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Part 121: Sneaking Sally Through the Alley


VIDEO: Psyche Taxi #1

Here we see some switchbacks I'm not prepared for.

I'd love to see the logistics of the option on the left!

She placed the poison on my seat to make us think the murder happened in the real world.

She did that, too?

What? Miu was the one who put that poison bottle there?


VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #4

When could Miu have put the poison there?

If she did place the poison without us noticing...

then she must have logged out at some point.

And then what? She logged back in?

Nope! I didn't see that at all!

If she hadn't logged in or out...

Kaito, your grave just got ten feet deeper!

If we determine the when, we might also determine the who!

Who said she had to log out?

She had plenty of time to do it. Here, take a look at this.

SHUICHI: That's right. It says that Miu was the last of us to log in.

If she logged in last...

She would've had time to move around in the real world after the previous person logged in.

That right! She coulda placed poison bottle on Kokichi's seat!

This was all part of Miu's plan.

Which is why she manually logged you out, just for that purpose.

So she did that to me?

Yes, I'm positive of that.

How did Miu log Kaito out?

That cell phone worked the same way as the phone in the salon. It logs users in and out.

I verified this myself when I spoke Kaito's name into it.

But Miu never mentioned a cell phone, right?

That's what Shuichi referred to when he mentioned a method only she could use.

So...she really was planning a murder.

And...she tried to set me up...

Well, I knew that from the start.

Because I wanted to get it through your thick skull...


Welp, I think your ideals should stay the same.

Because phonies like you are what make the game more interesting.

Hmmm... Do I? I dunno about that...

...Huh? Wait, what were we talking about?

I wonder when Daddy's gonna get his motivation back...

Yeah! If Father keeps slacking off, all the work is gonna get forced onto Mommy—

Anywhoooo, it's a blessing in disguise that Miu died and not me.

Wh-Whachu mean...?

Cuz she wouldn't have said anything about what really happened in the Virtual World.

You guys would've had a way harder time finding the culprit, y'know.

And you'd never know that the murder actually took place in the Virtual World.

So that's why she decided to attempt a murder. Because she had total control.

Then the reason Miu was so insistent we go into the Virtual World was...

But once you go, you'll understand...

Seriously, it's so fuckin' awesome! I know you guys will love it! And're gonna fall in love with me for showing it to you guys!

So...let's just dive right in, okay? We'll do it together.

I was sad that she was gone, but now I don't know what to think...

Nee-heeheehee! Niiiiice! Backstabbed by a trusted friend...

Hey, Kokichi sorta sound like...Monokuma.

Hm, really? I don't sound anything like him.

No... You're just like Monokuma.

Wait, coward? You say some interesting things sometimes, Kaito.

Smiling, putting on a mask, never saying what you really think...

Daddy, they're calling you a coward! Aren't you gonna do something?

Yeah, yeah... I just gotta do my signature laugh, right?

He's completely lost his drive... Like a one- hit wonder who clings to their former fame...

Ghhh...! M-My head...!

Well, if you think you can win this game like that...then sure, be my guest.

Of course I can. I don't need your permission.

How long are you guys going to argue? Let's hurry this up and continue.

Oh, you're right. I'm sorry.

If we are going to begin searching for the culprit, let's start with Kokichi's story.

Huh? My story?

You were meeting with Miu, but she ended up as the victim... So it's only natural for us to think you're the killer, right?

Hm? You didn't?

I tried to go to the roof to meet up with her, but the door was locked.

But isn't lock picking your specialty? You should've been able to open it, easy.

I couldn't pick locks with my avatar body. I didn't have the tools for it either.

l and Gonta went off together when we first started looking.

But, was the door to the roof actually locked?

When I was on the roof before logging out, the door wasn't locked.

Huuuh? How should I know?

I already toooold you, how should I know?

When I went to the roof, it wasn't locked, so you gotta be lying.

What good would it be if I lied? I don't wanna die either, y'know!

Lying would do you a lot of good if you're the culprit.

Wait, there's no point in arguing about that now. The truth will come out eventually.

Before we get to that, we need to discover the truth behind Miu's death.


We need to make sense of those first.

Wow, Shuichi! You know your way around this game!

So...what is this strange circumstance?

Kokichi claims it was Miu who chose the meeting place...

But I'm wondering how she got from the chapel to the mansion's roof.

I see. Miu sent the bridge connecting the mansion and chapel into the river herself.

Huuuh? So she stood me up? It's very rude to break a promise! Hmph!

It's true, first we need to determine if Miu was actually there or not. ...Did she go? Or was she never on the roof at all?

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #5

I'm sure she was waiting for me on the rooftop of the mansion!

it's right next to the chapel.

How would she have gotten to the mansion?

A bridge would be the only way to get across.

So her meeting with Kokichi...

But there has to be some evidence that shows it was possible!

