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by Solitair

Part 137: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

MUSIC: Darkness Time

...Shuichi, I have a favor to ask of you. This hammer disables electronic machines, right?

Are you concerned that it will disable you too?

The outcome will settle once and for all how Miu perceived me.

I...don't think it's a good idea to test that. Remember the hydraulic press? Besides, it's supposed to use a lot of energy, we shouldn't waste it.

I see, it would be waste. Yes, we shouldn't be wasteful.

Huh. So robots pout, too...

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

A-Are we really gonna be okay?

Wh-Wh-What are you afraid of? Of course it's gonna be okay...right?

You seem anxious, too, Himiko...

Heh, there's no need to worry! Of course it's gonna be a little dangerous, but...


...Those words...

Yeah...we can finally fulfill Kaede's wish.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

And once we get out of here and make it to the outside world... Why don't we all stay friends?

Our promise to work together to get out of here...and become friends...

Now is the time to fulfill that promise.

I'll cheer for you guys!

You need to do it, too.

One last slapfest for old time's sake.

No matter what, let's keep our promise to Kaede. Let's keep our we can mourn our fallen friends.

We don't have time to talk... Let's go.

All we can do is move forward. We won't know if this hammer is Kokichi's trap or the real thing until we use it.

If the one who made these hammers was really Miu...and if they really work... Then that's also the power of an Ultimate.

I don't know what help a cosplayer can be, but...I want to fulfill my promise to Kaede.

That's why I've decided! I'm ready to move forward!

Leave the cheering to me! Now's the time to finally pull magical pom poms out of my mouth!


With the hammer that Miu invented... I know we can do it. ...I have to believe that. I kept repeating that to myself as I stepped into the tunnel.

VIDEO: Death Road to Despair (Easy Mode)


The [X] button will now cause everyone to swing their hammers at once. We'll be mashing it a lot on the way out.

The hammers will immediately open these big grated doors.

Using them on Monokuma panels will not only deactivate traps, but cause bridges to extend over bottomless pits.

They'll also scatter exploding coins and flying bombs. The tunnel is now a cakewalk, though if you rush too fast it's still possible to fail.

Even the cages are no match for the mighty Electrohammer.

These floating platforms, now obsolete, flip out of frame in shame.

Despite what the coins say, we've still got a bit more to go.

Pits in dark areas that you can't see? No problem!

This jumping puzzle with bombs raining down behind me might be a problem in different circumstances.

I'll just keep showing highlights of stuff we don't have to deal with anymore.

It was so long, we thought there was no end... But there was an end indeed. And in the end, there was...


It seems like it. Look there.

Yeah! It's probably the outside world!

...Don't get your hopes up. We need to know if this is actually the outside world.

Y-You're right... We don't know what the outside world looks like now.

The skies over this academy are normal, so the meteorites are probably gone. Everything's fine out there.

Anyway, let's open that door. We'll have plenty of time for talk afterward.

KEEBO: Unless we disable that, we won't be able to open that door.

...Let's look around.

...Even though we've come this far, Monokuma hasn't appeared yet. How strange...

He thought we couldn't get through the underground passage, so he wasn't worried. But now, he's probably freaking out! I bet his face is all blue!

Or...maybe Kokichi is distracting him?

...There's no way Kokichi would do that.

I can't believe he'd do that, either... But the hammers were just like he said, so maybe...

It is odd that Monokuma didn't try to interfere with us at all.

...Well, if Monokuma's not here, all the better. Let's hurry and open that door.

If Miu made these a while ago, we should've all teamed up then.

Yeah...if we'd done this back then... Gonta would've been with us...

Kokichi said Miu was too scared of betrayal to cooperate with us... Her fear of death made her more willing to kill us than defy this killing game...

Well, there were still two Exisals then, and we weren't as rebellious as we are now. was unavoidable...

We managed to make it this far because of Miu's Electrohammer.

Kokichi was actually telling us the truth about them. I'm pretty surprised, actually.

Just when you think he's all lies, he suddenly tells the truth... ...He is a very inscrutable person.

...We gotta find some way to get past this barrier.

This place seems less like a building and more like...the inside of a spaceship, or a submarine in some anime or sci-fi movie.

If it's like the one in the Exisal hangar, I should be able to disable the barrier with the passcode.

A password? Does anyone know it?

Heh, we don't need that!

It seems this lock is controlled electronically, so we can use the Electrohammer to open it.

Alright! Let's destroy this control panel with the hammers and open this big dumb gate...

Finally...this death game is going to end.

Yes, at last we can return to our normal lives.

Normal lives...

We'll be able to go home... To those normal lives... The secret of the outside world couldn't be *that* awful...right?

Let's go! It's finally time to graduate from this academy of lies!

With that, Kaito swung the Electrohammer, and...

Smashed it down into the control panel!

VIDEO: The Barrier Falls

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

Finally... Finally we can get out!

And with our own hands, with our own strength...

Our door to the future. A future of hope...and despair.

:siren:VIDEO: Escape from the Academy:siren: