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Part 133: Choose Your Weapon

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

AUDIO: Monokuma's Nighttime Announcement

The time is now 10:00 pm. Nighttime has officially begun. Killers, this is your chance to strike! Victims, you have my condolences! Will you sleep like a baby tonight? Or sleep with the fishes? Either way, sweet dreams!


I *would" have been training...

Maki? What's wrong?

Kaito asked me show him my research lab.

Huh? Your lab?

I might as well show him, since I know he won't take no for an answer...

...Maki invited me, so...I should go.

MUSIC: Darkness Time

Oh, Shuichi. I was...just looking at the stars a little. I remembered...something Gonta said before.

What did Gonta say?

Now that she mentions it...

It's just...even when all this bad stuff happens, stars are always so pretty.

But stars here different. Not the same ones Gonta used to.

I can't tell the difference, since I don't usually look at them, but...they're pretty.

I'd forgotten this feeling... With all the horrible things happening... I was always looking down...

You're right.

Hey, do you want to join me, Shuichi?

Ah, sorry, there's...something I have to take care of...

I see. Well, I'm going to stay here a little while longer.

I'll be here for a little while longer watching the stars...

I...promised to meet up with Maki.

...I see.

Well, I have no intention of strictly upholding a curfew... Perhaps it's an old habit from my time on the student council, but I felt like I had to ask.

That was only a few days ago. It feels like we formed the student council with Angie ages ago...

...A lot of things have happened since then. We haven't had a moment to relax.

Being out during nighttime could result in another murder. Especially now, when we don't know Kokichi's whereabouts.

You're right. I'll be careful.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water you came, too...





As if utterly bored by the painful silence, Maki started up a conversation.

Why did you ask to see my research lab so suddenly, Kaito?

What? Why would you want to see my weap—

But wow! There's a ton of stuff here! Can you use all these, Maki Roll?

Yes, more or less...

I don't use swords of any type. Not after I botched a mission with a katana.

Hmm... I see... Either way, I don't feel like weapons really suit women.


Didn't I tell you this morning? I've got a plan figured out.

...If you want to know, why don't you open it?

Hmm... Let's see...

And then, Kaito pulled something from the black case...

Hmm, so when you put them together, they become a crossbow. Looks interesting.

Hey Maki Roll...can you teach me how to put it together?

Sure...I don't mind.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

AUDIO: Crossbow Assembly this?

And then, put that other part in the opposite way... ...Ah, wait. That's wrong.

Oh, my bad. It goes this way.

Mmhm. Then, next it's—


While watching those two, the memory of a similar scene came to my mind.

It doesn't matter who builds it, though...

It seems like it's a bit complicated...but I think I can do it by myself next time.

...Shuichi, do you want to learn, too?

Ah, no, that's alright... I sort of understand from watching anyway.

Yeah...s-sorry... I don't...feel too good again...



I knew he wasn't the type to clean up, but I never thought he'd run away with a crappy lie... ...How frustrating. He's the worst.

Ah, well, that's just Kaito...

...You're the worst, too.

I'm sure you know why I invited you, right?

Y-Yeah...I do. You were trying to get Kaito and I to make up.

It's not like he hates you or anything. He's just being stubborn.

I-I had no choice! Gonta.. If I didn't do something, everyone would have died... I... I don't think it'd be right to apologize for that... ...

I'm sorry, Maki. I just...need more time...


But now that she mentions it, I didn't realize it either.

I didn't realize...Maki would be so concerned about us.


After I had finished, I returned to my room.

MUSIC: Darkness Time

This academy is full of mysteries, and I'm worried about Kokichi... And then there's the...thing with me and Kaito...

I need to make up with him... For us...and for Maki.


... *cough,cough* *cough, cough*...*cough, cough*!

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

AUDIO: Like Hell Am I Gonna Die Here... Damn it... I'm running...outta time. I can't die like this... Like hell am I gonna...die here... I...I still...haven't gone...t-to space... Damn it...

