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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 128: Atrocity Exhibition

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

VIDEO: Gontas' Last Words

Give yourselves a hand! Let me hear your joyful voices!

*sob* *sob*

I said, let me hear your joyful voices!


Good question. We should prepare...six names.


You said you were gonna liven up the killing game and the class trial...

Ah-haha, that was juuust a lie.

Oh, so it was just a lie.

Are you satisfied, Kokichi? I want you to tell us. What is the "outside world"? Is it the motive you gave Gonta?

I plan to explain all of that... but it's more like, how do I say it...? You guys are just gonna assume it's a lie if you hear it from my cute lips...

...Huh? Gonta?

Gonta doesn't remember anything; how can you expect him to—

Then, we should all go back into the killing game simulator!


B-But...going back to the Virtual World is—

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

I can combine Gonta's consciousness from his last log-in with that leftover memory data!

Keyboard sounds intensify.

MAKI: ...Alter Ego?

Basically, it's a separate Gonta that only exists in virtual space. If we listen to what he says, we should be able to find out what happened in that world.

...Huh? What this? What happening?

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

Is that...Gonta?

W-What sort of phenomenon is this? What did you do?

Relax, Himiko. It's not magic and it's not a trick.

It's just imitating Gonta's thought patterns. It's actually different from the real Gonta...

G-Gonta not understand... Who this "Alter Ego" person?

See? It's even stupid like the real Gonta! You can hardly tell the difference!

Th-Then, other Gonta...tell Gonta.

Kill Miu...? Why does other Gonta know about—

Unfortunately, our plan failed. You can tell them the truth now...


Hey! Answer Gonta! Why did Gonta kill Miu!?

Gonta just...want everyone.

He wanted to save everyone...?

Gonta...what do you mean?

Gonta not smart enough to help with trials... Gonta strong, but no can fight Exisals...

Gonta feel frustrated...cuz Gonta no could do anything.

Gonta this Gonta feels.

Technically, they are the same person.

"For everyone's sake," huh?

Gonta think he gotta do it, cuz everyone else not want to. So...Gonta kill Miu.

What do you mean by that? I... I don't get it at all!

So, if you remember what happened at that time.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

Yoink! I'll take that card key then!

Kokichi used his lithe body to his advantage and took the card key from Monokuma.

After working tirelessly, I finally found the door for the card key. After opening it...

...The outside world?

That was Monokuma's motive? But why would seeing the outside world be a motive?

I'll tell you guys in a second, but... that was when I found out about Miu's plan.

Save everyone...? What do you mean?

Hey now, you gotta listen to everything I say first.

Anyway, that's when I made a deal with Monokuma. If I livened up the killing game...


Lemme chime in! The motive key card that Kokichi nabbed was the right to view the outside world. But even though he saw the outside world, he didn't try to use it for the killing game...

He said we should bring back the right to view the outside world one more time. And I decided to run with that idea...

Memories of the outside world... in the Flashback Light?

The secret of the outside world in the Virtual World was about the Flashback Light?

And, if it was the Flashback Light...

What are you saying...?

But why would anything about the outside world be a motive in the first place?

What's...going on here?

Huuuh, you can't remember? O-kay, fiiine.

Monokuma hid the Flashback Light in the simulator, but I knew where it was hidden...

Whoa, I just placed it. I never actually said I "hid" it.

If anyone had asked, I would've gladly told you where it was.

I-It's a little late for that!

Yeah, when Kokichi and Gonta leave together...

Gonta, you're so sweet...but I knew you'd say that. Even without your ridiculous physical strength, as long as you're selfless and courageous... You'd make a terrific bodyguard!


Ah, wait, Kokichi!

It's okay! Leave it to Gonta! Gonta keep eye on Kokichi!

The only person I entrusted with the secret of the outside world was Gonta.

After that, taken to forest near mansion.

It looks like it... Maybe the secret of the outside world is hidden in it?

We gotta tell everyone!

Are you sure you wanna believe a liar like me so easily?


This might be a trap, y'know? Shouldn't you check if I'm lying first?

P-Protect everyone...? ...

But that...just confuse Gonta more about what to do...

What can Gonta do to save everyone...? Gonta no could think of anything...

So I told him. If he wants to save everyone, he should put everyone out of their misery.

Was Gonta...tricked!?

No, you not tricked. Cuz, when Gonta remember secret of outside world, Gonta think... would be die.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

Remember what everyone said at the beginning? That this academy is hell?

