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Part 144: The Ace of Spades

This is much later than I would normally post a casino update, but circumstances kept me from getting passable footage until recently.

Beating Chapter 4 unlocks a couple of new monopad themes and gifts. We already cleaned out their entire catalog of skills. The new addition is Mean difficulty, which lives up to its name much more than it does in class trials.

If you're out of your fucking mind, you can bet 9,999 casino coins to get a potential payout of 99,990, enough to buy a significant amount of the prizes at once. But boy is that easier said than done! I'll be sticking with the 100 coin minimum. Note the big score discrepancy between A and BBB, the amount you need to get any sort of payout at all.

There are achievements for reaching S rank in each game. If you're serious about getting them, I'd advise practicing a lot on Normal difficulty before giving it a shot. I've gotten good enough at Normal Salmon Fishing to bypass the slot machines entirely.

This skill isn't apparent in the attempt I'm using in this update. Let's do some math. Each fish will give you 10 points multiplied by the step of the combo you're on, maxing out at 100 points. We need 4700 points to reach S rank on mean.

The first ten fish will get you to 550 points in total, with 100 per fish after that assuming you don't break combo. So in order to get that achievement, I would need a combo reaching at least 52 fish. The timer only gives me sixty seconds.

This leaves basically no time to pause. Hope you can memorize more than three fish at once!

Outlaw Run will not be merciful, either.

Right away we get a line of people undulating from left to right, making it quite hard to hit them all.

I think there's a trick to getting two people standing in adjacent lanes at the same time, but I don't know what it is. The point scoring works the same as in Salmon Fishing.

The tight traffic prevents me from hitting Monodam, which would get me an additional 1000 points, out of the required 20,000.

If you're good enough, getting Monokid's speed up would help you get more pedestrians faster. If not, you'll panic and miss more often than you otherwise would. Did I mention that your car pulls up the screen and makes it harder to see what's ahead?

The pedestrians start going side to side pretty quickly again.

"At least I didn't break combo," I thought, unaware that I needed a combo of around 200 to score decently.

Even that was too much for the game to let me have.

I close out my run on a single lane, with just enough pedestrians to keep my new combo from expiring.

I think it's a safe assumption to make that you have to find all the fossils and Monokubs to get S-rank on any difficulty of Treasure Hunter! Monolith.

Of course it would have four colors. Why would you expect otherwise?

Each successful move you make gives you 15 points. So I guess you might have to clear the entire board.

The achievement from mastering this game is the one that I've heard people have the most trouble with by far. You know how people made predictive guides for Pokémon's Voltorb Flip minigame? I heard people did the same thing with this.

Oh, my mistake, two-piece removals only give 10 points.

The Monokub adds 1000 points to the move. At least I get a sense of achievement from finagling this one loose.

Fish fossils add 500 points each. You might notice the generous timer in the bottom right. The game wants you to think ahead a few moves in advance, to consider the combination that will leave no stone unturned.

I wasn't expecting to do so well. I think with enough practice I might be able to get an S-rank in this and Salmon Fishing. That won't be part of the LP, though.