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by Solitair

Part 127: Snap Back to Reality

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Lie Bullets:
Monokubs File 4
Kaito's Lie
Small Antidote Bottle
Miu Alive
Hope Restoration Simulator
Squeaky Hammer

Miu was still logged in (argue)
poisoned her (argue)
on Kokichi's seat (argue)

VIDEO: Back Route #6

Kinda sketchy, but I don't think anyone else knows about the poison bottle at this point in the trial.

And it's much too early to decide that Kaito is the culprit.

But whyyyyyyy? I think it's already too late.

You guys are taking so long to realize that people can kill others in a snap...


Alright, Kokichi. I'll play your game. If you're going to lie, I will too.

Have you forgotten? The bottle we found at the scene was an antidote, not a poison.

It's not like Miu could have been killed by an antidote.

That bottle definitely had poison in it. Didn't we check the label?

I know that expression... Kokichi is toying with me. He knows the flaw in his argument, he's just pretending not to!

Hm? Well, I mean, this is where it gets fun for both me and the culprit.

...So, what's this talk about an antidote?

We'll just say you misunderstood the whole thing, Shuichi. We all know you wouldn't lie.

O-Of course. I'm sorry, I was just misremembering.

Why is Kokichi doing this? I have no choice—I have to call him on it.

But Kokichi, you're misremembering as well.

You were the one who told us about the warnings on the label.

What warnings? Was there something like that on the label?

Is he still pretending not to know...?

Um... So what does that mean?

It means that Miu couldn't have been killed with poison. That's what I'm trying to say.

Ah, right. Well, for now, forget the antidote...

Let's focus on exactly what was written on that warning label.

Well, that didn't work. Maybe next time?

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Lie Bullets:
Small Antidote Bottle
Tissue Paper
Signboard Used as a Sign
Squeaky Hammer
Lattice Near the Mansion

Well duh, it would [slide off] (argue)
snow piled up (argue)
[it might not be difficult in the] Virtual World (agree)
nothing like that [sled or skis] around (argue)

VIDEO: Back Route #7

That could potentially work, but...

The signboard!?

You put Miu's body on top and use it as a kind of sled.

You *could* use it to slide the body, but the signboard we used as a bridge was the only one.

The culprit couldn't have used that signboard as a sled.

He knows exactly how it was done.

...What if there was another signboard?

Huh? Another one?

Do you remember the first time I went to get the signboard?

There were actually two there. But I only brought one...

But then why did Miu say there was only one signboard?

Uh... To mislead us; she was planning a crime, after all...

Puhu... Puhuhuhuhu...!

Wooow! Shuichi is lying on purpose! Are you trying to spice up the class trial, too?

Kokichi...I was the only one who went and got the signboard. Only I saw them.

So why do you think I'm lying?

Because I know. I know the culprit...and the whole trick.

Nee-heehee... I couuuld tell you, but I think we should save the best for last.

Even if I told you, would you guys really believe a liar like me?

I could be lying about knowing who the culprit is, for all you know.


If he didn't, he wouldn't be able to discern any lies at all.

What's his goal, here? Why is he leading us like this...?

This doesn't mean *all* of Shuichi's deductions are lies, y'know.

You're right about the culprit putting Miu on a sled and sliding her down the roof...

Good recovery, but I don't think you can bullshit this particular bullshitter.