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by Solitair

Part 130: Black Project

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

AUDIO: Monokuma's Funeral

Little Monotaro... Little Monophanie... Little Monodam... And the rest... Oh, why did you have to die!? Your lives were irreplaceable! Boo-hoo-hoo! My grief is piling up like freshly fallen snow! *sniffle* I told them—make the most of your life, cuz you only get one shot at it... And once it's over, nothing can replace it! Oh, why did they take their lives for granted!? If only they cared about their lives, they would've worked harder to earn my love! It's all their fault! Bad stuff always happens to kids whose parents don't love them! *sniffle* But...the more I think about it...


Day 18.

We gathered in the dining hall, as always.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

As always...? No, how could that be? With everything that happened yesterday...

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Are you really okay...?

I'm telling you! I'm just fine! I wasn't feeling great yesterday, but after a good night's sleep I'm all better.

I'm 100% better now!

I told you, didn't I? I just coughed too much and cut my throat a little, that's all.

Are you sure you're not pushing yourself too hard? Or suffering from a chronic illness—

Don't be stupid! If I had a chronic illness, I wouldn't stand a chance in astronaut training! Seriously, you guys are worrying too much. Just cuz you all love me and can't help yours—


My bad... But I'm serious. You don't need to worry about me anymore... I shoulda told you guys I wasn't feeling well. I made you worry for nothing.


If I do start to feel bad again, I'll have you guys help me, okay? Now that that's outta the way, let's eat! Yeah, c'mon guys! Let's all eat!

With what I saw can I act like nothing's wrong...?

Now we've got another reason why we need to get out of here.

And on top of that...we need to do it fast.

Escaping is all well and good... But what *does* the outside look like? We still don't know what the secret of the outside world is either...

I-If that's true, then what could possibly be happening outside this academy?

But we can't simply not think about—

Sure, there's a chance the outside world is messed up because of Monokuma. But making us worry about it is what Monokuma wants. He's using it to put pressure on us. Kokichi and Gonta just snapped under that pressure. The outside world is probably fine.

...I think you mean "optimist."

Either way, that's something to think about once we get outside, so focus on that now.

...As a detective, what are your thoughts on this, Shuichi?

I-I've considered a few theories, but I can't say for sure...


He must still be angry. But...I had no choice... I had no other options...

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

If I hadn't identified Gonta as the culprit, we would all be dead. For the rest of us to survive, Gonta had to be sacrificed... There was nothing I could do...


I haven't seen him either. It's like he has completely vanished.

He's apparently really good at hide and seek, so he's probably just hiding somewhere...

We can't just let...that He's...a little too dangerous. No...not just a little... Because he...

TSUMUGI: His face just screams that he's having fun whenever he sees us suffer. He's not normal... There's obviously something wrong with him.

Ironic... The rules of this game actually make it harder to kill.

...I know.

Nyeh? Is Maki Roll a nickname for Maki? That's a good nickname.

It makes me wanna take a bite out of her with soy sauce and Spicy mustard! Right, Maki Rolll?

S-Sorry... I guess I don't know how close we are just yet...

Hey, if we don't do anything, we'll be killed by Kokichi next! I bet even now, he's hiding somewhere and plotting against us.

Kokichi told us that his objective was to win the killing game. He wouldn't risk a murder that would so obviously implicate him.

But he might be planning to make us suffer some other way. Like how he used Gonta... Anyway, we need to find him as soon as—

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

What are *you* doing here?

It's our "prize," right? Hurry up and give it to us.

Caaaaaan do!

...You're being awfully compliant.

Of course. I can't refuse you all, not when I'm all alone and outnumbered.

But I'm used to being alone. Back in the day, l was alone from start to finish...

Anyway, here's your prize this time!

AUDIO: Secret Items IV

HIMIKO: W—Well, what's the difference!?

See ya later! Bye-onara!

Monokuma leaves.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

I think we should prioritize searching for that new area over searching for Kokichi. It likely contains a Flashback Light, and we may discover some new facts.

So you're saying humans are low priority... Typical for a bloodless, tearless, machine man.

I'm...not sure we're close enough for you to be making jokes like that.

I'm worried about Kokichi, but... There's no point worrying about him all the time.

Alright... Ah, I'll hold on to that...

