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by Solitair

Part 141: Love Is the Devil

One last :yiikes: for old time's sake. This should be the last one we have to deal with.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

I wonder what Angie's fantasy is, with her head always full of Atua...

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

I outrank you, so if you don't do something about my boredom, I hafta punish you.

Ah, you outrank me?

That's right! I have seniority cuz I'm older and wiser than you.

Ah, no, not at all...

We're the same age...but in Angie's fantasy, she has seniority? Well, I have to act the part. I don't want Angie to feel bad...

Look, Shuichi! Look how bored I am!

Ah, um, well then... What should I do?



Angie slammed her body into me, knocking me over.

W-Wait, Angie, what are you doing!?

The bed creaked as we toppled onto it. I tried to get to my feet, but...

Nyahahahahaha! Gotcha, Shuichi!

Angie, y-you're not a kid... Get off...

Mm-hm! This is a divine bed. I think we can have fun here.

...Nope, she's not listening.

Hey, hey Shuichi!

What's poking me?

Wh-What are you talking about!?

What could it be?

What, indeed?

Please, no jokes like that while we're in this position...

Wh-What are you trying to play...?

Oh, y'know...the usual. Since you won't come up with something fun to do, we'll play the usual game.

The usual...?

But that's okay! You always do whatever I tell you, Shuichi.

That's what I like about you the most!

Angie leaned forward and embraced me.

Ah, ah, um, Angie... Y-You're...touching...

I know. I'm doing it on purpose.

I like you, Shuichi. I like watching you get filled with divine fervor.


Angie straightened her body, peeking down at me with an impish smile. I recognized that smile...but it felt a bit naughtier than usual.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

What do I want you to do...?

I wanna see you get filled with divine fervor, just like this.

A shiver ran through my body. Angie's fingertips danced against the nape of my neck.

Wh-What...are you...doing...?

I know you do... Atua told me so.

Still smiling, her fingers began tracing over my body, lower, lower still... Angie is small... I could probably throw her off of me if I wanted to... But those fingers... I felt totally helpless!

AUDIO: The Key to Angie's Heart

Heyyyy! You can't talk to a high-rank like that. Atua will get angry, y'know?

So I'll punish you instead. I'll mete out punishment in Atua's place.

A-Angie! Hey, Angie, enough!

You're so cute, Shuichi... I'm the only one who gets to see this side of you.

Ah... Ah...

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

That's a relief... She was getting...pretty close...

Now it's your turn. Make sure I have lots of fun, okay?

Time to play, Shuichi! Play until we've reached sweaty salvation!

Ah! Ahhhhhh!



Last night, with Angie... Was that a dream? But I can still feel her there...