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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 150: Dirty Laundry

MUSIC: Hope Searching

Is something wrong?

I found something strange in the bathroom! Please, hurry!

What are you talking about, Keebo?

I wonder... I haven't heard from anyone.

I wonder where he went off to...


I mean...your face says you want to think that.

But I think that's just plain impossible. Kokichi's been manipulating us all from the start...


Ah! Of course, I don't mean to compliment Kokichi or make fun of Kaito or anything!

...I know. You're probably right.

I still don't have enough clues to conclude that Kokichi died.

But I'm certain that one of them must have.

Maki... Why is it so easy for you to believe Kaito is dead?

I'm not gonna ask what you're going to do with a robot in a bathroom...

What's on Himiko's mind...?

Take a look at this.

It's soaked and wrinkled, but there's no doubt these are Kokichi's.

Where did you find this? I didn't see it when I was investigating the bathroom. And why are they soaked?

Well...the toilet seemed clogged, so I reached my hand down the drain...

Couldn't be flushed all the way...

Why were these clothes in the toilet in the first place?

Yes, it was very brave of me. And thanks to that, I managed to find an important clue.


Clogging the toilet, huh...? But this isn't the time to hesitate.

If they were found in the toilet, someone must have tried to flush them. But who would do that?

Is something the matter? Please, investigate.

Ah! O-Okay!

This *has* to be an important clue...


I made up my mind, grabbed Kokichi's soaked clothes...and spread them open.

This is about the same size as the one on Kaito's sleeve. There are traces of blood around the holes, too. What does this mean?

In that case...

Oh, I'm happy I was able to help, but I must decline shaking that hand of yours.

Ah...your hands aren't clean either, though.

But if Kokichi was the one crushed in the hydraulic press... Where did Kaito go? Why not show himself? And why is this game still going, even though the mastermind is dead? ...

You're...concerned about that?

...and left the bathroom.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

AUDIO: Class Trial Announcement #5

That's right! It's time for the class trial, where hope and despair meet head-on! Please proceed to the Shrine of Judgment in the courtyard, and head to the trial grounds. Everyone needs to be there, got it!? Anyone who's absent will be swiftly and permanently punished! Ah-hahahahaha! I wonder what kinda despair awaits you this time?


That means...Kokichi or Kaito... Whoever is alive will be there.

At the trial...we'll know who the victim is.

Let's head to the trial grounds. We need to settle our business with Kokichi.

All of us... That means Kokichi will come too.

...Kaito and Kokichi aren't here.

...I bet Kokichi is already there.

As the mastermind of the killing game, he's waiting for us to arrive.




MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

This is a battle between hope and despair. If I show any weakness like you are...

...then I know I'll lose to despair.

Lose to despair...

Then only five will be left. Only...five...

Th-That's right... We're...the only ones left...

But we can't lose to despair. Even if we have no future, we need to win.

I will defeat Kokichi, no matter what I have to sacrifice.

Are you sure about that, Maki? Is that what you call "hope"? ...I know that we can't lose to despair. But...something is wrong. Something doesn't feel right. I wonder what Kaito would say at a time like this. What would he say to us? If it was Kaito...

Kaito's...not here anymore.

I'm filled with the combined power of hope and magic right now!

No matter what Kokichi is scheming, there's no way we can lose. ...After all, we're students of Hope's Peak Academy.

VIDEO: Shrine of Judgment Elevator


But somehow...despite that despair, we had found a new reason to live. To win the battle between hope and despair. But now... What do we know? We don't know what hope means to us anymore. What is hope...? A burden you bear?

I can't think about things like that anymore. The only thing I need to think survival.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

Puhuhu... Only esteemed works of fiction have themes as magnificent as this.

Anyway...where's Kokichi? Why isn't be here?

Wh—What's going on? What are you scheming now?

It doesn't matter what Kokichi is scheming.

Kokichi can twist and violate the rules all he likes, but we'll never give up!

Oh, for the love of... No rules have been violated. Not on my watch, y'know?

Whatever... Hurry up and start. We'll end it with this class trial. We'll defeat the Remnants of Despair, no matter what.

Yeah, yeah, I got it. Now, let's get started. Mix equal parts life and death, add a dash of lies and truth, bake it in fires of conflict...

MUSIC: New World Order V3

I can't say for certain... but I still believe. ...Kaito wouldn't die so easily. I...don't know why I believe that so strongly...

I will fight in this trial of truth and lies!