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Part 149: All Along the Watchtower

MUSIC: Hope Searching

I should investigate this place thoroughly... There must be some clues around here.

You have to use the alarm remote to disable it to get near the shutter. If you come near the shutter without the remote... A loud alarm would go off around the entire academy. We had to use an Electrobomb to disable the sensor and the alarm. That's how we got into the hangar.

It jams electronic signals by scattering particles that interfere with electromagnetic waves.

For two hours, any and all electronic devices within 50 yards will be completely disabled. It's perfect for any secret activities too, since it doesn't leave any debris behind. This invention is extraordinary! But I only have three of them...

So I need to use them carefully. You guys will have to settle for the Electrohammers.

One was stolen by Maki, but what of the other two?

I'm sorry to worry you, Shuichi.

Ah, I was a bit worried... I'm glad you're feeling better.

There was something I needed to ask Keebo.

Hey, Keebo. Before we went into the hangar this morning, you said...

You tried to him on your own?

I'm sorry... I thought it would be preferable for him to release Kaito peacefully...

How did it go?

It went about as well as I expected... There was no response at all.

But I did witness a few things.

Ah, yes. Since we were in a hurry, I only told you about the Exisal returning to the hangar...

Yes, you said the Exisals could pass through the alarm system and barrier to the hangar.

You saw someone?

I saw...Himiko.

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

AUDIO: The Sneaking Magician

KEEBO: That's when I saw her walking toward the hangar, clutching something in her hands... I think it was a black bag.

SHUICHI: A black bag?

MUSIC: Hope Searching

And since she came back later, I didn't think much of it...

But...after seeing her reaction this morning, I started to get a little suspicious.

True, it is suspicious...

You said you saw her come back, as well... Was she holding the bag at that time?

So she had it coming in, but not leaving... It has to be. That black bag Himiko was carrying was—

By the way, this is a little off-topic, Shuichi, but...

Huh? What is it?

But it was because of the electromagnetic particles, not because I'm a robot... So what I experienced was akin to an allergic reaction such as hay fever...

Ah, right...that must be it.

So that thing Himiko said was bothering him. He really is a bit too sensitive...

We hit it with an Electrohammer, so it isn't operational right now.

That's right... What are these marks here?

Ah, were they even able to damage this in the first place? Getting near the control panel should cause the alarm to go off. You have to turn off the alarm before you even get close...

So how did the person who did this get near the control panel?

This is the hangar's only window, and it's not possible to fit through.

That means the only way to get into this hangar is through the shutter.

But I still don't have enough clues... There have to be more.

The other places that might yield some clues are...

Maki's lab...and my lab...

The crossbow in the bathroom, the bottle of poison... I need to investigate those leads.

I should also inspect the three Exisals that were protecting Monokuma. Why were they protecting him in the first place? That might be related to the case as well.

If Kokichi is alive, he can use his remote control to move them as he pleases. But...that remote control Kokichi has for the Exisals... What is it, exactly? Does he have that because he's the mastermind?

But used for what...?

So if you use it against an Exisal, it'll run out of juice with just one shot, got it?

We know that for certain...

Kokichi said he was the mastermind, the Exisals should have been around *him*. So why were they still protecting Monokuma? And four of them, too...

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3


It's just...I noticed that you came this way last night, Shuichi.


Puhuhu... You were acting all sneaky, weren't you?

...What are you saying? We didn't have to sneak—

Cuz everyone's coming to rent adult movies, so in a way, everyone going there is the same—

N-No, not *that*! I meant about the Exisals not attacking us.

Their movements are more limited now that the Monokubs aren't around to pilot them.

Autopilot? You mean...the remote control that Kokichi has?

...Yeah, that's pretty much it.

...Why are you telling me all of this? This puts the person controlling you at a disadvantage.

But we're not talking about that... We're talking about this.

Even if it puts someone at a disadvantage, the class trial must always be fair.

So you share it instead! That way, it'll be fair to all the participants!

So someone else besides me knows this...

Why wouldn't they share this information?

Okaaaay! That's all I can tell you!

It's like trying not to get caught by a big-game hunter while holding your breath during sex!

MUSIC: Hope Searching

I should remember this.

So you went to my lab yesterday to find weapons to use against Monokuma.

They're cases for the crossbows. The crossbows are inside, but disassembled.

It looks as if they don't even fit in the case unless they're disassembled.

But there are two... When I was here with Kaito before...

Which means someone must have brought it to the hangar from here.'s fairly difficult to put together the crossbow. I don't believe you'd be able to do it unless Maki taught you.

I'll think more about that later, for now I need to investigate.

There's nothing off about them. They don't seem to be related.

Did someone take them out?

Antidotes, huh? I didn't know these were here...

According to the labels, each bottle is only one dose. And each one only works on a specific poison.

There are plenty different kinds of poison, so that must be true for antidotes.

I haven't seen any poison outside of this lab, so... The small bottle of poison I found must have come from here.

The label says "Strike-9" poison.

Can be lethal.

I can't imagine that there's a smaller amount in this bottle for no reason. This must be a clue.

They're all for different poisons. What could that mean?

Alright...I've investigated this room thoroughly.

I didn't find any evidence to suggest Kaito isn't dead... On the contrary, there's plenty of evidence to suggest *Kokichi* isn't dead. Monokuma is still moving around, and the killing game hasn't ended. And...Kaito's clothes were in the hydraulic press... Which means...the victim must be...

There's still time... I should head back to the hangar. Perhaps I missed something... I should check again.

Next time, one last clue before the ride begins.

Monokubs World
Monokubs' theme.
It's a dirty, dirty Monokubs world.

Extreme Monokuma
Monokuma's theme.
It's super cool!

Both of these are a bit underwhelming, though the puppets are a nice touch.