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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 120: Roll With It

The students enter a virtual world to try to find the "truth of the outside world," but somehow Miu is killed. This trial blends a virtual world with the real world!

Grenade (Debate Type, 24 slots)
Hold to shoot a strong Silencer. Effective during Nonstop and Mass Panic Debates. Can't be combined with Machine Gun or Shotgun.

Here's the last skill available from the Casino. Nothing else I can buy for Friendship Fragments jumped out at me this time.

Monokuma File 4 posted:

The victim is the Ultimate Inventor, Miu lruma.

The victim's body was discovered in the computer room, on the fourth floor of the school.

The estimated time of death is 6:30 am.

No injuries can be found on the victim's body.

Kaito's Account posted:

Kaito was the only one logged out from the Virtual World.

While he was looking for the secret of the outside world on the mansion's rooftop, a ring of light appeared around his feet and he was suddenly logged out against his will.

Not knowing if it was okay to log back in or not, he went to his room and slept.

Small Bottle of Poison posted:

A bottle of poison from the Ultimate Detective's lab. It was found on Kokichi's seat.

The poison is neutralized if it is mixed into anything, but it is still quite dangerous and even a small amount will kill someone.

It causes subconjunctival hemmorhaging, making its victim's eyes completely bloodshot.

Events at the Chapel posted:

While looking for the secret of the outside world, Miu volunteered to search outside the chapel and split up from Himiko and the others.

While Himiko, Maki, and Keebo were searching inside the chapel, they heard a loud sound as though something hit the chapel from the outside. When they went to investigate, they found Miu's avatar on the ground.

Himiko and the others ran back to the mansion to log out and check on Miu, but with no bridge, they couldn't cross the river. It was there they met up with Shuichi.

Loud Noise posted:

While Shuichi and Tsumugi were in the mansion's kitchen in the Virtual World, they heard a loud sound, as though something crashed into something else.

Shortly after, while they were both in the entrance hall, they heard Keebo's voice, despite the fact that he should have been past the map loading point.

Miu's Corpse posted:

Miu was found grasping her neck with both hands. She died with her eyes open and an expression of agony on her face.

As the first to log out, Keebo was the first to discover Miu's body. She still had her visor on at the time.

Killing Game Simulator posted:

The killing game simulator's text file contained the following information:

Objects can't break.

Avatars cannot be injured. However, the body's five senses are connected to the avatar, and any damage an avatar takes is felt by the user's real body. If an avatar takes fatal damage, then the real body will also die from shock.

Besides that, the Virtual World is the same as the real world, down to the laws of physics. There are no special travel methods such as vehicles or warps.

Login/Logout Record posted:

With the exception of Miu, who died before she could log out, everyone only logged in and out once each. The timestamps for their logins and logouts are as follows:

23:02 Himiko, Tsumugi, Kaito, Keebo, and Shuichi logged in.
23:03 Maki logged in.
23:04 Kokichi and Gonta logged in.
23:06 Miu logged in.

05:17 Kaito logged out.
06:55 Keebo logged out.
06:55 Himiko logged out.
06:55 Maki logged out.
06:56 Gonta logged out
06:56 Tsumugi logged out.
06:58 Shuichi logged out.
07:00 Kokichi logged out.

Device Instructions posted:

For the visors to function, they need to be plugged in to the computer with two specific cords.

The red cord is for consciousness and the blue cord is for memory.

It is unknown what would happen if the cords were plugged into the wrong slots, but there's a chance that some kind of glitch might occur.

Map of the Mansion posted:

The first floor of the mansion in the Virtual World has a salon, a dining room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The second floor is only the rooftop.

While looking for the secret of the outside world, Kokichi searched the salon, Tsumugi searched the dining room, Kaito searched the rooftop, and Gonta searched outside of the mansion.

Map of the World posted:

The Virtual World is surrounded by walls on all four Sides, and there is a loading point between the two areas of the map. The loading point splits the map into two sides—the mansion side and the chapel side.

When going through the map loading point, sight and hearing are momentarily cut off.

In order to go between the mansion and chapel, it is necessary to go through the map loading point and across the river that runs parallel to it.

Miu's Avatar posted:

Found frozen and collapsed in the snow between the chapel and the wall where the Virtual World ends. When a user logs out, their avatar disappears, but if the user's real body dies, the avatar stays in the Virtual World.

Since avatars cannot be injured, it doesn't look any different from when Miu was alive.

Everything in the killing game simulator is assigned one of two categories—"human" or "object." Most avatars are set to "human." However, Miu's avatar was the only one that was set to "object."

Miu and Kokichi's Meeting posted:

While everyone was gathered at the chapel, Miu told Kokichi to meet her on the rooftop of the mansion.

However, when everyone was deciding how to split up to search for the secret of the outside world, Miu volunteered to search the chapel.

Kokichi in the Salon posted:

Kokichi agreed to meet up with Miu on the rooftop, but because the door to the rooftop was locked, he couldn't. Because of that, he returned to the salon and decided to search there.

There are no witnesses who can confirm whether or not Kokichi was actually in the salon.

VIDEO: Opening Statements

...Eh, screw it. This is tiresome.

You need more motivation!

I do...I really, really do. Now then, let's start this class trial.

What happens if the votes result in two first places?

Huh? You mean, like...a tie?

Daddy...are you sure you should make a decision like that so casually?

Yeah, it's fine... Whatever.

Thaaanks! Since that's answered, I can start enjoying this life-or-death game now!

Just ignore Kokichi. The rest of us need to work together to find the truth.

