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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 125: Amnesiac


VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #9

Didn't I prove that to you guys already?

Then it would've been impossible for someone as weak as me!

Are talking about the strength of your virtual avatar?

In which case, even if she did resist...

the most she could have done is merely touch the culprit.

Exactly. She couldn't struggle much...

How'd you arrive at that conclusion!?

Before we can say one way or the other, we have to clear something up...

Touch the culprit, you say?

Why wasn't it possible?

Miu modified my avatar so if she attacked me, I wouldn't be able to resist.


KOKICHI: I couldn't have murdered her by strangulation, because it'd be game over if she touched me.

Well...if you were using the toilet paper, you wouldn't need to touch her directly.

But if you can't be touched while you're wrapping the toilet paper around her neck...

Then, it would be impossible.

W-Wait! What if it was something besides strangulation, then? Like—

There's no doubt Miu was strangled. We already discussed this.

Nee-heehee... Kaito is reeeally desperate to make me the culprit...

I believe you. You've been risking yourself to protect everyone.

I...believe Gonta, too. I'm not gonna listen to Kokichi's lies...

O-Of course! Who'd believe a liar like him!?

I don't know about that...

If we want the truth, we might have to ask uncomfortable questions...


I know how important it is to believe. But as the Ultimate Detective...


It's just that...something doesn't add up. I have this feeling...something's off.

What, you...wanna suspect Gonta?

Too bad, Kaito. Looks like Shuichi agrees with me.

N-No, I'm not trying to—!

Welp, can't be helped. That's just what a detective does.

Shuichi... Gonta really not do it... Gonta...not culprit...

Please...believe Gonta...



As a precautionary measure, that's all.

I think we need to seriously discuss whether Gonta was capable of committing this crime. ...Only then can we arrive at a logical decision.


Sorry to ruin this tense moment, but you guys seem pretty evenly split right now...

...So we're gonna do that again?

Shuichi, why...? Why don't you understand?

Y...You're my sidekick, aren't you...?


But as the Ultimate Detective, I can't turn away from the truth!

MUSIC: V3 Argument -SCRUM-

VIDEO: Debate Scrum

Gonta is such a sweetheart. He wouldn't hurt a fly!

Don't you realize these so-called sweethearts can commit crimes too?

Could Gonta have even made it to the rooftop without being noticed?

The entrance hall is all that separates the rooftop from the mansion exterior.

But Kokichi confessed he was working with Monokuma!

I did cooperate with Monokuma, but only on a temporary basis.

It's all a lie! Kokichi is the one who killed Miu!

That is impossible, because Kokichi's avatar had special settings.

I just realized that the crouch bind prompts always go in the same order, starting with [X] and going counter-clockwise.

That's ridiculous... You're going to believe Kokichi over Gonta?

That's not it at all. I just want the truth.


But...Gonta telling truth... Gonta...r-really not culprit...

I...s-still don't think Gonta's lying...

But...didn't I tell you guys already?

Only then will they reveal their true self as a liar—hiding beneath a layer of deceit!

That's why it hurts my heart to persecute Gonta like this!

L-Logical arguments?

It means, use your head to make arguments!


But...Gonta really not know...

...Bullying? Yeah, so what? That's what you do in this game, right?

You guys blame and gang up on me, but now you're gonna pretend to be good people?

N-No...I never ganged up—

...Hm? Stop what? You mean, stop the game?

Hey, do you even know what you're saying?

Yeah, I know... What about it?

Ooh, that's a low blow right there...

Quit it. If you don't shut your mouth, then I'll shut it for you...permanently.

Maki, please! Calm down!


But...Gonta telling truth! Gonta really not culprit!

Wait, what did Kokichi say...?

This whole time, Gonta's been saying he doesn't know anything.

I, But...why this happen...!? Why...Miu killed!? Gonta not understand... Gonta not understand anything...

That's it! It was after he logged out! That means...


The accident that hurt Gonta. That was...

An error?

The contents of the error are unknown, so I can't provide any details... But something strange definitely happened to someone's avatar when you all logged in.