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

It's so beautiful, I want to print the words "Reckless Beauty" on a t-shirt. Because recklessness is the stuff that dreams are made of. It's what makes you run at full speed, with no regard for your limitations. It's what makes you excited by anything. Some say it's foolish, but recklessness is what causes new events to unfold. So while you're still alive, live your life so recklessly that it makes you immortal. And if haters laugh at you, let them. They just don't appreciate reckless beauty like you do.

Day 19.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

AUDIO: Monokuma's Morning Announcement

Rise and shine, kiddos! It's another gorgeous day for a killing game! So get out there, embrace your homicidal urges, and have a fabulous day!

MUSIC: Cool Morning

G-Good morning...

I'm still not used to Himiko being so energetic.

It seems like everyone's gathered at the dining hall today too. Since I've been here, I've been on a pretty regular schedule.

It'd probably be good if I kept up this schedule after we get out of here. If I do that, it'll probably enrich my magical powers even further.

More might be cuz of this schedule, but...l think they've grown a bit... I'll grow them bigger and bigger this way... Then no one will be able to call me "titless!"

Nyeh? N-Nothing. I'll get going now!


You're worried about Kokichi, right? We're all worried, too...

I searched everywhere for him, but I couldn't find him at all.

Sure enough, he's a master of hide and seek.

No. As long as Monokuma is here, I do not think that is possible—

Like I said, just forget about him. Anyway...

Kaito has an idea...? It's a little awkward with Kaito right now, but I should listen...

Though I do not know what crazy thing Kaito will say, we should hear him out.


Make sure you talk to Kaito.

Kokichi, too... But what is Kaito planning...? Let's listen to him and find out.

I wonder where Kokichi went... If he's off by himself...who knows what he's up to...

Hm? O-Oh, yeah...

Lacking subtlety, Kaito averted his eyes from me and looked around.

Looks like Monokuma isn't here. Well, I wouldn't care even if he was.


Didn't I tell you guys yesterday? I'm gonna get you guys outta here. But to do that, I need your guys' help.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story


In order to help you guys, I need you all to work with me.

H-Hold on... What are you talking about?

Work with you? What do you mean?


Now's our best chance... Since the Monokubs are gone, the Exisals that were protecting him can't move...

Fight Monokuma...? I see... That must be why Kaito was looking for weapons.

But...Monokuma's probably got more spares. Won't it be pointless, no matter how many we beat?

Then all we need to do is destroy them one by one till there aren't any left!

Even without the Exisals, this academy is still under his control...'re fine with the way things are now?


The only way to change things to fight. If you want to put an end to this killing game, then we gotta fight.

But we don't have anyone who can fight... Like Gonta or Tenko—


I know an assassin wouldn't say this, but I'm sick of all this killing.



Huh? Keebo, you too?

My inner voice that guides me when I feel lost spoke to me again... It said, "Now is the time to stand and fight." It may be a dangerous course of action, but if it will prevent future victims...


Huh? Were you really waiting for that?

I...don't want to lose any more friends. It's even more painful than losing yourself...


You're going to join as well, right, Shuichi?

...Y-Yeah. Right.

So we all agree... Then it's decided.

No...I think that if you can use magic, now's the time for it...

And when did you guys want to start? I'm fine with starting right away...

Well, don't get ahead of yourself. Because...this'll be the final battle.

Prepared for what...?

Prepared for battle, of course! Well, I'll take care of that for you guys.

So you can make preparations, but you can't clean up after yourself?

So you guys just gotta prepare yourselves mentally.

The battle's gonna be tonight! Once it's nighttime, let's meet up at the gym!

We separated for now and returned to our rooms.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

What is this sense of unease...? ...It's because Monokuma is probably two steps ahead of us. ...And Kokichi, too. I can't imagine he'd just ignore this. He must be planning something. We have to be cautious...