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Part 15: The Words That Maketh Murder

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

When a series lasts for several seasons, eventually it'll run out of material. My memory has been awful lately. I wonder if it's cuz of how long the series has been going. Wait...what season are we on again? What material have we shown so far? Geez, I don't remember. Maybe it's cuz they've released so many at this point. Oh well! Anyway, we need new material for the Monokuma Theater! Please send your manuscripts, along with a 1,000 dollar application fee! If your entry is selected, you will receive a 100 dollar gift card! What a generous prize! Don't miss this opportunity! Send your applications today!

Day 3.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

... ...


Yesterday's conversation is still on my mind... I wonder what everyone else is doing. Are they already gathered at the dining hall?

I guess I'll go for now...

MUSIC: Cool Morning

Ah... We're way past morning by this point.

Huh, really? Didn't the morning announcement just play, though?

In prison, mornings were a lot earlier. We started at dawn.

Th-That early?

Inside those prison walls... I lived a frighteningly disciplined life.

Ummm...I suppose that sort of life sounds...healthy, I guess?

Hmph... Healthy body, healthy mind?

That's a bitter irony...

Footstep sounds play.

Did I make him feel bad?


Maaan, I slept great last night. Y'know, this place is alright when there‘s nothing to worry about.

Oh! far have you gone with Shuichi?

Huh!? Wh-What are you talking about!?

I just wanted to know how far you've gone exploring this place together, that's all.

That's none of your business, Kokichi.

Huh? What's with the attitude...? You're so mean! I thought you said we were friends, Kaede!

But you were lying this whole time! WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Yeah, well, you're lying too.

But you're right—I was lying. After all, we're just strangers to one another. That's why I don't really care what you and Shuichi do.

Besides, even friends don't share *everything* with each other!


I'm more nervous around friends who share too much than strangers, really.

More footsteps.

Morning, Keebo.

Everyone appears to have gathered at the dining hall again.

Yup, looks like it.

I'm thinking about heading over there as well, but... ...


It's been almost a full day since Monokuma was dispatched, but our situation hasn't changed.

I'm just speculating, but what if... ...only Monokuma knew about this place? What if this location is not on any map? What one is coming to rescue us?


Maybe...we'll just be forgotten, and no one will ever find us again...

Besides, we should be trying to escape, not waiting for someone to rescue us!

Y-Yes...I apologize. I was overthinking things.

It would be impossible to discreetly construct a facility such as this in the first place. Plus, if the professor knew I was missing, he would not rest until he found me. With his technology, he would rescue us! No matter where on earth this place is!


On the other *has* only been one day. As much as we'd love to go home right now, we must wait in a calm, dignified manner!


Hmm, I see, I see! Are you finally ready to make an offering?

Huh!? Right now!?

S-Sorry! I still have anemia!

That's a bummer.

Major bummer.

This is a problem, though. I need an offering from someone to thank Atua for smiting Monokuma.

Make sure you eat a big breakfast, 'kay? Hope your anemia clears up soooooon!

Footsteps again.



Oh! I'm so sorry about that! Good morning!

Wh-What was that all about!?

But I'm still full of energy, so I'm shouting to burn it off!

I see...

Anyway, exercise makes me nungry so I'm gonna head to the dining hall! See ya!

What's wrong?

Look at this. My nails are all messed up... It probably happened when we came here. And now I can't take good care of them.

Your nails?

Well, not really...

But when you say nails, you mean nail art, right? I've never done it before.

Oh, I see. Nails would just plain get in the way when playing piano, huh?


Remember what we got from the demo? Good thing, too, because you can't buy presents yet at this point in the game.

Huh? Are you sure? But, I can't just take it for free.

Don't worry about it!

No, no. For things like this, we need an equivalent exchange.

Equivalent exchange?

Oh, I got it! How about I do your nails later?

I'm in awe at how poorly worded this question is. It's actually asking whether you want to take Tsumugi up on her offer, but it looks like the opposite is the case.

Really!? Yay, please do!

Then let's do it this afternoon... Oh! We can use the Game Room.

Got it! Thanks a bunch!

Yeah, see you later.

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Yeah, seriously...

Nyeh... I slept well last night. Also, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth by myself.

You did all that with magic!? You're so amazing, Himiko!

This Atua seems to act in secret a lot...

Because Atua smells of danger.

But...when someone coming to get us?

Whoever does...I assume they will come today. There's no need to worry.

Why the long face?

It's nothing... I figure no one would listen to some guy who can't even remember his own talent, right?

What do you mean?

Really, it's nothing. This is...quite the happy ending.


Without thinking, I had blurted that out loud, and now everyone was staring at me.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

I mean, it just seems too easy. I don't think it'll end like this.

I wonder... Do you wish the killing game would have continued?

