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Part 129: 1/2 Gentlemen / Not Beasts

With Chapter 4 complete, we get a ferris wheel, which I guess represents the looping virtual world?

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

R-Really!? Gonta!? You sure!?

Then let's talk! Gonta wanna know more about you! About everyone!

You catch more flies with sugar than with salt? I don't know if that's actually true.

What? For Gonta? Thank you, Kaede! Gonta not get gifts often... Gonta happy! Very very happy!

Of course! I am the Ultimate Pianist, after all!

U-Um...Gonta like music, too!

Ooh, really!? What kind of music do you like?

Bug songs! That Gonta's favorite!

Gonta think Kaede probably like bug songs.

I'd rather not talk about bugs...but maybe I could talk about crickets or something.

In Gonta forest, lots of big bugs. They real good singers. Big bugs scary-looking, but make pretty songs!

Hm? Oh, yeah...

Fun music make Gonta happy, too.When no can sleep, Gonta take off clothes, play music. Then can sleep all night long.

Gonta learn to sleep naked in forest. No can sleep good in clothes.

Um...I don't think it's very gentlemanly to sleep naked.

H-Huhhhh!? R-Really?

Well, that's just how I imagine a gentleman.

If Kaede say it not good, Gonta not do it anymore! Anything else you think ungentlemanly?

Hm...anything else ungentlemanly...

Please, tell Gonta what you think is most important to be true gentleman.

Don't talk about bugs...

Huh!? Gonta no can talk about bugs!? Wh-Why!?

Because...there are some people who don't like bugs...

Y-You...hate bugs, Kaede!?

I-I like bugs! I told you before that I like them! But if you talk about bugs to people who don't like them, it might make them uncomfortable. I just think that's ungentlemanly, that's all!


Is Gonta mad...?

...You right. Some people do hate bugs.

Yeah, it's very, very unfortunate.

That why it important to talk about bugs! So people understand why bugs so great!

Huh? R-Really?

Gonta not just gentleman, but entomologist too! Gonta do his best to change people's minds about bugs! Like gentleman!


Your state of mind?

State of mind...?

When I imagine a gentleman, I see someone who's nice, earnest, and polite... To me, a gentleman is someone who sincerely has all those qualities, you know?

Yes! Gonta think so, too!

But...Gonta not know exactly...what to do...

Well, I suppose...

But Gonta can be nice to people... Gonta can be serious... Gonta doing his best... Gonta doing all he can.


Hm? Why tea?

J-Just because...? Whenever I imagine a gentleman, they're always drinking tea.

Oh, Gonta understand! Every gentleman Gonta know likes tea, too!

Tea must be gentleman drink! Gonta gotta learn more about it!

Huh. I feel like I led him in the wrong direction...

Gonta want you to tell him when he's not being gentleman right!

Y-Yeah, sure...

But I felt like I was only bringing out more of his wild side. He still has a long way to go before he becomes a gentleman...

Yes, please...!

When Gonta alone, can only think about what failure Gonta is...

Maybe Gonta can catch a Victini! It's not Bug-type, though...

Oh, wow... Gonta think bug friends will like this. Kaede like bugs, too? Gonta so happy!


Gonta looks mad! Did I do something to make him angry?

Ummm, uhhh...

My paw? Do I look like a dog to you?

Huh? D-Did Gonta mess up!?

I-It's okay, I'm sure this is some sort of misunderstanding... Were you asking me for my hand, Gonta?

Oh, I see now. You meant to say, "Your hand, please."

Huh? Gonta thought he did say that...

Did Gonta use wrong word? Sorry!

Don't worry, you don't have to apologize...

Gonta never escort you like gentleman. So Gonta wanna do it right today...

But Gonta very nervous... Never escort lady before...

Th-Thank you...

Okay, then...y-y-your hand, m'lady!

He stuttered just now...

Hm? What should I say to help him calm down? Well, I guess I should just take his hand for now.

Thank you very much, Gonta.


N-Not really...

His eyes are practically sparkling, but I hope he doesn't expect too much from me!




Kaede, what Gonta should do next? Gonta not know...

I knew it!

Me neither...I don't know what a gentleman and a lady do at a time like this.

Ladies and gentleman have night parties! Lots of spinning and dancing!

That does sound right, but I don't think we should be doing that right now... Besides, I've never been to a social event that involved dancing.

Gonta...also never dance before...

Between his wild hair and intense effort...Gonta looks really scary right now!

So sorry! Gonta no can think of anything! Gonta no can treat you like proper gentleman would!


Now, now, just listen to what I have to say. Just letting you hold my hand is already making me feel very safe, okay?

A gentleman is always supposed to protect a lady, right? I feel like your large hands are protecting me.



Thank you! Gonta so happy to be called gentleman!

AUDIO: Gonta Free Time #1

Gonta have lots to learn... But Gonta do his best to become true gentleman!

Yeah, good luck!

I'm glad I was able to help him...

Kokichi say stuff that hard to understand... Make Gonta feel sleepy...

O-Okay. Gonta like spending time with Shuichi, but...

Yeah, yeah, I get it! I'm not wanted here! I don't care, so do whatever you want!

S-Sorry, Kokichi. Gonta come see you later...

What should we do, Shuichi? Gonta feel like taking break...

Gentlemen wear small trinkets like this... Gonta must remember that. Gonta still not used to gentleman clothes... This very helpful, Shuichi!

Huh? For what?

For inviting Gonta! Gonta very, very happy! This maybe first time Gonta spend free time with anyone! So Gonta will work hard! Treat Shuichi like true gentleman!

No, is not fine! Shuichi invited Gonta!

B-But...what should we do for fun? Think Gonta, think...

Oh, Gonta know! Come, we race!


Plus, feel good to run like wind. Maybe nice change of pace.

He claims to be a gentleman, but now he wants to race?

...Alright, Gonta. If you want to race, let's race.

Okay! Then, let's go!

I had forgotten that Gonta was raised in the wild, of course he's athletic!

Not yet! To run like wind, gotta run way faster!

After being dragged along by Gonta, I began to trip over my feet. Exhausted, I began to stagger, and unluckily the stairs to the basement were right there...

Whoa, I'm gonna fall!

I heard Gonta shout and felt my body being pulled back.


Gonta yanked me back toward him, and when I hit his chest, we both fell over.

...Or so I thought. Gonta didn't even flinch when I hit him.


Ah, I'm okay...that was close. Thank you for saving me.

No, Gonta, I had fun!


Of course! It's been a long time since I've had to run that fast... It felt good, in a way. A nice change of pace.

Oh! Then, Gonta glad Shuichi had fun...


Why did you invite me? Kaito looks like he'd be better at running...

Invite Kaito? You sure? Gonta not wanna make trouble...

Ah, I long as you don't force him to come, it will be alright.


Ah, um, Gonta... I had a lot of fun, running with you.

I apologize for being so much trouble.

Why Shuichi sorry!? Gonta mess up, not Shuichi!

You're not at fault, Gonta, I was the one that tripped. Besides, it was a lot of fun to go running. A nice change of pace.


Gonta do anything for Shuichi! Gonta protect you! Like gentleman!

Gonta is brimming with positivity. ...Gonta really is pure.

Gonta think about going...but Kokichi say he wanna have strategy meeting with Gonta...

Oh, but...

Hm? You want Gonta, Shuichi? I don't mind, so go ahead and take him off my hands, okay?

D—Don't talk like that! G-Gonta not property!

So...what should we do? You can pick, Shuichi.

Time for Gonta to become gangstar!

Ummm... But real gentleman say nice thing. Then gentleman give gift, too...

Gonta not real gentleman yet, huh...? Someday Gonta give Shuichi nice gift!

