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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 124: Horripilation

MUSIC: Mind Mine

VIDEO: Mind Mine #2

Thought you were getting used to Mind Mine, huh? Well, now there are four colors!

KOKICHI: Past the brick handrail, the roof was at a pretty steep slope... And the slope faced the chapel wall. On top of that, there was snow on the roof.

And the slope faced the chapel wall. On top of that, there was snow on the roof.

But you wouldn't know about the brick handrail unless you went up to the roof yourself.


What's this all about, Kokichi? Did you actually go to the rooftop?

I-I-I...d-didn't... I already t-told you that b-before...

Why you look so nervous?

Is this a sincere reaction?

At the start of the class trial, I remember you saying the handrail was made of bricks.

I-Is it my fault...?

Himiko really say that?

Puhuhu, what a worthless fight.

Stop them, Grandpa! All this terrible fighting is bad for the baby!

Yeah, Grandfather! Stop them before your grandkid is born!


How much longer are you going to behave like this?

We don't have time for this...

But if he's being this stubborn, it makes me think he has something to hide.

I might not like it. but...I have to be aggressive.

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #8

I didn't go to the roof!

I've had enough of your lies, man!

I'm not lying!

Liars burn in hell, y'know!?

Then why do you look so nervous?

I have to fight fire with fire!

We finally have him right where we want him.

...Huh? Lying about what?

Just before the murder occurred, I went to the salon to check on you.

I waited there for a while. You never showed up.

What's this all about, Kokichi?

Didn't you go right back to the salon after finding the roof door locked?



So, who are you guys gonna believe? Shuichi...or me?

I believe Shuichi 100%!

The one who's not Kokichi.

But to go to the salon, Shuichi would need to pass by me in the dining room...

Umm... I wonder why I didn't notice Shuichi there...


Sorry, but...Gonta believe Shuichi, too.

Ah, I see... I wanted at least Gonta to believe me...

Heh, what comes around goes around! That's what happens to liars like you!

There's only one truth, but endless possibilities for lies, y'know?

And some of them are only white lies, or lies to be kind to people...

If you deny all of that *just* because it's a lie...

Isn't that where he met up with Miu?

No, he didn't just meet her there. He probably ki—

Okay, fine! I'll tell you if you wanna know that badly! Consider this my revenge.




She asked me pretty eagerly, too. So I decided to pry some info out of her...

She gave me the rundown of the Virtual World, before she explained it to you guys.

As I listened, I realized she was planning a murder.

On me, no less...

So that's when I decided to prepare my *own* crime with her plan.

I pretended to cooperate with her, and lured everyone into the Virtual World.

You...worked together with Monokuma?

*sigh* I guess the jig is up. Yeah, everything he said is true. Kokichi came to me with an idea to make the killing game more interesting...

It was such a good idea, I decided to place a motive in the killing game simulator.

You added a motive...?

I didn't help him with anything, and I had nothing to do with the murder itself...

Kokichi and I had a "quid pro quo" relationship. Technically, that doesn't violate the rules!

Shhh, calm down. I'll explain my relationship with Monokuma, so let me finish my confession.

I'm fine with that,'re confessing without much of a fight...

Nee-heehee... I told you, I'm gonna get in the way by taking away the mystery-solving fun.

If I can't win this game, then I'll make it boring for everyone! That's my revenge!



Wh-What did you...?

Why you... Now you're trying to pin things on Gonta!?

Yeah! There's no way Gonta could commit a murder this complicated. He's not sma—

Wh-What Busters!?

We must win this killing game, in order to end this killing game!

What you mean, "we"!?

By the way, I came up with the murder plan, and Gonta carried it out.

Gonta what!?!?

KAITO: Why are you more surprised by that than the first thing he said!?

C'mooon, quit lying and tell us the truth!

And no matter how naive Gonta may be, I doubt he would ever team up with Kokichi...

Yeah... Not after "Insect Meet and Greet" incident...

Heh, it's obvious what he's trying to do.

Gonta doesn't understand the Virtual World, so Kokichi's trying to trick him!

You're right... I'm sooorry... I did something horrible to Gonta...

Don't you think I could've pulled the strings and made Gonta carry out my commands?

It does matter! There's no need to bring emotions into class trials!

All we need is logical thinking... Riiiight, Shuichi?


U-Ummm... Gonta not understand what's going on. But still...

And also...Gonta not tell lies. And Gonta not make trouble for others...

Yeah, Gonta's not lying... I can tell just by looking at him!

I already used my magic to check! Gonta's definitely not lying!

Then, lemme ask you guys... If it's not Gonta, then who's the culprit?

...There's already proof?

Oh? Did you forget already? Then, let me make it clear again...