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by Solitair

Part 138: Vulgar Display of Power

:siren:This scene cuts in and out of voice-acted lines so often that I just decided to make the whole thing a video!:siren:


... this?

What's going on? What is this—




Barely conscious, we heard a sound in our heads...

What happened?

MUSIC: Wonderful Story


Are you okay? Get it together. It wouldn't be funny if you died here, y'know?

Well then, the fun starts now. It's finally time to reveal everything.

I shook my head, dizzy... The ground spun under me, but I managed to get to my feet. And at the same time...

Wh-What's going on? On the other side of that door was..

Where...even are we? Wh-What in the going on?

Day 20.


The truth...of the outside world...?

What do you doesn't exist?

Do you wanna know? Then I'll tell you. I'm getting kinda bored with all the lying, so everything I say now will be the truth, 'kay?

Everything began when that despair came falling from the sky.

KOKICHI: The leaders of every nation realized that we could not escape the end of the world—

Geeeez! You better not interrupt me again, or I'm not gonna tell you anything, got that?


Keebo...we should listen to what he has to say...


Nee-heehee. Continuing on where we left off...

KOKICHI: So they decided to implement a plan.

KOKICHI: A plan to place talented humans in a spaceship in order to help them escape the world's that they may find another planet where they can preserve humankind... The Gofer Project wasn't implemented to save the human race... But rather, to salvage the human race. 16 young and talented highschoolers were chosen for the Gofer Project.

KOKICHI: But the 16 students refused to partake in this plan. Well, it's obvious why they wouldn't... Surviving alone... Family and friends left behind to die... That's just hell right there. So then, the 16 students decided to flee from the project. They erased their memories to forget their Ultimate become normal students.

KOKICHI: When they discovered the Gofer Project, they plotted to sabotage the plan...

KOKICHI: The Ultimate Hunt affected all society. Those influenced by it searched for the 16 students. As a countermeasure, the organization responsible for the Gofer Project...

KOKICHI: That was our memory of the funeral. With this, they were able to quell the Ultimate Hunt, shelter the 16 students...and carry out the Gofer Project.

KOKICHI: The 16 Ultimate students were sent off into space as humanity's last survivors.


Wh-What are you saying?

You really think I'll believe that?

Don't you think it's strange? Why do you think the killing game happened on the Ark, humanity's last hope?

Actually...the organization behind the Gofer Project made one terrible oversight.


And they hid among the last survivors of the human race, and prepared a robot on this ship...

Yup. That robot is Monokuma.

And were only supposed to wake up once the ship found a suitable planet... But Monokuma manipulated the Ark and brought it back to the ruined Earth.

Although the 16 were supposed to wake up on a different planet, they rose from their sleep...

...and they are now here.

KAITO: Wh-What did you say!?

KOKICHI: That's Earth after a few hundred years, while we were in cold sleep... An Earth destroyed by meteorites...without oxygen or living creatures... An Earth without any cities...or any people you knew... That is the truth of the outside world.

The outside world doesn't exist anymoooore!


...Well, last *7* survivors of humanity.

I already told you I wouldn't lie anymore. I'm tired of lying, y'know?


Which meeeans...the mastermind who snuck Monokuma onto the Ark is...


Kokichi... You're the mastermind!?

I didn't want to just crush the Gofer Project, I wanted to ruin it in the worst way possible...

What...? Y-You...!

Oh, you want me to lie *now*? But you guys always told me not to do that.

Nee-heehee...l'|l show you...the irrefutable evidence that *I* am the mastermind!

And a minute later...


KEEBO: What's going on!? I thought only the Monokubs could control the Exisals!

KOKICHI: Well, I'm different. Since I'm the mastermind, I control everything in this school. Nee-heehee... As long I have the master remote control, all Exisals move on my command.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

Y-You were always suspicious from the start... But for you to be the mastermind...


You look like you don't believe me, Shuichi. I'm so disappointed in you. I even gave you such a huge hint, but you still didn't get it.

But I guess that precious hint went to waste. All cuz you bastards trusted each other.


I told youuuu. You guys should've doubted each other more. You guys could've realized I was the mastermind earlier, and there could've been less victims.

What do you mean...?

This is the truth to the killing game. Well? This turned out not-so-boring, right? Not *anyone* could've organized a killing game with the last 16 survivors of humanity, y'know?

Oh? You mad? So, what are you gonna do about it?

Cuz we've got the Electrohammers—

Oh, typical Kaito. I guess things aren't going your way.


At that moment, his Electrohammer powered down. And not just Kaito's...

I told you, didn't I? The problem is that it runs out of battery pretty quickly.

But that lasted longer than I calculated, so I was actually starting to get a bit nervous!

D-Did you calculate that, too?


Don't glare at me like thaaat. Punching me won't solve anything either, y'know? You can't resurrect the dead...and you can't turn Earth back to normal.



I tried to stop Kaito before he ran off, but... I couldn't grab him in time.

Geez...your stupidity can't be cured unless you feel a bit of pain first.

But Maki's scream was in vain.

and was smacked down. He hung limply from the Exisal's hand like a ragdoll.

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

KOKICHI: ...Don't worry. He's not dead. But now you know, right? There's no use defying me, the mastermind. Nee-heehee... These Exisals were originally machines to protect us. They were built to shield us from any danger that might pop up on other planets. But now, I think it's hee-larious how much they've become a threat to you guys.


Her eyes screaming murder, Maki glared at Kokichi and moved toward him.

I...won't let go! Even if you kill me, I can't let go! Please, Maki...



MUSIC: Wonderful Story

But your talent is useless now. The mystery of the killing game, the secret of the outside world, the mastermind's identity...


I—If the world is destroyed...and we're... the last human beings left...

How about...doing anything you want?


I know I started this whole thing, but I'm bored, sorry about that, guys.

H-Hold on. You were the one that started all this... That's so irresponsible...

You guys can commit suicide together or kill each other... Or, you can change your mind and stay here! You're welcome to do that too!

KOKICHI: Nee-heehee... It *is* the Gofer Project's Ark. It's supposed to be humanity's last hope. Oh, but did you guys know? The sky on the other side of the barrier isn't real...

I...don't know what to do...

......What do you plan to do with Kaito?

Oh, I just want him to chill out for a bit.

KOKICHI: They do whatever they want without thinking about the consequences. If it's just him, I can deal. But if he gets all of you involved, then that's totally a hassle... Also, the killing game might start up again if I let him run around.


I was thinking that'd be the perfect place to keep Kaito in.

...Don't give it to him, Shuichi.

Hand it over, Shuichi.

KOKICHI: I, Kokichi Oma, am the mastermind and king of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles! Yes! "This world is mine!"

...Sorry, Maki.


Nee-heehee... Thanks.


He solved the entire mystery for us...and left.