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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 13: The First Cut Is the Deepest

NEW MUSIC: Darkness Time

Gonta worry about manhole... Think it okay with cover gone? What if someone fall in? Get hurt real bad?

But Kirumi tell Gonta, leave cover off...

...Gonta not know what to do.

Everyone knows it's here, so I'm sure we'll all be careful. Don't worry about it.

Okay, you right. Maybe Gonta just keep eye on it. Thank you, Kaede. Gonta go back to room now. Good night.

Escaping this place will prove to be quite difficult... Best not to fret over it.

It's an interesting place in the day, but... having to stay the night is too much.

That...would be an eternal sleep.

Oh yeah, what's this? We never got a good look at it before.

It looks like a castle gate. What's past here?

Okumura and Kamoshida?

But, I don't know how they're related.

Yeah, that's a tricky one. Only someone who's played Resident Evil might know the answer to this riddle.

Well, it's not too shabby...


MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

You probably don't have anything worth stealin' in here... But you should still lock your door when you leave!

If ya steal someone else's key, you can sneak into their room and kill 'em easily!


MUSIC: Darkness Time

Geez, this place is the worst. I just wanna go home.

I guess I'll take a look inside, just to be safe.

Huh? What is this?

Inside, there were uniforms that matched the one I was wearing. Lots of uniforms... Did they...prepare all these? They prepared everything just to keep us trapped here...but why?

As soon as my body hit the bed, my body immediately froze.


After everything that had happened... I forgot just how physically and mentally exhausted I was... ... I thought we would achieve our goal as long as we didn't give up. That had always been my mentality whenever I practiced the piano... But...maybe playing piano is easier... ...because I'm blessed...with that talent. ...

With Chopin's "Prelude" playing in my head, I fell into a deep sleep.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

The weeds here have grown thick with joy, as if celebrating your entrance into this school. Seeing your anxious eyes shine with murderous intent makes me oh-so happy. If you ever feel lost, don't be shy—talk to your friends or a teacher. Let's all get along. And...let's do lots of killing, too. I pray for the physical and mental well-being of this new killing school semester— I mean...I pray for the well-being of you students. Yes, that will do...

Day 2.

Nyum-nyum... This is an official announcement from the Ultimate Academy.

It's 8 am, bitches! Time to wake up and face the blood—drenched day!

I wonder who's dead this morning?

Stooop... If I suddenly see a dead body, I'll puke again!

Enjoy your killing school semester!


Phew, it was all some terrible dream... Ha, wouldn't that be nice?

Wait, I don't have time to joke around. I said I'd meet the others in the dining hall. Everyone must be waiting... I need to get to the dining hall ASAP.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Umm...good morning, Kaede...

What's the matter? Not feeling well?

I woke up a bunch of times last night and... each time, I realized this all wasn't a dream... But even so, I still woke up this morning hoping it was a dream...

Yeah...same here.

But we gotta face this reality...

You're right. We need to...fight. Against this reality and...

Good morning...

What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the dining hall?

I was just on my way there... Um...




Well, I can ask him later. I need to go.

Kehehe...I'm glad. It looks as though there were no victims.

By the way...are you okay, Kaede?

Huh? What do you mean?

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

H-Hey... What are you doing all of—

Seriously, you guys are so mean. Poor girl... She tried her best to encourage everyone, and you sore losers got mad at her anyway.

What's the point of bringing that up again?

Eh? N-Now it's my fault? Why are you guys ganging up on me?

Hmph, you're too noisy. Cut it out.

But it's true. Everyone blamed Kaede without taking any responsibility themselves.

Hey, come on now. Everyone was probably just tired.

Shut it! That's no excuse!

It's just...I should've been more considerate of everyone's feelings.


I was too focused on the tunnel... So, I'm sorry...

... Alright, well... If you're okay with it, then so am I.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

...But you did blame her first, didn't you?

Well, that was a lie. Y'know, one of those lies to make us more united or whatever.

Did you know half my lies are actually told with good intentions?

Now *that* sounds like a lie.

Let's just forget about it and discuss something else.

Okay? Let's all think about ways to get out of here.


Hey, don't just suddenly show up! It's too much stress for my heart!

Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to not surprise you.

So you did mean to surprise us.

Well? Your announcement?

It's not terribly important, but... It's easier to stay alive by being an obvious goody two-shoes, right? Being thrust into a killing game doesn't mean you'll be able to kill someone easily...

...Motivation to kill?

In short, a motive! That oughta add some mystery to the proceedings! Even if a killer is exposed, they could whip up a sob story to deceive everyone!

Wh-What are you saying? Your logic is impossible to understand...!


MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

AUDIO: Monokuma's Motive Videos

Wow! For the first murder that occurs, no class trial will be held! Can you believe it? That means the first one to kill someone will get to graduate, no strings attached!

I'm sorry that I made the class trial seem more important than it really is... So for the first murder, I've decided not to hold a class trial at all.

Huh? That's all!? We just gotta kill someone to get outta here!?

"That's all"!? What's that supposed to mean!? Please just calm down!

First Blood Perk!? Don't make it sound like some kind of game show bonus!

There's no way I'm happy!

S-Stop messing around... Do you think this is fun for us?


Do you really think I'd kill someone just to get out?

We're not gonna lose to you! We promised each other we'd escape from this place!

Puhuhu... Spare me your false bravado. You should be focusing on how you plan to survive. You just gotta kill someone, right?

Why you...bastard!

Huh? What's that?

We all know it's better to cooperate rather than betray each other, right? But if you don't cooperate, you receive some benefit that no one else gets.

It's an incentive to betray the group to give yourself an advantage. With that in the back of all of our minds, we're less likely to cooperate.

That's Monokuma's plan.


And if a murder were to'd be even more unlikely that we'd cooperate.

It's likely he created this perk for that sole purpose.

Right? I bet you can't stand all this tension in the air, right? So it's better to just kill!

Wh-What...? You...

It seems you are quite serious about forcing us to participate in this killing game. What exactly is your objective?

I've had enough!!!

Kaito lunged toward Monokuma to grab him, but...


MUSIC: Wonderful Story

Finally, it's time for the Exisals!

We won't let you lay a hand on Daddy! We want Daddy to smile every day!

Youse bastards better pay attention! This is what happens when you mess with us!

P-Please, don't!

Run, Kaito!


The sound of crushing metal echoed throughout the dining hall... And then, a final gasp...


Maybe we should mess with them more often.