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Part 136: Calm Like a Bomb



...Is the plan compromised?

I should get to the gym, I'm sure everyone is already gathered there...

MUSIC: Darkness Time

Yes, I am.

I remember hearing Miu getting all worked up about it, but... In Keebo's research lab, there are a lot of parts to upgrade him, right? If he'd use those, we wouldn't have to depend so much on Maki in fights.

Keebo said that he doesn't want anything too "sci-fi," so...

But in this situation, maybe he should just get over that already... Well, we shouldn't force him to do anything. One man's moe is another man's trash. Hm? Wait, is that how that goes?

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

So you went to my lab yesterday to find weapons to use against Monokuma.

Yeah, that's right. don't mean ready to die, right?

What? No! I mean ready to fight and win, obviously!

Ready to fight...and win...

That's because...we gave up.

We're gonna beat up Monokuma and end this ridiculous killing ga—


Upon hearing that voice, we all spun on a dime... And saw him standing before us.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

AUDIO: Annihilation Plan

Y'know...I was also thinking about how to end this killing game as soon as possible.

KAITO: You little—! What are you—!

I wouldn't move if I were you. At least, if you don't wanna become this li'l guy's prey.

TSUMUGI: Th-That's...

MAKI: ...Is that a bomb?

HIMIKO: A b-b-bomb!?

Yup, it's exactly that. Which means... If you don't wanna be blown to pieces, then you need to listen to what I'm about to tell you.

Wait, what was I gonna tell you?

You little—! What are you gonna do with that bomb!?

Oh, yeeeeah. I was gonna tell you my purpose.

Y'know how it says in the rules that the killing game will continue until there're only two left?

But it never mentioned anything about how many you can kill, right?

So, here's a question for everyone...

I-It can't be... You...

Then the way you were gonna end the killing game is...

AUDIO: Annihilation Plan (Reprise)

SHUICHI: Kill everyone!?

If I did that, I'd be able to end the killing game and still abide by school rules, right? ...Well then, who wants to live? lt's first come, first serve! On the count of three, first one to raise their hand wins!

Even if you threaten to destroy me, I have no intention of being manipulated by you.

I-I'm scared of dying... But nothing good will come from surviving with you.

I also...don't want to survive with someone who'd do such a thing to Gonta.

...I'd rather kill you. just don't get it. We're not going to do what you want—



MUSIC: Cool Morning

Ah-haha, I lied about killing everyone! I just wanted to test your determination!


I wanted to see if you guys were determined enough to end this killing game.

Ultimate Anti-Monokuma Weapons?

I didn't expect Kokichi to lay low... But killing all but two of us is a horrible idea!

He might seriously do it, too. Be careful, Shuichi.

Determined enough to end the killing game? I never thought I'd hear you saying that!

Wh-What's...wrong with him? I idea what he's thinking. Is he even actually human? After seeing that...Keebo seems more human than he is!

... That asshole... How long is he going to keep screwing around?

E-Everything Kokichi said is putting a huge strain on our hearts!

...I can't imagine *these* are the Ultimate Anti-Monokuma Weapons.

I knew you guys would be like this... Now I can definitely entrust the Ultimate Anti-Monokuma Weapons to you guys!

Is he talking about...the hammers?

Cut it out! There's no reason to listen to him, guys!

C'mooon! At least hear me ouuut. This is also Miu's memento.

Yeah, they're called Electrohammers, and they're something I asked Miu to invent...

Nee-heehee...I bet that includes Keebo too. They should be helpful against Monokuma, right?

Huh? Helpful against Monokuma?

Hey, how did you know we were gonna fight Mono—

The fact that you were hiding there means it wasn't a coincidence!

But I was just so elated when I heard you guys wanted to fight Monokuma. Cuz that was my plan all along... That's how I wanna end this killing game. And that's why I asked Miu to make this. To defeat Monokuma and the Monokubs.

Is that really something Miu made? Aren't you lying about that, too?

Of course...have you forgotten everything you've done to us up till now?

This doesn't make sense... If Miu made that weapon, why didn't she...?

Yeah! If there were weapons to fight against Monokuma, we should've all fought together!


Our fault?

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

I told Miu, too, y'know? Around the time I asked her to invent this. I told her that we should fight against Monokuma. But she—

Quit complaining. This is all an unfuckable, ugly bitch like you is good for, anyway.

Huh? Oh, okay.

