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by Solitair

Part 131: Factory Floor

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

It looks like construction is almost done, but what happens then?

Will we ever find out what that means?

We would've been better off with a Thief's Key and a Magic Key...

Huh? Why is that?

Oh, don't worry about it. I was just talking to myself.

What do you mean?

The class trial ends, we get Monokuma's prizes, and then we search for a new area... Y'know...that same flow over and over. And the fact that all the murders keep happening in the areas we discover... solve the mystery of this academy...we're going to have to use the Flashback Lights, to remember the truth.

Of course...I know we need to do that too......

We need to live for Gonta and everyone else...and escape this place.

Yeah...that's right.

Alright, then I'll plainly look around the school. I'll let you know if I find anything.

There aren't many doors left that could be opened with the keys Monokuma gave us, correct? There is a door in that wall. Perhaps we can get in? There's something next to the door that seems to resemble a keyhole.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't always there...

An alarm blares.

I feel like I'm on the set of a sci-fi movie. A mecha could pop out at any moment...

...It took every ounce of my strength to hold in what I wanted to say.

This is...different from the other places we've seen so far. And this maze-like hallway... Perhaps it's to defend the building that it leads to?

...It seems to be well fortified.

That electric barrier. We can't raise the shutter while it's active.

If they're protecting it this strongly, there must be some secret in there.

W-Wait, it's dangerous! Don't—


Another alarm sounds.

Keebo, get away from—

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

C'mon, c'mon, outta the way so I can turn off that alarm.

Keebo steps back, and the alarm stops.

Be careful? What was that alarm for? It was so loud...

Oh, that's the alarm system.

A super-loud alarm will blare if you approach the shutter without turning off the system.

Puhuhu... This place is so important that it needs beefed up security. I guess while I'm here, I'll also explain that electric barrier...

I'll tell you what the code is, but only once. So make sure you memorize it.

Wait... Slow down, please! 503... What was the rest?

Like I said, this is a very important place.

You can use it to turn off the motion sensor alarm above the shutter...

*beep beep*

Now just use the control panel to deactivate the electric barrier, and you can go inside.

Um... Can you repeat that code you mentioned earlier?

Huh? How annoying. But since it's your first visit, I'll let you inside just this once.

Okay, now you just gotta manually raise the shutter and you can go inside. You can either use the control panel inside to restore the alarm system and electric barrier...

Well then, safe travels!

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Let's go, Shuichi. We have no other direction to move but forward.'re right.

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

They aren't moving. They're not reacting to us, and the lights are off...

Oh, now that you mention're right. I wonder what's going on.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Yep, this is where the Exisals are stored!

A facility for storing Exisals?

This is where I was guarding the precious Exisals so no one would mess with them...

Is it because the Monokubs are gone? No one can control the Exisals anymore.

What!? No one can control them anymore!?

...Am I wrong?

I thought a somewhat over—the-top reaction would put you guys on the defensive.

What does that mean!?

He leaves again.

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

The deactivated Exisals... Is this hangar pointless now that the Monokubs are gone? If that's nothing threatening us anymore?

I bet Miu would have found a purpose for this place. She would have been excited to dismantle the Exisals and study them further. I can assert that with confidence because her actions are documented in my memory bank.

She had a natural innocence that she kept hidden deep inside.

This is most likely the control panel for the alarm system and electric barrier.

Yes, it seems like it. But there's no reason to turn the barrier back on, so we shouldn't touch it.

Because all robots can memorize more than three digits, is that what you're implying?


Are the Exisals not going to move anymore? Are they no longer going to be used against us?

I suppose that makes sense, I'm sure I'm the first person to be in here in a while... Monokuma and the Monokubs certainly don't need to use the bathroom.

But then...why is there a bathroom here in the first place? If they were under the impression we would never be here, why make a bathroom?

Does that mean...I was wrong?

Well, there's nothing that concerns me here, so I'll go back.

Indeed, there's nothing to examine here except the monitor.

...That seems comfortable.

...Comfortable, huh?

...This machine is probably used to paint the Exisals.

Ah, right... It does kind of smell like paint thinner.

I don't think you need a makeover. You're great just the way you are, Keebo!

Well, of course I am!

...Then why bring it up?

...This hydraulic press is probably used to scrap decommissioned Exisals.

Yes, even the Exisals could not withstand being crushed by a giant metal slab.


Also, it seems you can control the hydraulic press using that control panel over there.

The hydraulic press has an infrared sensor. When it detects a living being...

If someone accidentally ended up in the press, the machine would stop.

What do you think, Shuichi?

...Of the safety function? I...don't know—

...Hm? Try what?

As I stood there confused, Keebo suddenly got under the press.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

AUDIO: Robot Body Experiment

Please what!?

If the press comes to a stop when it detects a person, what will happen if it detects me?

The label said organism, which is a very different thing.

Let's find out!

Are you sure about that? I don't know if the sensor will work...

Don't worry. If I sense any danger, I'll move out of the way. I just really want to try it out. If I don't, I'll never be able to rust in peace when I die.

...He's not going to change his mind about this.

...Okay, let's do it. But get out of there if it's dangerous, okay?

Certainly! Now, if you would be so kind... Start it up!

Convinced by Keebo's enthusiasm, I pressed the button. And then...

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

It's not *my* fault! least we know now.

It seems I'm only perceived as a machine, not a human.


This is definitely a hangar for the Exisals, but they're deactivated. Monokuma might be right...this place no longer has any purpose.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Huh? Tsumugi?

She told me she found something. It's probably the Flashback Light.

Anyway, come as soon as you can. I'm gonna go on ahead.

I should head to the dining hall.

I have always suspected that I'm perceived as just a machine... But it is rather harrowing to have that suspicion confirmed before my eyes...

I may be just a machine to this press...but I'm sure other tests will confirm my humanity!

Yeah, you found the Flashback Light, didn't you? Let's use it already!

...It's not? I honestly thought that's what all this was about.

Then why did you call us all here!? I had to go to the bathroom!

I found...something pretty serious. I thought I should tell everyone right away...

Pretty serious?

Once again, I'm reminded of just how few of us are left... It used to take quite a bit of time for us all to gather. But that's not the case anymore...

I don't know what this serious thing is that Tsumugi's talking about... But it looks like no one found a Flashback Light yet.


N-No, I haven't, but...

I see... Where could he have gone?...


Let's hurry up and get this over with. I-I gotta go to the bathroom.

Those letters Gonta found in the courtyard... There's more added to them again.

It looks like the message is complete now. We can finally read it. And it says...

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

TSUMUGI: "This world is mine. Kokichi Oma" That's what's written there.

Wh-What's going on? Why is Kokichi's name—

Heh, so that's what it means. It was all just a prank by Kokichi.

...A prank?

Seriously...what a messed up guy.

Nyeeeh...I see. That definitely seems like something Kokichi would do.

That is true, that all there is to it?

"horse a"

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Well, who cares about Kokichi. More importantly, what about the Flashback Light?

It seems no one has found it yet.

Maybe...that's Kokichi's fault, too? He probably found it first and hid it.

Hm, that is possible.

The best way to deal with guys like him is to ignore them. So let's just leave him be.

You say that, but you were the angriest out of all of us.

No...there was something I was just thinking about.

It's still a little too early to tell you guys, but...

I'll figure it all out.

Figure what out..? going to get us out of here?

Nyeeeh, there's that reckless confidence again.


Heh, you guys just don't get it. Geez, heroes are always misunderstood.

Yeah, leave it to me!


But it's sort of a relief to have someone so confident in a time like this. A hero... He might really be one.

And returned to our rooms.

So...what should I do?