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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 147: Who Dat Boy

NEW MUSIC: Sing the Empty Truth

AUDIO: Confusion Like Never Before (Reprise)

Chaos and madness... Confusion and turmoil... I couldn't stay calm, I couldn't keep it in... It was too much despair.

The body discovery announcement... Does that mean...someone's in that press?


The only ones in the hangar were Kokichi and Kaito. It must be one of them.

Either Kokichi or dead?

...'s not possible—

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Don't say you're getting bored of this! Cuz things are about to get interesting!

I hope you pour your heart and soul into this investigation, too!


The killing game...will continue?

If the killing game is continuing, and Monokuma is still moving, then...


If Kokichi is still alive, then that means the one dead over there is...

There's no way Kaito could die! It has to be a lie!

Maki's hand stopped me.


It doesn't bother me anymore.

More importantly...where's Kokichi?

That's right...I don't see him anywhere. He should be somewhere in this hangar—

No matter how good at hide and seek he is, we can't let him get away this—

We...can't leave yet.

We don't know for *certain* if that dead body is Kaito. We haven't explored all of the possibilities yet.

...Are you saying it's Kokichi? Then why is the killing game still continuing?


And if Kaito is alive, why hasn't he shown himself yet?

Are you saying...he's hiding because he's the culprit?

Kaito being the culprit is even more impossible than him being dead!

I don't think Kaito could've killed Kokichi in the first place. He was wounded, remember?

TSUMUGI: How could Kaito have killed someone like that when he was sick and wounded?

S—So does that mean the culprit is one of us!?


I understand what they mean. The initial evidence suggests Kaito is dead... But I just...can't believe that. Or perhaps...l don't want to believe it. I...can't believe Kaito is dead.

We need to find the truth here, with our own hands. And reveal that truth in the trial. want to continue the killing game?

A class trial will be held either way... we should investigate.

It all starts there.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

You might not only reach the truth, but something even beyond it.

You're right... If the class trial is going to happen anyway, then we should investigate.

Nyeeeh... But we already know the answer.

But we can't die here. We live for hope.


...if we accuse him of being the culprit.

If he just plays dumb and runs away... There'll be nothing we can do.

TSUMUGI: So if the Remnants of Despair worshipped her, I don't think they'd ignore those.

Nyeeeh! That's true!

...I understand the others... But why Maki?

Well then, let's review the Monokuma File. Is that okay with you, Shuichi?


MUSIC: Sing the Empty Truth

The identity of the victim is unknown...? It doesn't even tell us that much?

It doesn't matter. We already know who the victim and the culprit are.

Wait, Maki. It's still too early to decide that.

It's true that the evidence points to Kokichi being alive, but...

Kaito told me...

That's a promise! All you guys are working so hard, so I can't just sit back and relax!

Huh? What? Why?

You're not calm at the moment. Right now, you're acting like Kaito...back in Gonta's class trial.

It was like this at that time too, wasn't it?


There's something about the air in here that's making me I don't know if the Electrobomb is to blame, or if I'm malfunctioning somehow...

But I'm starting to feel somewhat sick.

I don't feel weird at all...

D-Don't call me an appliance!

I'm telling you... Appliances should go rest outside.

R-Really, I'm fine, but...I suppose I'll go investigate outside for now.

Oh, will you be okay by yourself? I could go with you if you want—

If the body's like that, then we don't have to worry about anyone messing with it.. So it should be fine for us all to investigate by ourselves...

...Suspects who?


Of course, it's obviously Kokichi. you said, there could be another possibility... Maybe that's what she's thinking...?

I did suggest that possibility... The culprit might not be Kokichi or Kaito, but a third party...

We were united towards hope before all this, but now we're split up...

Could it be...that's why Kokichi killed Kaito?

Because if not...then what reason would he have to kill Kaito? Maybe that's what this class trial is going to be for, too. The reason Kokichi's going to hold this class trial might be to separate us.

To separate us...

If that's why he killed Kaito, then we're completely caught in his trap...

This is all part of Kokichi's plan to separate us... This is exactly what he wanted... We're split up. I can't get anyone to cooperate with the investigation...

The Monokuma File has been some help, but it's not enough this time...

Time to start. To solve this mystery and find the truth behind it... I'm going to begin the investigation!

NEW MUSIC: Hope Searching

Alright, I'm going to inspect every single piece of evidence here!

Yeah, it won't be of much use to us.

It's so useless, he probably shouldn't have even gone out of his way to give it to us...

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

A mascot's appearance at a murder scene brings a sense of relief and peace of mind.

What an attention hog...

Of course I want attention! I'm the mascot for cryin' out loud...

It'd be false advertising if I didn't appear as often as I can, y'know?

He leaves.

MUSIC: Hope Searching

...Ignore it. Let's just focus on the investigation.


The way you are might start accusing people cuz you can't believe Kaito's death...

N-No, that's not...

If you keep bugging me...

She's awfully stubborn... Is she that suspicious of everything now?

Next time, a solo investigation.