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by Solitair

Part 146: Under Pressure

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

You can see it charging on the bottom right, if you can see past the translucent text box.

But I shouldn't just stand around, waiting. There has to be something I can do.

But your talent is useless now. The mystery of the killing game, the secret of the outside world, the mastermind's identity...

They're all solved! We don't need a detective anymore! This is the true ending!

...Right, I should scout the area.

It would be a good idea to check out the scene before we execute the plan. And...I'm worried about Kaito.

Alright, I'll go.

I'm sure he doesn't want me to worry about him, but...I have to.

But we forgot everything...and were forced to play the killing game... But...that's over now. We'll put an end to it by stopping Kokichi and the Remnants.

We must rescue Kaito, no matter what... If we're to defeat despair and find a new hope for ourselves... I'm certain we'll need him by our side.

It was thanks to Kaito that we're all working together again!

Let's save Kaito and stop Kokichi together! This is the beginning of our new hope!

C-Calm down, Himiko! If you expend all your energy now, you won't have any when you really need it.

Nyeh? I see. That's true, too. But...who would've imagined that we're the last hope of humanity and this was a spaceship.

Ah...was there a "magic theme" in the first place?

We had such a strong magic theme up till now... What happened to that?


I was the same. I couldn't stay still.

This morning I barely had the willpower to get out of bed... It's all thanks to Maki.

I can hardly believe it...

But, it's probably because of Kaito's influence.

Huh? Why do you think that?

Maki's interested in Kaito. Otherwise, she wouldn't be watching the hangar the whooooole time like she is.

Ah, y-yes, I suppose that's true...

N-No! It's not like that at all!

Wow! I didn't mean to shock you like that. Hehe, I just meant to mock you about Maki.

I wonder... When we were at Hope's Peak Academy, did we have fun and tease each other like this?

Even if we can't go back to that time, there's still hope left in the world... I'm going to keep living with confidence till the end.

That' vow as one of the last students of Hope's Peak Academy.


If Kokichi's in the hangar, there's a good chance the Exisals are patrolling nearby. I should be careful...

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates


This is the first time I've seen him in a while. Are the Exisals...protecting him?

Kokichi is controlling them, right? So why would he do that...? Wait...if the Exisals are here...they aren't guarding the hangar! This is my chance. I should hurry, but carefully... I don't want to draw attention.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

And I only saw four Exisals. I don't know where the other one is. Perhaps inside the hangar?

Hopefully I can find a good spot to survey the scene...

If I remember correctly...there's a bathroom with a small window there.

Can I see inside from there...?

I peeked into the small window... And saw a silhouette on the other side.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

AUDIO: A Man's Promise


Don't shout, stupid! Kokichi will hear us!

Ah... Is he close by?

It'll be bad news if he sees you here. He's got the Exisals with him.

Yeah, that's true...

Wait, so...what are you doing here?

What am I doing here? Saving you, of course.

No, I'm just scouting the place. Tomorrow morning...we're all coming to rescue you.

All of you?

It was Maki's idea. Honestly, I...I had given up. We had all given up. But not Maki. She did everything she could to get you back. ...It's because she believes in you, Kaito. She knows that you would never give up, no matter how bad things got.

Even if the world has ended and humanity has gone extinct, I can't give up! It'd be a crappy story if the hero gave up so easily!

Yeah, that's right, Kaito.

That's a promise! All you guys are working so hard, so I can'tjust sit back and relax!


There's...something I want to ask him... I don't care if he's overconfident, or acting... I just want to hear him say, "Don't worry, it will be okay."

Getting close to an Exisal is dangerous, even if you've got an Electrohammer.

Got it. Ah, by the way...are you feeling okay? Apart from the injury, obviously.

Yeah...of course. It's nothing.

Ah, okay... Sure. ...And hey, Kaito... About what happened with Gonta—


While I'm gone, you gotta support everyone. Especially Maki Roll... She can be reckless sometimes.


You might not only reach the truth, but something even beyond it.

Don't try to do everything yourself. It's only gonna wear you out. When times are hard, you gotta rely on your friends.

