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Part 148: If You Want Blood (You've Got It)

MUSIC: Hope Searching

I don't see any reason to turn them back on, though...

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

How strange. Only the Monokubs can turn off the electronic lock and open the hatch.

Normally, the Monokubs are the only ones who can pilot the Exisals.

"Normally" being the key word. But cuz of that Electrohammer thingy, the electronic lock is all screwed up.

Nope. No one's asked me about it, either. And even if I had been asked, it would've been irrelevant information to you anyway.

MUSIC: Hope Searching

Which must be why only the Monokubs can control the Exisals. But...if you could disable the lock...

You could control the Exisal...

Shuichi, it's dangerous there... If you go near that thing, you might get torn apart. shouldn't move anymore. Not without the Monokubs or Kokichi. it's just a pile of scrap then.

Maybe I should just tear this hunk of junk apart with my magic!!!

Ah, but...I suppose that if Kokichi was alive, he could move it at any time by remote...

Eeek! Wh-Why didn't you say so sooner!?

But...that remote control Kokichi has for the Exisals... What is it. exactly? Does he have that because he's the mastermind?

There's a faint trail of blood leading to the press. A swipe pattern, as if dragged...

It doesn't look like it's been used in a while. I don't see any clues.

It looks the same as before... Probably not related to the case.

I should be able to use the "Up" button to raise the press and check the body...

...I don't want to see a crushed body, no matter who it is...but I have to do it.

I...have to know.


I pressed the button a few more times, but the press still wouldn't move. moved when I pressed it last time.

After looking around the press, I found...

I see... There's no power, so the hydraulic press won't move.

This can't be coincidence. The power cord was cut on purpose... This must be the work of the culprit.

I'm honestly a little relieved, but I shouldn't say that out loud.

I should take another look at the controls. There must be some clue here...

The press would have been stopped instantly if you used this...

Well...if the culprit were planning this murder, they'd have no use for it.

That's right...this hydraulic press should have had a safety function. If the infrared sensor detects a living thing, the press stops automatically. Well...i t didn't stop when Keebo tried before...

Stop automatically, huh...?

But the power cord has been cut. The press won't move. In that case...we won't be able to check the body.

In that case...the victim must be...

It looks like...the left sleeve sticking out of the hydraulic press. Only the sleeve is sticking out. No part of the victim's body is visible... Were they crushed completely? So that only the sleeve remains?

A hole in the sleeve... What could this be?

I can't check the body, so I don't have many clues to work with.

I'll have to find more clues elsewhere.

Now that I think about it...

Kaito might have left some kinda clue here—

Ah, no...he didn't "leave" anything... He might not be dead...

Anyway...I should investigate inside.

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

A puddle of blood in the center of the room, and a swipe pattern from there to the door.

What could this mean...?

A body discovery announcement...means the mastermind is still alive... But...I still...don't believe... That dead.

No one would be able to fit through here...

Hm, I suppose if someone *could* fit through, Kaito would have escaped by now.

As if backing away from the conversation, Kaito headed to the far shelf...

What's in it? Is it some kinda weapon?

Three in total. And...blood on all of them.

What is this...? What happened here?

...I feel like I've seen this before.

The label has blood all over it, I can't read it completely...

And if it is poison, this bottle must be...

...taken from my lab.

I don't know who brought this here... but it definitely has something to do with this case.

There were more clues than I thought there'd be. And one is particularly concerning...

Those arrows are definitely for the crossbow, but why are all three bloodied?

MUSIC: Hope Searching

There are still questions... The truth is still far out of reach. I still can't deduce who the victim is...

I need more clues. I should investigate other areas.

I should start with the areas around the hangar.

Next time, whenever Keebo's not onscreen, everyone should be asking "Where's Keebo?"