Gonta...agree. Academy that force students to be part of killing game is hell. So everyone think they wanna escape this place, right?

What do you mean, Gonta?

Inside is hell! Outside is hell! What should Gonta and friends live for!? And everyone who died... What did they die for!?

It's hell outside...and hell inside...

Best way to save everyone from hell, is to put them out of misery while they still not know. And only one who could do such dirty Gonta.

That's right... The only way you can save everyone is to free them from this hell. Gonta took on the dirty work for us.

Wait a minute! I still don't get what's happening!

What outside world are you talking about? It's hell out there? What do you mean? What did Kokichi and Gonta see? What did...we forget...?



Sorry! Gonta no can tell you!

Can't tell us!? Why!?

B-Because...if Gonta tell you, then...everyone will end up like Gonta... Everyone...despair.

I...know it... A despair that makes you want to die...

Did you think the kind Gonta would tell you about such despair from his own mouth?

But now we don't know any more than when we started...

Now you know how Gonta and I formed the Killing Game Busters, right? Then...can't you accept everything about this case? You can imagine the rest, right?

I hid Gonta away from sight... where Miu and I were supposed to meet.'re right.

Oh man, I'm honored you asked me to meet up with you, Miu. Is this a booty call...?

...Or are you here to kill me? figured it out. But there's nothing you can do.

Uh-ohhhh! Guess I'm in trouble now!

I have no choice but to do this... My inventions will change the world... They'll make the world a better place! It's my duty as a genius inventor! S-So, I can't afford to die here—

Kokichi locks the door.

She said it was for the world or whatever, but that was just a poor excuse.

We're doing this to stop the vicious cycle of misery! So you don't need to apologize.

Ergh...nrgh...! Gonta sorry! Gonta so sorry, Miu!

I already said you don't need to apologize. We had to do this for everyone's sake.

You should know that it was Gonta's idea to slide the body to the chapel wall.

What? Gonta's idea?

...Miu walk through the wall. Gonta tell Kokichi, and he think of everything else...

Gonta gave me that chance. I like to think...we make a pretty good team.

...That's whole story. That's...everything that happen.

So in the don't plan to tell us the secret of the outside world...

...Sorry! Gonta no can tell you that!

But...Gonta did kill Miu... Gonta really did it...


But...Gonta's plan to save everyone fail... Gonta not save anyone... Gonta just make everyone suffer more...

*sob*... *sob*...

Everyone...please forgive him. reached for the truth. And Gonta's plan failed. All of you could've been saved if you died without knowing anything...

Yes, it was. At least, Gonta and I think so. You should have all died ignorant...

No! Gonta is bad! Cuz Gonta kill someone! Gonta is murderer! It's true!

Yes...Gonta make everyone suffer. That is true...

W-We get it... You don't need... to apologize anymore...

You're probably all thinking that I should've taken on the dirty work and not Gonta, right? Everyone...hates the role of villain is perfect for me...

But...when I realized Miu was targeting me... I thought to myself... ...she must already have a way to prevent me from fighting back in the Virtual World.

And in fact, you were right. She set it up so she could paralyze you with just a touch.

Okay, but... You didn't need to push everything onto Gonta to-


H-How nice can you be, Gonta? You really are...stupid sometimes...

Y-You're right... Someone as stupid as Gonta could never be a gentleman—



You guys are starting to talk in circles, so let's just move on to the exciting stuff.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates


It's okay, Kokichi. Please let Gonta sacrifice himself...for everyone's sake. That's all...Gonta can do anymore...

......Alright, I promise.

Oh, man... I bet his punishment's gonna have a lot of gross, nasty bugs.!'s not that...

What!? Already!?

The contractions...are speeding up... A-Any minute now...

I've prepared a special punishment for him!


Don't cry, Kokichi... okay...

Yeah...Gonta not cry... Gonta's...really not scared... B-But...

Gonta, you...! You...can't cry either!


Gonta is so sorry...for being stupid!

EXECUTION VIDEO: Wild West Insecticide

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

E-Even I didn't see that coming! All my little cubs have been destroyed!

What are you talking about!? You're the one responsible for this! Wh-Why would you do such a thing to your own children!?

Cuz lately they've been acting all buddy-buddy and neglecting me.


Doesn't matter now. We don't have the time to give him attention.