Oh my! Himiko has become so determined!

It's true. People really do change.

...But now she's lost what made her so unique.

...We should focus on the class trial. First, we need to clarify—

Kaito's the culprit!

Whatl? Say that to my face!

While we were all still logged in, Kaito logged out alone, right?

Kaito right! Kaito couldn't have killed Miu!

How long are you gonna keep saying that? Trusted people can still kill, y'know.

We already saw that a buncha times! So many times...since Kaede.


But he's not the culprit! He can't be!

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #1

With the Grenade skill, you charge with the [X] button...

...and release it to silence the entire screen.

Unfortunately, some white noise still takes multiple hits to break, and the charge time is a bit of an obstacle. I prefer Shotgun, but this is better than Machine Gun or nothing.

Kaito...culprit!? Unpossible!

Of course it's "unpossible"! Cuz I didn't do it!

I mean, we found that bottle of poison...

Well, Kaito? Any last words?

What do you mean, last words!?

That's where the problem lies.

Let's get the obvious red herring out of the way first.

In other words, your eyes would be bloodshot.

Oh, but Miu's body...

Probably a diversion. The culprit wanted us to think Miu died by poison.

Then...what was her real cause of death?

Miu's real cause of death. The only one I can think of...

In the Virtual World, if your avatar takes fatal damage, your real body dies of shock.

Miu received fatal damage in the Virtual World and died from that shook...

In that case, it's fair to say that the cause of death was actually the simulator.

Ummm... Gonta has question...

If you don't understand, then don't say anything.

If Miu was killed in the Virtual World, then the next thing we need to figure out...

is what caused her to incur fatal damage within the Virtual World.


Oh, it seems like Gonta is confused, so why don't we review things a bit?

The ones who searched the mansion were me, Shuichi, Tsumugi, Gonta, and...

...that NPC Kaito!

And the others who searched the chapel were Kee-boy, Maki, Himiko, and...the late Miu.

How could someone have given her fatal damage in that situation?

Aawww, li'l Himiko is all grown up! Too bad your chest hasn't grown up though.

...Let's begin, then.

The fatal damage that Miu received in the Virtual World...

Let's pin that down.

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #2

So let's focus our efforts on that first.

Whatever did that to Miu...

was dropped right next to her avatar.

Are we certain that blunt force was involved?

Could she have drowned?

If I think about the condition of Miu's body, that should yield a clue.

Miu's posture only makes sense with one of these answers.

If her body experienced pain, she must have been in pain in the Virtual World as well.

Knowing that, I believe Maki is correct. Miu was strangled to death.

...Yeah, definitely.

MAKI: But we already removed the possibility of poison, so it can only be strangulation. Also...when a victim is poisoned, they commonly grab their chest or mouth. But Miu was holding her throat... It's obvious she was trying to protect her windpipe.


In that case, her exact cause of death is being strangled in the Virtual World.

If the avatars were equally strong, it would be difficult to strangle a resisting victim.

Yeah, if she was just as strong as them, no way they coulda strangled her.

Then the culprit would need a tool.

There are tons of cases where a weaker person would strangle a stronger person with a rope.


But was there even a rope in that world? I don't remember seeing one.

Then they musta used something else as a rope.

I found it during the investigation.

Huh? What's wrong...?


VIDEO: Rebuttal Showdown #1

This no time for nonsense!

You no can use toilet paper...

in place of rope!

No, I'm positive toilet paper was used instead of rope!

Miu died such an awful death...

Use your head!

There was something off in the conversation just now. I should attack that.

You may have noticed that we overshot the weak point.

Thankfully, if we push Gonta hard enough, we'll circle back around to the start.


Nee-heehee! You're so dumb, Gonta! You didn't even know that?

If objects can't break in that world, then toilet paper shouldn't be able to tear.

Gonta...not really understand, but...

Sorry, Shuichi! Gonta was wrong!

It's okay, Gonta. Don't worry about it.

A fitting end...? I do not fully understand that logic.

But if Miu was killed near the chapel, why was the murder weapon by the mansion?

Maybe the culprit tried to get rid of it to destroy the evidence.

If the culprit meant to get rid of the evidence, they did a poor job of it.

If toilet paper was the murder weapon, then what's the deal with the hammer next to her?

Perhaps the culprit prepared a backup weapon, just in case?

No, the culprit didn't bring the hammer.

No? But who else but the culprit would bring a hammer?

Huh? Miu bring hammer?

Remember what she told us...

If that were true, she wouldn't have missed something like a hammer.

Meaning that Miu must have left it on purpose.

On purpose...?

But...why she do that?

We need to make that clear.

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #3

Let's assume that Miu brought the hammer...

Uses for a hammer...

She probably just brought it for self-defense.

You idiot! She was the victim!

I need to think back to what she was doing, what her plan was...

I wonder how often the correct weak point is given away by it having the hardest V-point to hit. I've noticed this happen a few times now.

Mm-hm, with me! I was supposed to meet up with Miu on the roof of the mansion.

What? Is that true!?

I overheard them talking about it at the chapel.

By the way, *Miu* asked to meet up with me before we went into the Virtual World...

Wait, so Miu called Kokichi out?

Kokichi's already figured it out. She was planning to...

She was trying to kill Kokichi.

Yep. She plotted to meet up with me and then kill me with the hammer... If you want to prove this, you'll need to figure out Miu's plan, okay?

Miu's plan, huh? I'm sure if I analyze the clues we've found, I can figure something out.

Next time, exploits and backdoors.