's right. I heard it and rushed back here.

Nah. I didn't pay attention to that, so I don't know.

You didn't notice anything wrong? Like whether she was dead or not?

Okay, sorry. So, I just need to object to the contradiction in that testimony, right?

No, Shuichi. In order to find the truth, you can't be biased.


When I saw her avatar there...not moving... I thought maybe, but...

That's saw that Miu's avatar in the Virtual World had stopped moving.

Can you tell me more about that? Any details?

We were looking for the secret of the outside world at the chapel...

Miu was too, right?

*Miu* volunteered to look around outside?

We searched, but we couldn't find anything. Then right when we were starting to get tired...

That must be the sound I heard as well.

Something musta hit the wall of the chapel really hard. We felt it all the way from inside.

So we all rushed outside to check the side of the chapel, and we found Miu's avatar.

That's when you went to log out, to check Miu's real body, correct?

But when we went to the river, the bridge was gone for some reason.

Then while we were standing around wondering what to do, you guys showed up.

That testimony sounded important, especially about how they couldn't cross the river.

Cuz if they weren't able to cross, then no one could've gone between the mansion and chapel.

Then this helps us narrow down the people who could've come into contact with Miu.

Who could have come into contact with Miu at the chapel...?

Gonta...are you alright?

Are you still depressed about Miu? C'mon, don't be such a Debbie Downer.


Oh, Gonta, I wanna know what you think. Rare, I know, but who do you think is the culprit?

Gonta not understand... Gonta not understand anything...

He seems all over the place right now. Aw man, he can't think at all when he's like this.

But Gonta doesn't seem to be lying. I'm pretty sure he's telling us the truth. Well...I guess a big dum-dum like Gonta doesn't have the brains to lie in the first place.

...Don't talk about him like that.



If you feel that bad about it, then stop blaming yourself. Help us find the culprit instead. This is the culprit's fault anyway, so pull yourself together and help us, okay?


Yup, now that's the spirit!

Now Kokichi is encouraging him?


I really don't know what Kokichi is thinking.

Miu was killed while we were still in the Virtual World.

I feel as though I've seen this before—


No, I guess it's not yours, but it is from your lab...

Yeah, it's that poison.

...So you know about this, Kokichi?

Of course, cuz I already checked it. We are in a killing game, y'know?

Is that—

Oh, it's not so I can use them. I check in case someone else uses them.

...Is that really true?

The label...

It becomes neutralized once it's mixed, so it has to be taken directly...

Which means if you could get the victim's mouth open, you could kill them instantly... I can't imagine a better method of killing someone who's logged in...

By the way, I should tell you what symptoms this poison causes...

It causes a small blood vessel under the conjunctiva to explode...

Bloodshot eyes... That's important information.

Welp, that's everything about this poison. I doing a good job? Maybe it's time you acknowledge me as your partner.

Hm? Did I? Well, sometimes I lie without thinking about it.


Anyway, who brought this poison? Do you think the culprit did it?

Who brought the poison...? I can't be certain yet.

Some helmets still have their cords plugged in, others have them removed...

I'm positive that they were unplugged after logging out...

Ah, that's it. The cords...

If you got those mixed up...

I dunno. I've never done that before... Probably gets all glitchy or something! Maybe you'll become a vegetable, maybe you'll body-swap with someone... Who knows!?

Her eyes are wide open in panic... She must have suffered quite a bit.

Nee-heehee... A vulgar death fit for a vulgar bitch.

Stop, Kokichi. Even if you're joking, that's too far.

You're right! You should never speak ill of the dead, no matter how much you hated them!

I suppose I'll never get Kokichi to change...

But...what's Miu's cause of death? It doesn't say in the Monokuma File...

I wanted to let you know just in case it turns out to be a clue...

Um... I was the first one to log out and find Miu's body. She was still wearing the helmet, and her body was contorting into this awful position... Maki logged out after I did, and she helped me take Miu's helmet off.

Is that a confession?

Anyway...the question is the cause of death. What caused her to suffer like this...?

Ah, no... This might not actually be the crime scene.

Yes...injuries in the Virtual World could be fatal in the real world.

Which means the next area to investigate should be...


...The Virtual World. We should go there again.


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

I just read your mind, didn't I? I did, right? Right? Right?

Oh great, he's coming... You must really like me, huh?

Tch, say whatever you want. I don't have time to waste on you!

If we go back to the Virtual World, we might find some new clues. With those, I might be able to clear my name!

I also think we should investigate the Virtual World again.

Why don't we all go!?

Oh! So I get to be that avatar again!?

Huh? Did you actually like the avatar after all? this place some more. This no time to be sleeping.

That's not what we're... Well, that's fine.


Hm, surprised? Are you gonna get lonely without your partner?

But I'm busy too, y'know? l have to watch Maki, in case she tries to do anything deceitful.



...Good thing Gonta's here with me. Your glare is too scary to handle alone! Gonta would risk his life to protect me from a murderer.


It's fine... Just ignore him and hurry to the Virtual World.

Kaito...let's just focus on solving the case for now.


Thank god... I don't like violence. The Ultimate Supreme Leader would rather sneak around!


But, I'm not exaggerating when I say this class trial can only be solved by you, okay? Your talent can save the useless people here, y'know?

Enough already.

Kaito...let's go.

AUDIO: The Latest Technology Resurrected the red cord goes in the right side and the blue cord in the left, yeah?

Yeah, let's do that.

R-Right is the hand I hold my chopsticks with. I...gotta be sure to get it right.

If you're that worried, why don't you use one that's already set up?

We placed the devices on our heads...and flipped the switch.

VIDEO: Virtual World Trip

NEW MUSIC: Despair Searching: Virtual World liked it after all.

So we're back here...

Apparently we always arrive in this room when we log in.

Miu said that logging in and out isn't possible unless we're in this room.

Yes, we need to investigate that area too.

First, we're going to check Miu's avatar, right?

I think her avatar is still near the chapel.

Then let's head out to the chapel!

Everyone but Shuichi leaves.

You pick up the receiver, say your name, and your avatar logs out. This phone isn't mobile, so you can only log out from here. Then how did Kaito log out from the roof? I need to answer that question...

I trust you to help out Kaito. Good luck with Maki.

Huh? You like these disappointing graphics?

They're not that disappointing, y'know? They're kinda stylish. I like 'em.

I know, right!? They— Wait...that was a compliment.

Let's head to the chapel right away! But before that, let's check the map. It's only our second time here.

We can confirm together where everyone was when the incident occurred. Perhaps that will give us some sort of clue.

The first floor has the salon, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. The second is the roof. We split up when looking for the secret of the outside world. Kokichi had the salon, Tsumugi the dining room, Kaito the roof, and Gonta the outside.

The world is surrounded by walls in all four directions. There's a loading point in the middle, so the map is split in two. No sight or sound can pass through the map loading point. To get from the mansion to the chapel, you *have* to go through this point. You also have to cross the river that runs parallel to it. That's how this world is designed. ...It's strange. I feel as though there's some secret to this...

Is that what's bothering me?


You're the type of kid who stares at maps alone instead of playing at recess, aren't you?

Ah...I never did anything like that...

Oh, Shuichi? Could you please come with me?

What? What happened?

I...found something strange.

...It's right this way.

This is toilet paper, right? Why would it be in a place like this...?

It's cold here...

My initial thought was that someone may have come here to defecate...

Ah, no, I don't think that's it... I don't think avatars have...bowel movements.

I don't have to go at all.

That never occurred to me, as I do not need to expel solid waste in the real world...

...I'm sorry!

Could this be related to the case?

Next time: ghost in the machine.