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Part 126: The Most Lamentable Tragedy

VIDEO: Accusation

I'm afraid there's no getting around this one.


You get it now, right? That's the truth we were all reaching for.


R-Really...? Did Gonta...really do it...?

Geeeez, is that really your reaction? It would've been fun if you went all crazy.

...But you forgot everything. So, oh well.

If Gonta remembered, his cover would've been blown so fast. Especially since he's an idiot.


H-Hold on! I-I still haven't accepted this! This has gotta be...Kokichi's trap...


I already said this a million times, Kaito. You shouldn't use emotions to re—


After Tsumugi and Shuichi heard Keebo's voice in the mansion, they ran outside.

And who did they see out there?

SHUICHI: Gonta, did you see Keebo around here anywhere?

Kokichi said it himself...

I see! If Gonta's the culprit, it'd be weird if he wasn't on the roof!

It's possible that he fled the mansion after he heard the impact...

You'd have to go through the entrance hall to get outside the mansion from the roof.

Is that where Shuichi and Tsumugi ran to when they heard the crashing sound?

That's not possible! That rooftop was pretty high up!

Normally, Gonta could've done it, but his avatar wasn't strong enough.

Now you can't say Gonta's the culprit! Congrats, Gonta!


It would have been so nice if that were the truth... If Kaito were right, and this horrible trial would just end... But...


Just because Gonta was at the mansion doesn't mean that he isn't the culprit.

All the culprit needed was a way to get from the roof to outside the mansion.



Kaito, I know how you feel. I know because we all feel it.

But...we have to face the truth.

Whose side are you on, Shuichi?

Kaito, please!


I can't doubt my detective work now.

VIDEO: Argument Armament



This one mixes it up by starting at medium speed and then going slower before finishing at the fastest setting.


Switching from hitting precise buttons to mashing is tricky, and anyone who watches the video can see I didn't quite get the hang of it.

I haven't been keeping count of how often the text doesn't quite match the voice. Add one to the count if you are.

The...toilet paper?

The same toilet paper that was used as the murder weapon.

That's why we didn't find it anywhere else.

SHUICHI: It was outside the mansion.

I know because...I investigated the roof!

You're stubborn, Kaito. You're still going on about this...

Of course I am! I'm gonna believe in Gonta till the very end!


Yes, the place where the toilet paper was tied down...


But I thought I told Gonta to put the toilet paper back in the bathroom...

Oh! I guess he ran into someone on the way, and then threw it somewhere close by.

I guess this settles the question of whether the characters' viewpoints in the Virtual World are the same as the player's.

Nee-heehee... Looks like Kaito's morale is shot, so this whole thing is done now!

The matter...does appear to be settled.

Th-That... It's...


But I'm the one who came up with the plan! Anywaaay...just admit your crime, Gonta.

Even though you don't still did it.

B-But...why did Gonta do...such...terrible thing...?

Stop. I won't let you, Kokichi. If anyone is going to get him to confess...


Gonta...I'm going to look back at the whole case one more time, okay?

When you're convinced, you just let me know, alright? Let's end this together.

Uhhhh... Uhhhhh...


MUSIC: Closing Argument V3

VIDEO: Closing Argument

This particular closing argument tries to trip you up by having you remember where everybody was in the mansion, but since most of that affected how the case played out, it shouldn't be hard to remember.

MUSIC: Climactic Re-enactment V3

After being convinced by Miu, we all logged in to the Virtual World.

Because of this, a connection error occurred between the culprit's brain and their avatar... As a result, the culprit would forget everything that happened in the Virtual World.

But...we had no idea this error even happened. And so, we all logged in one by one.

She had modified the killing game simulator so she could accomplish a specific goal.

This was done to make it look like Kokichi was killed by poison when we returned.

...was to kill Kokichi in the Virtual World, but make it look like he had died in the real world!

"Use the salon phone to log out, objects are unbreakable, your avatars use all five senses"...

But her explanation was intentionally false. She wanted us to misunderstand the world. of us was able to see through her scheme.

Kokichi was going to use Miu's plan against her, and plotted her murder! But Kokichi wouldn't do it himself. He used a patsy to be the culprit in this case.

But it seems as though, right after logging in, when Kokichi and the culprit went outside... ...they were already working together to execute the murder.

...while Maki, Himiko, Keebo, and Miu investigated the chapel. Splitting us up was also part of Miu's plan.

At the time, we thought nothing of it... It was just another one of Miu's pranks.

She passed through the wall and headed for the mansion to kill Kokichi.

This wall was programmed so that only objects could pass through... ...and Miu had changed her avatar's settings from "human" to "object." That was the hidden route she prepared for herself. She set up a wall that only she could pass through!

She didn't tell us that there was another way to log out...

The same roof where Kokichi and Miu were going to meet. By having Kaito search the roof, and then forcing him to log out... ...she was making him look the most suspicious. But her plan didn't go smoothly.

This was only possible because objects in the Virtual World are unbreakable.

He probably returned to the salon as soon as he could to avoid drawing suspicion.

Miu's wall hid the fact that the mansion and chapel were actually right next to each other. That's why Tsumugi and I were able to hear the crash from the mansion!

Because we were at the mansion, they couldn't take the stairs or they'd be seen. So they used the toilet paper again to escape from the rooftop.

...and used it like a rope to climb down.

They would have returned it to the bathroom, but they ran into us as we were leaving the mansion.

...we might never have solved this case, because the culprit doesn't remember.

S-Sorry... Gonta not really understand. Cuz...Gonta not smart boy...

But...if everyone agree, then...everyone probably right. everyone!


Gonta kill Miu...forget everything... Gonta even think he not do anything bad...



Gonta... It's not your fault.

It's Kokichi's fault. He...must've tricked Gonta.

Huuuh? I totally didn't trick him. this the right answer? We're not being fooled by Kokichi?

For once...I wish that we were.

Huh? Wrapping things up already?

Hmmm... What a buzzkill of an ending. It lacks the rush of previous Voting Times...

Well, after so many killing games, I guess it was bound to happen eventually!

Oh my, Monotaro. You're even starting to look like a father.

Yeah! I gotta get my act together for the baby!


Now then, pull yourselves together and let's begin!

Puhuhu... It seems the voting has finished. Now then, let's see the result.

Next time... this is Gonta hurt. :smith: