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by Solitair

Part 122: Nonagon Infinity

MUSIC: Mind Mine

VIDEO: Mind Mine #1

Here's what XXX-Ray Goggles does. Once you uncover part of an object, even the miniscule pixels we see here, you get a silhouette of the entire thing.

As you can see, all of the objects are shaped the same, being screenshots of the Virtual World, so the silhouettes won't help you find the correct answer. They will help you determine what tiles you need to clear so you can select an object, since the game can get finicky about that sometimes.

Odd how?

We mentioned it before, but Miu dropped the sign in the river...

Finding the sign was definitely weird...

I'm most confused by how the sign got there. I should remember exactly what happened with that sign...


VIDEO: Psyche Taxi #2

Here the letters slowly move back and forth in a line. Nothing too bad if you can predict where they'll be.

They're moving much faster here. I was caught off-guard.

Missing a few here and there doesn't matter, thankfully.

But it's still nice to hit two cubes at once.

SHUICHI: And the river was wide there. The sign should have traveled downriver toward the chapel, correct?

SHUICHI: But that's not where we found it...

Hold up. Didn't Miu stay on the chapel side? She probably grabbed the signboard from the chapel wall to cross the river.

Then left it on the boulders near the mansion so she could get back.

Why would she leave the signboard where it could get swept away and leave her stranded?

We're so close to the truth. We just have to connect the "How" and "What."

All the mysterious things that happened have to connect with each other somehow...

Connect how?

A signboard going against the river current... How are they all connected?

Ah-haha! I dunno. But Shuichi should know, right?


We would be in a lot of trouble if you didn't.


S-So, how are they connected? Do you know, Shuichi?

Ah, well, what we know so far is that...

the unnatural way the sign was carried is possibly related to the wall...

SHUICHI: But if that wall happened to be the one that Miu set to allow objects through...

MAKI: I's a wall only non-humans can pass through...

KAITO: Even if it could pass through the chapel wall, how'd it end up by the mansion?

How could the signboard pass through the wall but end up on the mansion side? What would explain that?


This is the Virtual World. We should throw away all of our common sense, okaaay?

Huh? The hell does that even mean?

We need to forget about what we know and just think about it.

How did the signboard pass through the wall downstream and end up upstream...? Putting common sense aside and focusing on the flow of the river...

Huh? Both ends of river connected?

Again, throw out all common sense from your head. We're talking about the Virtual World.

Then what about the wall? There was only one wall that could be passed through.

KAITO: It wouldn't have been able to go through the mansion wall too!

Nyeh? What are you talking about now?

The reason she only set up one wall is because the chapel and the mansion walls...

The...same wall?

It's not just the river, the walls themselves are connected.

Don't think of it as two separate walls, but a single wall parallel to the Y-axis. That single wall divides the entire Virtual World.

Dammit, Kokichi! Just tell us—

Shhhhh, it's okay! More importantly, this is the final stretch!

KOKICHI: Shuichi, you already know the secret behind the Virtual World, right?

Yes...I suppose we should clear that up.

MUSIC: Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0

VIDEO: Hangman's Gambit #1


Just like in old games, right!? Like, for example...

SHUICHI: Yes, exactly. The edges of the Virtual World are linked together in a continuous loop.

Wh-What in the world!?

If that's true, it would explain the way the signboard was swept away.

How many pictures have I taken of this same map?

MAKI: What was the world like before Miu added the wall...?

SHUICHI: Actually, there wasn't a wall on the Y-axis at all, and the X-axis was set to loop.

A looping world... That's more extraordinary than even magic...

But, at least it's not a boring answer. It also explains all the things that happened.

Huh? It doesn't explain everything, does it?

Yeah, sound doesn't go past the map loading point.

Actually, if we know that the world is a loop, we can explain that as well.

Huh? Really?

Where the loop starts...

MAKI: So the wall Miu created wasn't at the edges of the world, but rather... Her wall was at the center of the world.

KEEBO: I see, so the mansion and chapel were near each other, with a wall between them... And any sound emitted near the chapel would also reach the mansion. The wall only allows non-humans to pass through, so sound should be able to pass through easily.

SHUICHI: That's right. That's how the Virtual World works!

For you to get this far! Yes! Yeeeesss! You are useful, indeed!

"For you to get this far"? What are you, some villain pulling the strings?

Nope! Miu pulled the strings here, not me. Remember?

Miu also set this trap.

KOKICHI: Because of the map, we mistakenly thought the loading point was at the center... Which, in turn, made the mansion and chapel seem farther away from each other.

MAKI: But the structure of the world wasn't actually like that.

HIMIKO: By putting that wall in the center of that world, she cut off the loop...

KOKICHI: So, ever since Miu showed us that map, we were caught in her trap.

Yeah. If Shuichi wasn't here, then we never would've solved this mystery.

That's right! Good work, Shuichi!

Thanks, Shuichi! You saved us!

Ah... You're welcome.


Actually...this culprit hunt just got to the exciting part!

Even if we know all the tricks, it's pretty meaningless if we don't find the culprit.

Kokichi talking like Monokuma again...

Tch... No matter what you say, I'm not gonna believe your lies...

Nee-heehee... I can't wait to see what happens next.


Well, there's no time for distractions like him. What we have to do is find the culprit who killed Miu. It doesn't matter how many little mysteries we solve, if we can't find the culprit... it would all be for nothing.

Who used Miu's own plan against her to kill her? Who killed Miu...?