Ever since Gonta logged out, he's been saying "I don't know, I don't understand"...

That's because Gonta doesn't understand the Virtual World, right?

That's what I thought at first. But I think it's because of the error.

Wh-Whachu mean?

and it's making him forgetful and loopy... Then...what was the error? What could it have been?

MUSIC: Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0

VIDEO: Hangman's Gambit #3


He doesn't...remember?

You started saying "I don't know anything" after leaving the Virtual World...

I think that's the result of some kind of memory error.

...Not even killing Miu.


MUSIC: V3 Argument -PANIC-

VIDEO: Mass Panic Debate

doesn't remember a thing about the Virtual World!?
Gonta want keep everyone safe!
because... he's bad with computers!

Isn't he just confused?
You did it, but you don't remember doing it, right?
Gonta would never kill a friend!

If there was a glitch...
Gonta is gentleman! Gentleman protect friends!
Is that something we can just assume?

it should have affected all of us!
You lies aren't protecting anyone.
I mean, he has flipped out before...

But...this is the truth...

Some people in the thread really latched onto the body-swapping possibility. Nope!

Out of curiosity...what happens if you switch the cords?

I dunno. I've never done that before... Probably gets all glitchy or something!

If he mixed the consciousness and memory cords, then there'd be an error with memory. error that won't let you bring your avatar's memories to the real world...

Huh? How Gonta supposed to remember that...?

H-He couldn't have messed it up! I said it over and over!


G-Gonta not remember...

Gonta not even go to this "Ver-chew-ul World" place...


When Gonta wake up...Miu dead... Gonta not know what happened...

So...Gonta worry. Gonta not understand what everyone talking about...

No...! It can't be!

That's enough, Gonta. We already know.

Kn-Know what...?

We know that you totally forgot about teaming up with me...and killing Miu.

And besides! Gonta's got no motive to kill Miu!

...I already gave you my testimony on how I came up with the murder plan.

Kokichi, if what you're saying is true, why did you plan it this way? You wanted to plan the murder yourself, but have someone else carry it out?

Is the person who planned it also included as a blackened with the perpetrator?

Then there's no incentive to just plan the murder...

But Gonta's such a gentle soul. Why would he agree to this?

Hold on! That hasn't been decided yet!

I care about the motive!

Well, I don't care. Finding the culprit is more important in this class trial.

Talking about the motive is meaningless. It's not necessary for this specific case.

No matter what you say... I'll never believe your lies.

Impossible? Why?

It's pretty obvious if you use the process of elimination...


Because if you don't face the truth then we'll all die, riiiiight?

And you don't want that, do you?


Kaito, we should listen to his explanation. Our lives depend on it.


Shuichi, would you care to explain? I doubt they'll believe it if it came from me.

...The reason Keebo, Himiko, and Maki can be eliminated as suspects is because...

No triumphant sound bite this time.

They couldn't get to the crime scene, could they?

The bridge from the chapel to the mansion was gone, and only Miu could pass through the wall.

Kaito is the next one off our suspect list. And you know why, right?

Kaito had logged out ahead of us...

Miu logged Kaito out from the start...

But she did that to make us think the murder happened in the real world, right?

Since we figured out the actual killing happened in the Virtual World...


My synergy with Shuichi is super on point now, so let's move on to the remaining suspects.

Gonta, Tsumugi, Shuichi, and me... Tsumugi and Shuichi can be crossed off.

But what's the reason for that?

Tsumugi and I are witnesses to each other's alibis.

Both of you heard Miu hitting the chapel wall, right? The culprit was definitely on the roof during that time, since they slid Miu down.


That leaves only Gonta and me as the remaining suspects...

Sorry for getting your hopes up, but didn't I already explain that's impossible?


If Miu touched him, he'd freeze in place. Kokichi wasn't capable of strangling her.

So then, it's down to one person. Aaaand...who was that again?

Uh... Uhhh...

Weeeell? Who is it?


There's only one suspect left. Only one person could have done this...