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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 132: Life After Death / How to Disappear Completely

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

You were so troublesome, even at the very end. But didn't have to die. You didn't deserve to die like that, Miu...

You were so kind... You always tried to help us in your own, strange way. But I...sacrificed you...... The secret of the outside world you discovered... A horrible truth. To save us from that, you were willing to kill...

There's only seven of us... No wonder the Dining Hall feels so big now...

This one's pretty mean. Even after you find it, you have to fiddle with the controls a bit to actually click on it.

Being a hero is lonely...

It's a classic plot! There are even heroes who are lonely because they're too strong.


...It's no use... I wouldn't even know what to say to him.

There was no Flashback Light... Unless we missed it somehow?

...but whenever he does something reckless, we have to clean up after him.

You need to take care of him, okay? That's your job as his sidekick.

No, I'm not his sidekick... It's just...hard to talk to him right now...

I didn't think I would get something like this from you. But I have nothing to give in return... Is that okay with you?



She's not here anymore. She died.

After I finished training, I went to see her. She died in a car accident saving a child.

Oh no...

...I was shocked. Why did I endure all that training then? But...

And the memories of her I keep inside me have kept me alive till now. Even the whole orphanage. That's why...I'll do everything I can to protect that place.


...You look like you want to say something. Your face is gross, so spit it out already.

I was thinking about what I can do. What I can do for you, Maki.

Huh, for me?

I was thinking could leave being an assassin behind.


Perhaps...I could use my detective skills to investigate the assassin cult?

...You sound awfully sure.

The world isn't as simple as you think. It needs assassins to do the dirty work.

That's the way the world works, huh?

Why don't you know this already? You're an Ultimate too... Don't you know you can't do anything with just mere words?

I know, but you're carrying all of this by yourself, Maki...

Maybe, but...

But? You think so too, but you're gonna push the responsibility on someone else?

That's just like Kaito. Is that guy rubbing off on you?

...I suppose that could be.

One Kaito is difficult, but two is too much.

You say that...but I can see your smile.

But Maki, are you okay with that?


Your question is unreasonable... How do I even answer that?

...I'm sorry.

Shuichi... Just do your best as a detective... Why don't you try to find solutions to problems where it won't have to lead to murder?

The people I assassinate aren't killed for simple reasons. It happens because certain complications occur, and can only be settled with murder. You can...try to reduce the complications.

Maki pouted stubbornly and turned her head.

AUDIO: Maki Free Time #1

No one else can do this. You're the only one who can do it, okay?

Even with her head turned, I could see a smile on her lips.

So this is how Maki shows her thanks. Of course, I realize the situation isn't that simple.

...That goes for you too, right? Aren't you kind of his sidekick too?

...Oh, you just had to say that.

I didn't think it was possible. The two of us, smiling together. But I's because Maki and I share a special bond. And I swear on that bond, we will escape together!

You've learned a new skill, Financing.

Specifically, this skill doubles how many Monocoins you get at the end of a trial! In my first playthrough, I used this to snap up all the presents and gallery stuff I couldn't afford, but since I used the MonoMono machine so well in the LP I don't think I'll be needing this. If you are going to use it, make sure you've spend all your coins before going into a trial, otherwise you'll hit the cap and all the surplus coins will go to waste.

Maki's Undergarments posted:

Maki's favorite panties. They're easy to move in and have a tie on the side.

What should I do?

Miu's body is gone... She and Gonta...are gone.

There's one thing that's really upsetting me... Do you know what it is?

You know...Monokuma hasn't presented us with a motive yet. ...What is he plotting?

I wonder... Why were the Gofer Project documents in Kaito's research lab?

He wants to win the killing game... He wants to make us suffer. What is he planning, hidden away?

I don't think we could deal with them...

It makes me feel bad, but let's just leave them alone... I wonder if Gonta would get mad...

This should help offset Tsumugi's plainness a bit.

Oh, this is nice. You've got good taste, Shuichi. If you're offering it to me, I'll gladly accept it. I'm really happy now!

Weird? How so?

You wanted to hang out with plain old me when everyone else is so flashy.

Tsumugi, you keep calling yourself "plain," but I really don't think you are.

I'm not just trying to be polite...

Most people are surprised when they finally notice me. They're like, "Whoa! Where'd this girl with glasses come from!?" I wonder why glasses are always associated with plain characters...

There's a bunch of athletic kids with glasses, though. Like in Sports anime...

Not even once! It's like they say, glasses are just like underwear!

...I have definitely never heard that before.

Wait, why were we talking about glasses again...?

Ah, you started it...


I'll tell you just how plain I am... When I go into a crowded store, nobody notices I'm there. When I want to check out, I need to try really hard to get the clerk's attention.

When I go to theme parks with friends, I'm so plain, they lose sight of me.

That's not your fault either. Theme parks can get pretty hectic.

And I always have a sewing kit and two plain white handkerchiefs on me.

You consider that plain? I think it's a good thing to be prepared.

Huh? Why is she making that face? It looks like she's bothered by something.

Once you hear the rest, you'll think, "Oh man, she's so plain!"

Why is she being so insistent with this!?

First off, when the teacher's taking attendance in class, they'll skip me. So I have to make sure I get counted or I'll be marked absent! Doesn't that suck?

The struggle is real.

Then, when I go into town on my day off...

I get stuck behind people on the street who don't notice me cuz I'm plain.

Then I go to a store and none of the clerks try to help me cuz I'm plain.

And it's not just the handkerchiefs. My underwear's white too. Cuz I'm plain.


You'll be able to see for yourself soon enough.

Even if I get on the train without a ticket, nobody notices cuz I'm plain. Also I can get into movie theaters without a ticket cuz I'm plain.

Just kidding. I bet I could do it though. I'm so plain I don't have much of a presence. That's why I'm an international spy. Leave any undercover ops to me.

That...was a joke too. I didn't think you'd fall for that one. Or did you just pretend to? Are you more of a jokester than I thought?

No, it's not quite that... There could be a real spy among the Ultimates here, after all.

But...Tsumugi looks like she's having fun. So I guess it's alright.