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Part 118: But You Caint Use My Phone

MUSIC: Despair Searching: Virtual World

Sup, dorks. Can we keep investigating without y'all making it weird?

Ah, no need to apologize...

I'm...not quite certain why he's apologizing anyway.

Guess not.

Maybe that's what the culprit wanted?

It's definitely the same. I brought back the one that was stuck on the rocks in the river.

Oh, so that's what happened.

But there's something bothering me...

SHUICHI: They were on the mansion side.

HIMIKO: What about that bothers you? It just got washed from the chapel to the mansion, right?

From the chapel to the mansion? That's odd... The flow of the river...

Everyone else crosses the bridge and exits to the right.

Alright. For now, we need to investigate the scene.

Nyeeeh...that's for sure. It's just like how we left it. I'm pretty confident in my memory.

I memorized a magic spell that would take a whole year just to chant!

No, thank you... I do not think I could wait a whole year.

the avatar remains, unchanged.

Tsumugi turns her head, looking for something.

Look at all this stuff scattered around... What happened here?

That's what we're gonna start investigating right now! Isn't that right, Shuichi!?


What's wrong, Keebo? Is something bothering you?

I just remembered something. I think the whispering I overheard might be relevant to this case...

Yes...I did not intend to eavesdrop, but I did hear it. Shortly before we gathered at the chapel and dispersed to begin searching...


MIU: ...

Meet each other!?

Kokichi was confirming the specific place they were supposed to meet. I couldn't hear the whole conversation, but I'm certain the rooftop was mentioned.

Then...those two met on the rooftop?

Why did Miu volunteer to search the area around the chapel?

That is true... If they were meeting on the roof, she would have wanted to search the mansion.

Either way...she shouldn't have been able to get to the rooftop. She was searching the area around the chapel, which is where we found her avatar...

That's true... Something is strange about all this.

Nyeh, we were looking for the secret of the outside world at the chapel... But since Miu volunteered to check outside the chapel, she was separated from us. A while after we started the search, we heard a really loud sound outside. Something musta hit the wall of the chapel really hard. We felt it all the way from inside.

So we all rushed outside to check the side of the chapel, and we found Miu's avatar. And then...we all tried to go to the mansion to log out and check Miu's real body... But when we got to the river, the bridge was gone for some reason. Then while we were standing around wondering what to do, you guys showed up.

There must be some clue in that account...

We can clear my name! I'm gonna give it my all! But not because I don't trust you or anything like that...

It's just that after hearing all that crap Kokichi said... As a man, I can't stay quiet!

Is this a piece of lattice? Why is this here?

It's a wooden mat. It used to be common in bathrooms.

I didn't see...anything like it at the chapel. Where did it come from...?

Not from the chapel... Then why is it here?

Huh? You did?

Maybe someone used that instead of the signboard to cross the river?

That the culprit!

Even if you did use it to cross, there's no reason it would be *here*.

I-I know that... I was just testing you a little.

...Why would you want to test me?

I'm not positive why this lattice is left here, but... I'm sure that it must have something to do with the case.

A logged out avatar disappears, but if the real body dies, the avatar remains. Makes sense for a killing game simulator. If the body disappeared, we couldn't investigate.

The avatars never show injuries, so they stay the same... She still looks almost alive.


There are cell phones in this world? But what could they be for?

Kaito, perfect timing. I'd like you to help me out with something. I just want to test something out.

Help you out!?

Thank you, Kaito...

So what do you need me to do?

Ah, you don't have to do anything. You just have to stand here...

Hm? I just gotta stand here?

This can be used to log out, just like the phone in the salon. And this proves it doesn't have to be the person themselves. If you just say their can log out anyone you like.

I see... Thanks to Kaito's help, I'm starting to pin this down...


...I bet Kaito was pretty surprised when he logged out all of a sudden.

...I should apologize for that later.

Why would there be a hammer in this world?

Was Miu lying...? But why would she lie?

...Shuichi, it would seem that we're finished investigating this place.

Yeah... Hey, there's something I wanted to ask. Can our avatars hide objects?

I see, just like the real world.

So...what are we gonna do next? Are we going back to the real world already?

Ah, before that... There's one more place I have to investigate.

...Very well, then.

The place Miu and Kokichi were supposed to meet, the place Kaito logged out... I'm positive it has something to do with this case. There should be clues there.

Nyeeeh... You're right.

Himiko and Tsumugi leave.

Please give the class trial everything you've got and see us through to the end. And I'll do my best as well, of course!

Keebo leaves.

I can at least do that... I'm a detective, after all.

Ah, Kaito! I'm so sorry! I just wanted to see if you could log out using the cell phone—

Then tell me first! That was bad for my heart! I suddenly got logged out! I panicked and rushed back here!

Come on now. That's enough. Don't interfere with the investigation.

I-I wasn't interfering...

Wait, why did you guys come back here? Did you already finish investigating?

I wanted to investigate the rooftop next.

Wasn't Miu at the chapel the whole time? We found her on the ground next to it.

If you're gonna be like that, then do what you want. Investigate the rootop or whatever.

But Shuichi is my sidekick! In other words, his deductions are my deductions! And my deductions are his!

What are you...some credit-stealing bully?


Yeah, we should.

And the person in charge of searching this area, Kaito, was forcibly logged out.

This area *must* have something to do with the case.

What's wrong, Tsumugi?

Ah...look at that doorknob. It's locked.

Ah, it is... It's a thumbturn lock. Easy to lock.

And, look. The keyhole is on this side of the door... Isn't it usually the other way around?

Not necessarily, I've seen this before. To prevent you from locking yourself out.

Hmm... Is that so...?

Hmm... This is difficult. There's nothing here that seems to resemble a clue. But Miu should have arranged to meet with Kokichi here. I thought we could at least confirm whether or not she really came to the rooftop... But unfortunately there are no clues which indicate that...

Hey, Keebo. I wanted your opinion on something... Do you think you could get up and down from this roof from outside the mansion?

No, that would have been very difficult.

Even the edge of the roof is roughly the height of a three to four-story building.

Which means, it would have been impossible to climb up from the outside.

That means that the only way to this rooftop is the stairs...

What's wrong, Himiko?

When murders happen in a mansion in the snow like this... They're always locked room mysteries created by piled up snow! Isn't that right!?

Is that something to be disappointed about...?

Why would the map loading point be right in the middle of the world?

Something...doesn't seem right.

It's a little different than how I remember. It feels as if...something is missing.

But I wasn't paying close attention the first time, so I don't remember...

Suddenly, Maki.

Maki? Why are you here? I thought you were analyzing the program—

Monotaro finished analyzing the program, so he told me to gather everyone.

He finished?

Yeah, you're right. I've investigated everything I needed to.

D-Did you like it that much?

Go to where?

...What's wrong?

Well, you're definitely more reliable *in* a class trial than out... All the others think so, too...


You're Shuichi Saihara before you're a detective. Don't ever forget that.

Well, I shouldn't be talking. I threw away my identity as Maki Harukawa to be an assassin...

...Thank you, Maki.


Was she being...considerate just now?

By the way...did something happen between you and Kaito?


When he logged out a little while ago, he looked like he was in a bad mood.

I'm sorry...that's probably my fault...

That idiot is simple, so I'm sure he'd forgive you if you just apologized.

Next time, we get the full devkit.