N-No, not at all—

Then don't ruin our happy moment, you fuckin' skank!


Hey, Kaede... I don't know what you're so worried about. But Monokuma is dead now. There's no way the killing game can continue, y'know?

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Oh fuck, I know what this means.




H-He's still alive!?

Let's see, last time there were thirteen jobs, so if there aren't a new set of yokai and weapons for everyone that means there'll only be four new ones to collect.

After dying in a tragic car accident, I've been reborn as a Yo-Kai! Call me Jibakuma, kuma!

There's still a few ARR zones that weren't used the last time around, but they might do something with the Heavensward zones, too.


From now on, I'm the headmaster of the Ultimate Academy, kuma!

As if I didn't have enough on my plate leveling everything to 70 and farming those moogle tomestones, jeez.

You might feel uncomfortable at first, but eventually you'll get used to it.

On a completely unrelated note, I might miss an update or two this month. Don't worry about it.



No duh, ya fuckin' fraud! Go find another car to run you over! And this time, stay dead!

Ah geez... It's such a low-level cosplay, I can't bear to look.


I have an important question... Haven't you mistaken ghosts for yokai? Yokai are mythological creatures first created back when humanity lived closely with nature. Back then, they were the embodiment of unexplainable natural phenomen—

Oh. Never mind. Updates are on schedule after all.

This is why I hate teenagers! I'd have cash for days if I was dealing with the under 10 crowd!

...Wait, WHAT!? Our father, who we thought was dead, is actually aliiiiiiive!

No way! Papa Kuma's too hip and modern to resort to the "Death Is Cheap" trope!

I bet the Yo-Kai did it!

...No, that bit's already over.


You should have told us you were still alive! We've been making stew with your body.

Wahhhh! Which Papa Kuma is the real one!?

No, they're both real.

Huh? But, Father, you said there's only one of each of us. That we're unique, like snowflakes.

Gahhh!? Why do you get to have spares and we don't!?

Of course you don't get to have spares! Do you really think anyone in this day and age would tolerate the "Death Is Cheap" trope!?

...Huh? What does that mean?

But now we know. This school...has a machine somewhere that can make a whole lotta Pops. Just activate that machine, and you can have as many spare Pops as you wa—

AUDIO: Spoil the Children

Monokuma is juggling the Monokubs here and slurping them all on the face. Only Monophanie reciprocates.

Hell nooooooo!

This is an emotional reunion, so you all gotta take your licks!

F-Father! Your love is smothering us!

Heeeee!!! No more, no more!

...Wait! *I'm* your parents!

...I... Sorry, I can't react to this... I'm in too much shock. Does this mean...the killing game is going to continue?

What a pain...

That's not the problem, donkey face!

Wh-What do you mean...the killing game... is gonna continue...?

No, it's definitely not okay!

So that's how it's going to be... If we want to end this...

I predicted there would be a spare, but I did not expect it to be built within the academy...

Either way, I assumed this would happen... This development was not surprising.

Is that so? Then did you also assume this next exciting development?

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

AUDIO: Monokuma's Motive Videos (Reprise)

KAEDE: An additional motive!?

A time limit is now in effect! If a murder does not occur by nighttime, two days from now...then every student participating in this killing game will die! Mauled to shreds by countless Monokumas from the rumored Monokuma-making machine! So unless you wanna end up as pink smears, you might wanna take this game seriously!


What? Everyone will die?

What!? That's not fair!

Geez, why'd you guys even come to this school if you're not gonna do the killing game?

You're the one that forced us to come here!

What do you mean by "countless Monokumas"? I thought we were up once time ran out.

Damn right! Let the Exisals do their thing this time!

But...I'd rather not go through that again... I'd feel bad if you guys tired yourselves out...

But if we let the Exisals get popular, we could have a real cash cow on our hands, y'know?

Hmmmm, sultans huh? Very tempting, but...

I won't let you kids ruin your futures! You need to have your own kids and ruin their futures!

D-Daddy! You love us so much...!

Oh. You're still here.

Of course! We never left!

Why are you doing this!? How much suffering do you want to put us through!?

I see... Well, if you're suffering, you all better hurry up and start the killing game.

Y-You bastard!

Don't you realize that working together is pointless? So just knock it off already.

You're surrounded by strangers, neither allies nor friends. No need to worry about them.

Plus, you got the First Blood Perk! That means the first kill is free!

But...the killing game is gory, huh? I'm startin' to feel a little queasy...

I see... If it's gratuitous, over-the—top gore, I might be able to stomach that...

Forget the killing game, then! It'd be better for you all to just die together!

Shut up and get the FUCK back!

You can all die working together, or you can survive on your own. It's your call.


Hell yeah! Let's toss back some honey to celebrate Papa Kuma's return! Yo, Monodam! Go get some pure organic honey!


Next time: die together, live alone.