Oh...that's right...

Without meeting my eyes, Kaito placed the key into my palm.

...Read the mood, Keebo. It's fine, so let's go already.

The first door we can open is right next to the dining hall.



Kaito still won't look me in the eyes... Talking to him is going to be awkward.

I'm not sure. It's possible that he's always on the move to avoid being caught.

That guy's really twisted if he enjoys people's suffering that much......

But I'm not any better. I take people's lives for a living.

Unlike Kokichi. He doesn't even want to try and change. That's the worst decision you can make.





Kokichi is definitely a problem, but we should search around first. I feel like he'll show himself once we find a Flashback Light...

Geez... It looks like Kaito's still upset with you.

He needs to get over himself, but you should think about his feelings too, Shuichi.

What happened to Gonta... No one could sort out their feelings in just one night.

It's unlocked... Alright, let's go. The's still here. Can it be used for something else?

Where does this staircase lead?

This is a pretty long staircase. Where does it lead?

...I feel as if there's something there. It's best to be cautious.


Nyeeeh...those stairs were long and such a pain. I'm tired... Someone give me a piggyback ride.

They made us climb all these stairs just for the Ultimate Astronaut's lab?

What do you mean "just"? This is the main stage, and it's finally been revealed!

Anyway, let's go inside. There might be something useful in here...probably.

What do you mean "probably"!? It's gotta be full of super important stuff!

Shut up! I'm not gonna give you a piggyback ride!

Ah, let's go inside then...

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

They made us climb all those stairs, just for a room that looks like a playground... I feel like this was a huge waste of time, but let's look around for anything useful.

How about you give me a piggyback ride on the way back down the stairs?

She's still saying that?

Talking to Kaito will just get us the same lines as last time.

It's pretty high up... But I guess that's obvious from how tall that staircase is.

Looks like this is the top floor.

So my room's at the very top!?

Yeah, so what?

You can project stars on the ceiling with this. It's quite the facility.

Perhaps I'll never get used to these after all.

It's pretty cool! Perfect for my research lab!

You can operate this? I mean, it's probably just a simulator, but...

Yeah...I've never seen this machine, but I've trained with something like it...

What reckless confidence... I don't ever wanna be in any vehicle you're driving.

Nah, no way it's real. I mean, what would it even operate?

Huh? Something wrong?

I found this in the back...

But none of us can remember the details of that.

So what does it say!?

H-Hold on, I'll read it...

The Gofer Project.

Burdened with this imperative project are boys and girls of exceptional talent. That is the purpose of the Gofer Project.


Did Monokuma do this!? Dammit, he's just screwing with us!

Do you think this part about boys and girls of exceptional talent...

And what could the seeds of future hope mean? And what's this about the new world?

Huh? Noah's Ark?

Well...Noah's Ark was built with gofer wood.

What? O-Oh yeah! You're right!

It does seem related...

But how is all of this related to the academy? To us?

Tch, none of that makes any sense.

If we find the next Flashback Light, we might be able to remember something about it...

You're right... This place is useless to us now.

I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that... Cuz we gotta find the Flashback Light!

But it's something that Monokuma created... I don't want to depend on something that Monokuma has touched. But there's nothing we can do. There's no other way to restore our memories.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

The next door is technically one floor below Kaito's lab, but I'd have to go through every floor to get to it without fast traveling. I opt to fast travel.

Huh? The key works...but it won't turn.

*tick, tick, tick, tick!*


A trap? That was dangerous...

I could have really been hurt...

...Whose lab is this? There are only a few of us left who don't have a lab yet...

I should check inside.

When I turned the knob...

...The owner is dead?

Per the rules, if a student dies before their Ultimate research lab is opened...

That's the first time I'm hearing this!

That's cuz this is the first time I've mentioned it.

...There's no point in complaining to Monokuma. This is his academy. Anyway... If this lab belongs to someone who died...

How disappointing. You'd know what his talent was if you went in his lab.

Wh-What does that mean?

Yes, what does that mean?

That sorta unexpected development can only happen in a real killing game like this one.

Oh well, what a waste. I can't believe that idiot killed him.

Monokuma leaves again.

Rantaro's lab... I am curious about his talent, but... It's too late now.

I'm sure we don't need to worry about anything behind this door. Next time, door number three.