It seems just plain impossible, and yet...

Yeah. When I was searching the dining room, I saw Miu pass by the window.

S-Sorry... I thought I was just mistaken at first... Since there was no way she could've come to the mansion.

But I guess I wasn't mistaken after all. That was definitely Miu. did she get to the mansion from the chapel?

There's no doubt about that. That's why she dropped the bridge.

If a murder occurred when it was impossible to cross the river, she wouldn't be implicated.

She used a secret method to move from the chapel to the mansion for the murder.

She dropped the bridge to make a huge scene, just to let everyone know it's no longer there.

It won't be that easy to figure out. It's called a secret method for a reason!

No worries, guys! As long as we leave it to Shuichi, everything will be a-okay!


What are you saying? We can't just rely on Shuichi all the time.

Nee-heehee... You would just slow down Shuichi.

...I don't have time to deal with Kokichi. Right now, I need to focus on the case.

I'm positive that Miu used some kind of special method to get to the mansion.

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #6

Or, instead of bridge...

Maybe there's a place you can cross without a bridge!

I suppose it is possible she used that to change places.

She tampered with the program, it's hard to imagine that has nothing to do with it. I'm sure she changed something...

This might take a while to explain, so strap in.

Hm? Was there, really?

Miu modified the program to add a special wall to the world.

SHUICHI: We *do* know that that wall was set so that only objects could pass through...

Geez, Miu set up a weird wall like that?

That is suspicious, but it's got nothing to do with what we were talking about.

Nothing to do with it?

Hmph, you don't even realize your mistake? Are you losing your edge?


VIDEO: Rebuttal Showdown #2

What we gotta figure out...

So why waste time talking about the impossible?

It's pointless!

Now wait just a second! It's not actually impossible at all!

But you just said so, didn't you?

That wall Miu set up...

only lets non-human objects go through it!

She's not just an object, after all!

I need to give some kind of proof for that!

Kaito underestimates how much Miu could objectify herself.

From human to object?

Which means, the Virtual World treated her avatar as an object...

She could have passed through a wall that only non-humans could go through.

I-Is...that right?

I already told you. The more you try, the more you cause us trouble.

Kokichi, enough! I wasn't arguing with him. I was just explaining—

Heh, I don't care. That doesn't bother me at all.


Nee-heehee... It's pretty funny seeing Kaito try to act all tough like this.

Kokichi... Please refrain from making such irrelevant and irrational remarks.

So...If Miu messed with the program and made a wall only she could go through...

That's it, right? Like using a glitch in a game to walk outside the map!

But...even if she could walk through walls, was there really a hidden passage?

Cuz Miu said...

MIU: Past that wall, nothing exists. Everything ends there.

Miu lied... Huh...

I wonder what the truth is. There's no way to find out now...

I wonder what the truth is. There's no way to find out now...

Listen to you... Talking about she was a terrible, lying whore...

Oooh... There wasn't, huuuh?

Hey! You can't tell them such an important hint!

Ah, geez... You're lucky you're cute.

Was Kokichi saying all that stuff about Miu to get the kubs to reveal something? I guess I should thank him...but I have no idea why he does things sometimes.

So, now that we know there's no hidden route, why did she manipulate the program?

Yes, Miu definitely wanted to be able to go through that wall for a reason.

We aren't sure why yet, but once we solve the mystery of the Virtual World...

Mystery of "Ver-chew-ul World"...?

If we can determine why, we will also determine what Miu was up to.

We'll know why she wanted to pass through the wall.

Y-Yeah! Gonta will help, even though Gonta not know what you're talking about!

Speaking of strange occurrences, I'm just plain worried about that one thing...

Remember? That thing that made us notice all the strange occurrences?

The events that led us there...


TSUMUGI: Wh-What!? What was that sound!?

SHUICHI: It sounded as if something was struck very hard. It came from outside, but...

Yes, in the mansion's kitchen.

But that sound occurred near the chapel. How did you hear it all the way at the mansion?

First off, sound can't go past the map loading point.

Did that sound really come from the chapel?

And we definitely heard it. We heard Keebo's voice as well.

KEEBO: O-Oh no!


TSUMUGI: That was Keebo's voice, right!? I think I heard him outside! He sounded close!

What—? That is pretty strange...

Exactly. That has to be some kind of clue to the mystery of the Virtual World.

Okay, well, let's check the answers later and try to find all the other clues first.

There was another mysterious phenomenon in the Virtual World, wasn't there?

Even Gonta is suspicious of me? I always thought you would be the one to trust me!

S-Sorry! Gonta not mean it like that!

There's no need to apologize to him. He's probably just lying again.

Another mysterious phenomenon... Something that shouldn't be possible, like Miu in the mansion or that loud noise...

Next time, I'm running out of game development terms to close out these updates.