Rely on your friends... That' That's what I've been neglecting.

I believe in you. So I'm leaving the rest to you for now. You got it, Shuichi?

Kaito...thank you. Thank you for being my friend.

Yes. I understand.

Alright, now get going before Kokichi comes back!

You're right. See you tomorrow, Kaito.


I tried to get myself into the right mindset for the final battle... While I was meditating on it...

I won't hesitate anymore. Kaito has taught me...

I have to do it. To live, to find a reason to live... I will fight.

I spent that night with that thought nestled deep into my heart.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Well, if you're watching this Monokuma Theater segment, it's already too late. You kids might not know, but to a 100% cotton mascot like me, hope is... Well... The thought of seeing young people brimming with hope, killing each other just to survive. Watching their hope fade away... There's nothing more despair-inducing than that... My dear students, carrying humanity's hope... Betraying, deceiving, and killing each other... It makes me...oh—so sad... Oh, how I long to see everyone's despairing faces, soaked in blood and tears...... I've gone and done it.


The final day.

...... we go. First, to the dining hall.

We have our reason to live...and we'll keep moving forward, for everyone who died!

MUSIC: New World Order V3

Is everyone ready!?

one of us didn't have their Electrohammer.

Maki...where's your Electrohammer?

...I don't need it. I'd rather not use a weapon I'm unfamiliar with...

A knife? Well...I suppose you know best.

Then...we're off!

Ah, before that, there's something I want to say. I scouted out the hangar yesterday...

Y-Yes, and I discovered that Kaito was trapped in the hangar's bathroom.

The bathroom... I see... That certainly is the best place to lock someone up.

And I also saw...

What? You saw that...? Were you at the hangar, too, Keebo?

Yes...I thought maybe I could get through to Kokichi before we carry out our plan.

You tried to him on your own?

I'm sorry... I thought it would be preferable for him to release Kaito peacefully...

How did it go?

It went about as well as I expected... There was no response at all.

We can discuss that later. For now, I'll share what I saw that's relevant to our plan.

Shuichi saw four Exisals that appeared to be guarding Monokuma...

Just one?

Yes, the green Exisal.

Does that mean the alarm system and the electric barrier don't work on the Exisals?

Considering it's where the Exisals are stored, that would appear to be a safe assumption.

Anyway, there are two Exisals in the hangar. We should be careful. We only have one chance.

That's exactly right.

Well then! We're off for real this time!

Alright, here I go!

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

Monokuma's...not here... He should have been protected by the Exisals. And...the Exisals...

There should be two more in the hangar...

It's just like Keebo said... We should consider ourselves lucky that there's only two.

If all five of them are here, it'd be impossible to execute the plan.

Alright...let's keep moving.

I-I'm ready!

Maki, are you ready with the Electrobomb?

It's similar to a grenade, except the detonation lags a bit after you push the switch. Once we roll this to the front of the shutter, it should disable the alarm system.

...This won't fail.

If Kokichi's remote control is disabled, we'll stand a chance against the Exisals.

Let's stop Kokichi before he gets into the Exisal. But be ready for the worst. We might have to use the Electrohammers.

Yeah, you're right...


What's wrong, Maki Roll? We're...all ready to start, y'know?

...Yeah, alright.

And then...

...Shuichi, will you do the honors!?

Alright, leave it to me!

What are you waiting for!? Hurry up and hit the panel with the Electrohammer!

Don't be slow! If you're young, you need to move quickly!

Hurry, Shuichi!

Shuichi, hurry! We need to disable the barrier before we can go inside!

As I swung up the Electrohammer. I suddenly noticed...


S-Sorry. I've got it!

I aimed my swing at the control panel and brought it down as hard as I could.

Let's go!

To end this killing game. To end this despair—

:siren:VIDEO: The Seventh Body Discovery:siren:

AUDIO: Confusion Like Never Before


*ding dong, dong ding...*

Puhuhu... Puhuhuhuhuhuhu... A body has been discovered! Everyone, please gather at the Exisal hangar! Ah-hahahahahahahaha! The killing game just keeps going and going! The despair's not over yet!