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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 151: I've Seen Footage

Unified against the mastermind, Kokichi, the students must survive a Class Trial without knowing the murderer or the victim. An unpredictable trial begins...

Charisma (Debate Type, 8 slots)
Increases amount of influence recovered by right answers. Effective during Nonstop Debates and choices.

Neural Liberation (Debate Type, 16 slots)
The Focus Gauge drains slower while Concentrating and during Fever Time. Effective during all parts of the class trial.

I'm swapping out Grenade for Shotgun and giving Neural Liberation a shot.

Hatch's Electronic Lock posted:

The two Exisals at the scene of the crime.

One was in storage with its cockpit closed.

The other was in the middle of the hangar with its hatch open and its cockpit exposed. There is enough space in the cockpit for one person. There is an electronic lock on the hatch that only the Monokubs can open.

Electrobomb posted:

When used, it scatters particles that interfere with electromagnetic waves, rendering electronic communication and sensors unusable.

Lasts for about two hours and covers an area of about 50 yards. Each can only be used once.

Of the three that were made, Kokichi had two and Maki had one.

Hangar's Front Shutter posted:

It is protected by an electric barrier and if someone approaches it, an alarm will sound throughout the academy.

The alarm can be disabled with the alarm remote.

The control panel for the electric barrier is next to the shutter. It has marks on it, as though it was struck by something sharp.

Used Electrohammer posted:

Found on the ground near the three Exisals in the Cyber Courtyard.

Electrohammers can disable any electronic device they're used on. However, they run out of power very quickly and a single use on an Exisal will completely drain an Electrohammer. After being drained, they require 24 hours of charging to be usable again.

Poison posted:

There are many poisons lined up on the shelves in the Ultimate Detective's research lab.

Out of all of them, only the Strike-9 Poison bottle had less poison in it.

It takes some time for Strike-9 to fully take effect, but it is 100% fatal, even if a small amount enters the body.

VIDEO: Opening Statements

I'll punish everyone *besides* the blackened, and that person will gradu—

Graduation is meaningless here... We already know that...

We don't need your rules anymore! We'll find our own reasons to live!

Wow! An actual talking robot! I've never seen one of those before!

What happened to Kokichi? Why isn't he here?

Aw, don't make that face, killer. This case has some unique circumstances.

Unique circumstances?

Given these circumstances...

After all, it'd be a shame if I let such a rare opportunity go to waste!

Is that possible? I thought everyone had to participate in the class trial.

Don't worry. The person who's still alive is waiting behind the scenes for their cue.

I guess we have no choice but to start the trial under these conditions...

What's there to even talk about? The blackened is the mastermind, Kokichi.

Yeah, that's the only thing I can think of, too.

It's too soon to decide anything for certain. We don't even know if Kaito was the victim...

But we need to be absolutely sure. If we don't positively identify the victim...

...the other person will never show themselves, right?

Why are we even talking about something so obvious? What a pain...


Everyone thinks th at Kaito is the victim, but I have my doubts... There's a chance Kaito is still alive...

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #1

The victim has to be Kaito.

Kaito was taken prisoner by Kokichi.

so he could've killed him whenever he wanted.

And the culprit must be Kokichi!

We lost a really good guy today...

It's too early to declare who the victim is!

Let's start with what's most obviously out of place.

That would indicate that Kokichi suffered an external injury, correct?

Kokichi was injured?

The fact that these were flushed down the toilet implies they're evidence of a crime.

As long as we have that evidence, there's no doubt that Kaito was the one murdered.

Y-Yeah, that's right... It's one of those irrefutable evidence thingies.

...Ever since she found the body in the hangar, Maki's insisted that it's Kaito's...

I thought...she'd want to believe Kaito is still alive.

In that case, I need to demonstrate the flaw in relying on that evidence.

Actually, there's something bothering me about the clothes found in the hydraulic press.

Nyeh? What about them?

There's something peculiar about those clothes...

SHUICHI: There should have been an arm inside the sleeve as well. So the fact that we found an empty sleeve should—

You're dumber than I thought if I have to go out of my way to explain it to you.


VIDEO: Rebuttal Showdown #1

The coat sleeve sticking out of the hydraulic press...

is rather telling.

but Kaito.

If you can't see that...

What do you mean?

He never put his arms through his coat sleeves.

So when the hydraulic press crushed him...