But this is so exciting! When this is done, we can probably defeat Monokuma, right? Especially when we all join forces!


It doesn't matter if we promise to work together... Someone will still betray us... Betray us and...kill one of us...


I just...invented it because I was asked to. I have no intention of defying Monokuma... There's no way we can beat him... And...I can't afford to die here, anyway...

Not when I still need to invent something that's gonna change the world! S-So...if you wanna defy Monokuma, do it yourself.

Well, the Exisals were still moving at the time so I don't blame her, but... She was afraid you guys.

The fear of betrayal overcame her. That's why...she bloodied her hands in this killing game.

That idiot...

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

You guys wouldn't lose to the fear of your friends betraying you, right? You showed your determination to fight together, and you ignored my advice from earlier.

Yeah, that's why I want you guys to do your best.

Quit screwing around! What are you saying!? You probably just lied about talking to Miu—

Oh, by the way, the Electrohammers weren't the only thing Miu made...

That bomb, too?

Nee-heehee... It's not *exactly* a bomb, though. Even if it is called an Electrobomb... It jams electronic signals by scattering particles that interfere with electromagnetic waves.

It's perfect for any secret activities too, since it doesn't leave any debris behind. This invention is extraordinary! But I only have three of them...

So I need to use them carefully. You guys will have to settle for the Electrohammers.

Are you sure? You can use these Electrohammers not only against Monokuma...

The underground tunnel?

You can use the Electrohammers to destroy the electronic traps in that place.

I-Is that...true!?

Oh? Are you finally starting to believe me?

So if you use it against an Exisal, it'll run out of juice with just one shot, got it? Once the battery depletes, it takes 24 hours to fully charge, so watch out for that.

Anywaaaay, I'm done explaining so I'll hand the Electrohammers over...

W—Won't interfere...?

I'll be looking from a distance...or something like that. You don't want me around anyway.

W-Wait, before you run off again... There's something I need to ask you.

SHUICHI: Did you write that? And if you did...why?

D-don't play dumb! Your name is on it! You've gotta be the one who did it!

But I wouldn't gain anything from writing a message like that, would I?

The mastermind?

Yeah... "This world is mine. Kokichi Oma" would make me seem like the mastermind...

Oh, I know! This is all Monokuma's doing. He's trying to get us to suspect each other! But, don't worry. I truly wanna end this killing—

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

AUDIO: Assassination Skills Activate!

Tell us the truth. What are you scheming?

L-Like I said, I just wanna end this killing game, that's all...

If you don't tell us the truth, then I'll break you.

We hear her tighten her grip.


KAITO: Maki Roll, cut it out! You'll get killed if you don't! I told you we can't play this killing game! That's just what Monokuma wants!


...Friend? As if.

Y-You guys may not think that way, but I...see all of you as my friends... Th-That's why...I'll be back. I won't interfere anymore... So please... continue to walk the path you believe in.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

You mean about the hammers? They've gotta be booby trapped somehow...

But looking at it, it definitely seems like something Miu made.

Either way, I refuse to believe anything he says.



If we use these Electrohammers, maybe we can get through the underground passage... So why don't we try it?

No matter what we do, it'll be dangerous. But are you really going to believe Kokichi?

Our goal is to escape with everyone, right? If there's a chance we can do it, then we should take it.


Y-Yeah...with Monokuma. Like, he's gonna get in our way soon.

True, this is our best chance now that he's not making any obvious movements...

So let's try the underground passage with these hammers. We'll get to the outside world!

We do not know if that's a lie or the truth, though.


The secret of the outside world... The despair Gonta mentioned... Was that a lie? Is it the truth?

MUSIC: Cool Morning

...You're right. We have to try.

Well, the secret of the outside world might just be a lie anyway!

Either way, we should at least try. So we won't have any regrets.

What do you want to do, Maki?


You can't kill him. Just punch him.

...I know. I'm just going to beat him to a bloody pulp.

I-I see. If everyone else is gonna do it... I understand.

Yeah! Right on!

He hasn't shown himself at all since the morning announcement. Where is he? I suppose there's no point worrying about that. Not if I want to focus on moving forward. It's the only thing I can do... Keep moving forward.

Kaito gave a triumphant shout, and we all grabbed our Electrohammers.

Yes, let's go!

I'll be cheering for you...

Himiko, you need to come, too!


I need to go, too. I should head to the underground passage.

Next time, everything will be just fine.