There no bugs here, but Gonta enjoy Shuichi's company!

Now that you mention it... Isn't it a little strange that there are no bugs here?

Mm-hm... No matter place, should always be bugs to find. Doesn't hafta be lots of bugs, like in Gonta's forest...

Yes. Forest family take care of Gonta.

That's right, you mentioned a family of wolves...


...Gonta? Something wrong?

What? A lie...?

Gentlemen don't lie. Gonta know that. Gonta don't wanna lie, but... But...Gonta have to lie...for forest family... Gonta very sorry!

For your forest family?

Of course I will, Gonta...

...I'm sorry?

Dinosaurs not go extinct... Dinosaurs became dinosaur people—Reptites. Reptites live alone, deep in forest... They raise Gonta.

R—Really... Ah, then why lie about the wolves?

Reptites and humans fought long time ago. But Reptites lost, and humans became dominant species... And Reptites not wanna fight anymore.

Ah... That's... That's quite a story...

Reptites raise Gonta as their own. Teach Gonta to survive in forest.

This story is literally incredible. But this is Gonta...he wouldn't make up this story.

Gonta have other interesting experiences...

Ah, another one?

Strong guy came to forest one day. To fight Gonta, he say. And strong guy just first of many.

They all come to fight Gonta. In honorable, one-on-one battles. Gonta not understand why. But...they say they come to find worthy opponent.

...That sounds like a video game.

Gonta shocked most from India who breathe fire. And another man from Japan who charge Gonta with flying headbutt. Gonta also fight professional wrestler—Red Cyclone! Him so strong and cool!

...That *definitely* sounds like a video game.

Gonta think now, he prolly coulda made friends with them.

A friendship born from battle... I suppose that can happen.


Of course I would, Gonta. I'm glad you told me.

Everyone else make fun of Gonta. Call Gonta liar.

It is a suspicious story...but Gonta is a good person. He wasn't being malicious.

They were wrong to do that, Gonta. I know you wouldn't lie just to trick people.

Shuichi is good person! Gonta wanna tell you more stories!

Hehe... Gonta so happy that Angie and others need Gonta's help.

Gonta need to watch more bug videos and fill up on fight!

Good acoustics for bug songs here.

Oh, wow... Gonta think bug friends will like this. Shuichi likes bugs, too? Gonta so happy!

Oh, no, you don't have to thank me, Gonta...

But gentleman always show gratitude with words.

A gentleman, huh? You're very particular about that, Gonta.

But...Gonta still have long way to go before he become true gentleman...

Hm...I can't exactly give advice without more information...

What do you think a "gentleman" is, Gonta?

...I suppose I should have expected that kind of answer from Gonta...

Ah, well... What do you think a "gentleman" does?

Gentleman behave like a gentleman! Kind, earnest, refined, polite... Oh, and gentleman always treat lady with respect. That very important.

And drink tea all the time! And say clever jokes!


And solve mysteries with young sidekick!


And wear fancy tuxedos! And save ladies from danger!

But...Gonta not smart. Not sure if Gonta can think of cool phrase to say...

Oh! Some gentlemen talk to each other with muscles! Perfect for Gonta!


None of those people are gentlemen...

Huh!? Unpossible! Gonta do lots of gentleman research!

Perhaps your research was a bit misguided... All of those people are fictional, you see.


Ah, as in, it was made up. Like a character from a fairy tale.

Where do I even begin?

Shuichi? What wrong? Gonta bothering you!?

N-No, it's nothing like that! It's just...the "gentlemen" you described don't sound to me like real gentlemen.

Imitating others doesn't seem gentlemanly.

Huh!? Really?

You should think about what constitutes a gentleman more carefully, Gonta. The people you're talking about are characters from fictional stories.

You know a lot about gentlemen, Shuichi...

What? Ah, not really...

Yes, you do!

...I have a bad feeling about this.

Gonta be shield! Gonta be spear! Gonta be whatever everyone need!