Anyway, I'm gonna walk away quietly and go mourn my dead kids! Later!

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

Dammit! Why did it turn out like this!?


Hey, Kokichi...why don't you tell us now? What is the secret of the outside world? If we don't know it, then we won't be able to understand or accept it.

What kind of secret would push Gonta that far!?


Kokichi, if you really cared for Gonta, explain yourself to everyone and-


You what?

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

AUDIO: Kokichi's Insanity

SHUICHI: Kokichi!?

Ah-hahahaha! Oh man, did you fall for all that fake crying!? You're so dumb! I would never cry for Gonta!

If I said the actual truth back there, Gonta would've been reeeeal mad! That would've interfered with the game, so I simply lied to calm him down.


What do you mean, what really happened? Why did you make him do that!?

What are you...?

I gave Gonta an incentive, cuz I thought it'd liven up the game. C'mon, think about it. If I actually wanted to save everyone, like what Gonta did...

Th-Then...why did Gonta—


AUDIO: True Kokichi's Insanity

I wanna enjoy this game filled with suspicion and betrayal from the bottom of my heart!

Kokichi gave us one of his creepy smiles. When I saw it, I finally saw Kokichi for what he really is. Malice. His entire body, nothing but raw and unfettered malice.

I *am* the supreme leader of evil, so it's obvious my personality would be twisted. The more you suffer, the more I enjoy it. There are people in this world who spread grief and misery for no reason than the thrill of it! And I'm one of those people. Nothing pleases me more than inflicting pain on others!

So...for your own entertainment, you sacrificed Miu and Gonta?

What's so bad about that? You kill people for money...right, Maki Roll?

Someone like you has no right to call me Maki Roll... look so much better with a scowl on your face, Maki Roll. But hey, you guys are just waaay too trusting. If only you had suspected me more, then...


Kaito screamed and sprinted up to Kokichi like a bullet...

A dull thud resounded through our skulls.


AUDIO: Justice Punch!



By the way, Kaito, is it just me...? Or are you waaay slower?


Maybe, just maybe...Kaito is hiding something from us, too.

Kaito kept coming at him, and Maki glared at Kokichi with piercing eyes.

Ah-haha! And you believed a lie like that!?


Oh, did I finally provoke you enough? Is it cuz of Kaito?

What am I thinking? Maki wouldn't lose her cool for a guy like Kaito. He's waaaay too pathetic. He's all bark and no bite. Let's face it. The Ultimate Astronaut is just a trainee anywa—


No one cared what he had to say anymore. They all rushed to Kaito's side.

Can you stand? Do you need to lean on my shoulder?

Hey...why are you all so worried about this pathetic gu—


Kaito always has us by his side, see? But no one wants to be around you.

Ah-haha! You're talking about friends? Friends don't make this game more entert— ...

Geez, boooring. I'm no longer interested. I don't care anymore... But, I will tell you this...

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

Kaito, are you okay?

Hey, Kaito...?

You don't look well... It didn't seem like he punched you that hard, but...

Did you hit your head or something?

Don't push yourself. You should lie down and-

I s-said I'm...fine...

Kaito tried to get up, but...

Kaito doubled over, his knees gave out, and he collapsed hard...

AUDIO: It's Just a Cold...

KAITO: *cough,cough*

MUSIC: Wonderful Story


TSUMUGI: Blood!? Why!? What's the matter, Kaito!?

C'mon... Don't freak out over this... It's nothing... My...cold just got worse is all...

KEEBO: I didn't know that coughing up blood was a cold symptom!

You're a robot and you don't know that? I'm saying it's fine... Just chill... I just...coughed too much and cut my throat or something... I dunno...

As he spoke, he somehow got to his feet...

Sorry, but... I'm...gonna head back to my room...

Okay, I'll go with—


I can walk on my own. I don't need your help...Shuichi.

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

...I'll go with him. It would be bad if he collapses on the way.

Right... We'll leave it to you then.



Why...did it end up like this? I thought... I thought I could help... I wanted us all to survive... And I wanted it so damn bad, I kept fighting for it, fighting for the truth... And this is what I get!? By trying to survive, we're just playing the stupid game... ...Just like Kokichi.

......Damn it!


AUDIO: An Ultimate Leader

It's almost time...

I'll end it.

...I'll end this killing game.

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Proof that you've cleared Chapter 4. A memento of Gonta. Left empty after no one remained to care for the insects.

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