She's wrong, we can't conclude Kaito is dead on that evidence!

I never even noticed this about Kaito until Maki pointed it out, but she's not entirely correct.

SHUICHI: Knowing how Kaito wore his coat, that's awfully strange, isn't it?


It's a possibility... In the end, your reasoning is full of holes.

Stop getting in my way. I have to defeat Kokichi.

Maki... What's really going on?

But why would you do that?

It's like Maki said, though... Kaito's gotta be the victim.

Cuz if Kokichi, the mastermind, was dead, the killing game would be over.

Yeah, that's true.

Huh? Already? You sure it's not too soon?

We need the suspect present now that he's the subject of our discussion.

Gotcha. I guess I'll bring him out now.

Exisal Red emerges from the elevator...

...and leaps to its place in the courtroom.

...What is this?

Is that...Kaito's voice!?


There was a lot going on, so I just hid in an Exisal and kinda dozed off.

H-Hold on. Then the one that died wasn't Kaito—


Wow, that's old! How old are you!?

I thought as much... Your appearance right now is fit for a lowly asshole like you.

...Is that really you, Kokichi!?

That's right, Cracker Jack!

Seriously, how old are you!?

Oh, this is more for self-defense. Little Miss Crankypants would kill me if I showed myself.


I understand how you guys must feel. You can't believe it because I'm like this, right?


It was in the warehouse but I brought it to the hangar, just in case. Man, that was a smart move! Thanks to this, I filmed it so everyone could see it clearly.

Nyeh!? Wh-What did you say!?

Alrighty then! Let's watch this shocking moment!

...Huh? K-Kaito!?

Th-This is terrible! Why would... something like this...?

I-I saw it through my fingers... The moment...Kaito was crushed...

By the way, I'd like to add that this footage has not been doctored in any way!

Just the Play, Record, and Pause buttons, so you can't edit after filming it. And of course, I didn't upload it to a computer to edit it either.


Oh, you can talk. Your answer is necessary for a fair discussion.

I see! If it's necessary for a fair discussion, then I will answer!

No trace of that footage was found on any of the computers inside the academy!

If that's the case...then it would seem our suspicions can be lifted.

Was that...? Was that really him?

Poor Kaito... I can't believe he died such a horrible death...

I can't believe he died with his guts and his brains splattered all over that machine!

That's probably cuz I used my magic to transfer all my barf over to you.

I know that's a joke, but the thought of it... *huuurp*

...Why? Why was...Kaito...killed?

So what would he gain by killing Kaito?

Nee-heehee... It looks like you finally believe that I'm the one in this Exisal.

Yes. With that, we can definitively say that the culprit is...

Huh? Why?

You filmed the moment the victim died, which means you were present at the scene...

But if the culprit shot the video, why would they go out of their way to show it—

Aw maaan, ya got me. Yeah, I'm the culprit.


Here's the truth—I decided to participate in this trial in an Exisal after I killed Kaito. Of course, it was mostly to make the victim unknown, to jazz up this trial! I took that footage for proof, so I could reveal it after you guys get the correct answer...

So does that admit to the crime?


Well, I don't think you guys will believe any of the excuses I make now... So...I give up!

You're giving up? Does...that mean it's been decided?

Is it okay that this trial was so short?

But before we vote, I want to say something to Kokichi...

You may be the mastermind, but I won't let you escape after you violated the rules. That would desecrate the killing game Junko Enoshima created, right? ...Your beloved Junko Enoshima.


Whatever! It's Voting Time now! Let's go before Kokichi changes his—

The culprit comes in, confesses to the crime, and the trial ends?

That's not how this goes!

What if the mastermind got tired of it? The Remnants of Despair were like tha—

No, if they were tired of it, they wouldn't have put all that effort into the video. There would have been no need for this class trial in the first place.

Something's not right. We need to get a better feel for this situation.

Trap us? Are you saying Kokichi isn't the culprit? Then, are you suggesting one of us is the culprit?


One of us?

That's not possible!

No, I didn't say that! I was just saying it's dangerous to trust Kokichi—

Nee-heehee... Shuichi is so distrusting...


Wh-What? But that contradicts what you said previously.

Yuppers, that was a lie. Sorry! I lied again.

A-Are you serious?

It's fine... Because Kokichi is the culprit.

The only option?

Is that really true? Are we just going to leave it at that?

Next time, we consider other possibilities.