Gentlemen wear small trinkets like this... Gonta must remember that. Gonta still not used to gentleman clothes... This very helpful, Shuichi!

I-I told you, I wouldn't know anything about that...

This interrogation has been going on for some time now. It appears that Gonta mistakenly believes I have a lot of knowledge of "gentlemen." It took a while, but I think I finally made Gonta understand...


I feel awful... I can't let him stay down like this.

Hey, Gonta? Why are you so focused on being a gentleman?

Time in forest make Gonta forget human ways. People start worry about Gonta. Say Gonta not know how to socialize.

That's understandable... You were raised in the wild, after all.

Human family treat Gonta like their own, but... They not accept forest family.

Didn't accept them? What do you mean?

Gonta not know whole story...

So they get mad at Gonta. Say Gonta not worthy of family name. They blame Gonta's forest family. Say it all their fault.

That's awful...they should have been grateful for taking care of you for a decade...

And Gonta love human family, too. Gonta love human mother who birth him. So Gonta want human family to accept forest family...

And...forest family also be proud of Gonta! See Gonta become such great gentleman!

That sounds like a great idea!

Thanks! Gonta feel more confident if Shuichi approve! Gonta gonna work hard to become true gentleman! think so...?

Huh? Is bad idea?

No, it's not "bad"... It's just that becoming a gentleman takes quite some time...

Gonta not care how long it take! Gonta serious... No matter how long it take, no matter how hard, Gonta gonna become gentleman!

Gonta might never be able to become a gentleman, but I'd never tell him that...

Perhaps a different way would be better?

Different way? Umm... what kinda different way?

Ah, well, um... Perhaps a respectable career?

Even with respectable career... Gonta still must be respectable person.

...That's true. Perhaps that's what his family wanted.

Yes, exactly right.

No, I shouldn't put doubts in his head. He wants to do this so bad.

Rest is important, too... Gonta have to make sure he not useless when everyone need him!

This gift is surprisingly popular; everybody but Kiyo likes it. Gonta gets it because I couldn't find enough other gifts for him.

What? For Gonta? Thank you, Shuichi! Gonta not get gifts often... Gonta happy! Very very happy!

Because Gonta is the Ultimate Entomologist, I decided to ask him about his work.

Gonta, you really are impressive, you know that?

G-Gonta nothing special. Gonta just listen to what bugs say.

He's always so humble...

And he once discovered a parasitic worm that was causing disease, and was praised as a hero.

You've saved so many lives, Gonta.

Yes, but gentlemen supposed to help people.


You know, Gonta, you say that, but... I know how truly amazing you are. I don't think you need to work so hard to be a gentleman. You're already incredible.

The reason you developed your Ultimate Entomologist talent...was *because* your forest family taught you so much about insects and animals, right?

Yes, that right...

Your forest family helped you develop into the talented man you are today!

That all Gonta need...?

That's plenty, Gonta. From now on...


But...Gonta no help to anyone right now.

I almost fell down the staircase!'re a more amazing person than you think you are.


Gonta understand! Gonta learn from you...

But...Gonta still gonna try to become gentleman.


At first, Gonta do it for forest family. But now... Gonta just wanna be gentleman.

That Gonta's goal now!

I see... Then I think that's a great goal to have.

Yeah! Gonta work hard to reach goal!

After a firm nod, Gonta's expression softened and he looked at me...

AUDIO: Gonta Free Time #2

Gonta glad he meet Shuichi.

From now on, Gonta keep you and everyone else true gentleman!

Gonta took my hand and squeezed it. And I squeezed back. ...There is a real bond here. I believe it with all my heart.

You've learned a new skill, Wild Awakening.

I'm not nearly good enough at getting crits in A.A. to make this a worthwhile investment.

Gonta's Undergarments posted:

Gonta's favorite loincloth. For a while, he wore tailored briefs, but he couldn't get used to close-fitting underwear since he grew up in the forest.