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by Solitair

Part 140: Hercules and Love Affair

Let's look at what could have been.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

What kind of fantasy will Gonta have? Something heartwarming, perhaps?

Thank you for coming to see Gonta. Gonta will do best to be Shuichi's companion.

...What? Ah, okay...

Hungry? Need Gonta to carry your luggage? Gonta is plenty strong.

What you mean? Is normal for gentleman to be gentle with woman.

...A woman. Ah.

I suppose I'm meant to play a woman... I know I'm supposed to be a good partner, but this is going to be difficult.

You right... Gonta shouldn't force Shuichi into lady role, just for practice party...

Wait, is Shuichi really woman!? S-Sorry! Gonta should've noticed sooner!

Ah, n-no no, I'm a man!

Oh, okay. Good... Gonta wouldn't know what to do if Gonta upset Shuichi on accident.

Ah, don't worry about that... Harmless mistake.

Shuichi is so nice. Gonta wishes he could return favor somehow...

And by practice, you mean...

Gonta's never behaved like lady before. But Gonta will do his best if you'll let him.

Gonta, it's alright! Really, it's fine...just settle down.

Hey, what should Gonta do!?

Gonta grabbed my shoulders hard. I couldn't handle the weight, and...

Ah! Whoa!

Ah... Um...

I had fallen on my back, and Gonta was right above me, breathing hard.



Gonta? Are you okay?

Gonta's not okay! Not okay at all! How could this!?

Ah, Gonta, don't worry about it! You surprised me a little, that's all...

So I'm still playing the lady, huh?

No, even if Shuichi not lady... Is still bad.

Gonta scared Shuichi... Still long way to go before Gonta can be gentleman.

Gonta... You noticed that l was a little scared...

AUDIO: The Key to Gonta's Heart

Yeah...I know.

Hey, I'm just fine, okay? Let's keep practicing for the party.

Sh-Shuichi... Thank you!

Gonta be perfect companion this time. Gonta...take care of you.

Thank you, Gonta.

He may not look the part, but I am convinced Gonta is polite and kind. A gentleman.

Ummm... What would gentleman say?

Gonta keep you up all night!

That...might not be...completely accurate...



Last night, with Gonta... Was that a dream? Even if it was...I still feel happy...