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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 152: Heavy Cross

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #2

We all saw that footage from earlier, right?

What a horrible video.

Whoever committed that crime...

Which just leaves Kokichi, then.

Then, the culprit is...

Kokichi Oma, the mastermind of this entire killing game...

But is that even possible?

Wait, but Kaito's an organism. The press doesn't normally crush organisms.

A safety function?

The hydraulic press will automatically stop if its infrared sensor detects a living organism.

So the hydraulic press won't move at all if there's a living person under it?


Which means, it's more likely that Kaito was crushed after being killed by some other means.

No, I don't think Kokichi would use an Electrobomb for that purpose.

It would have taken down the hangar's alarm system and the Exisals' remote control.

It would've put Kokichi at a significant disadvantage.

But you can't be too sure I wouldn't do that... I'm the type who would do anything for fun.

No, we do. I have a plausible theory for the murder.


Yes, there is a clue that suggests the victim was killed before being crushed. I found it somewhere around the hydraulic press...

TSUMUGI: Oh! That was the restroom where Kaito was being held, wasn't it!?

...If the bloodstain even was Kaito's.


We only guessed that Kaito was killed in the bathroom...

Since his body was crushed, we'll never know if Kaito died some other way.

we do have evidence that suggests a cause of death.

S-Small hole...?

Himiko, what‘s wrong? Why are you freaking out all of a sudden?

Um... I'm not freaking out...

I'm just's impossible for the weapon to be that small.

The weapon that left that small hole in Kaito's sleeve...

If so, that crossbow just might be the actual murder weapon used to kill Kaito—

Seriously, Himiko...what's wrong?

She probably needs to pee. Anywaaay, about Kaito getting shot... If that was his cause of death, then I wonder who shot him with the crossbow.

He's just...playing with us...

Then let's show him that playtime is over.

...Hope...? Despair...?

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #3

What a mystery, right guys?

Who else but you could have done it?

The shot would need to be fired...

We couldn't go in the hangar!

If we couldn't go in the hangar...

and Kokichi had been in there, then he must be the one.

I see, so I'm the culprit!

Knowing that, we should be able to visualize the murder...

Thankfully the previous statement fades away so you can hit the weak spot.

SHUICHI: Maybe it wasn't possible to get in, but you could have shot through the window. And remember that Kaito was confined to the bathroom.

Which means, the murder suspect list grows to six people, including me!

Nyeh!? What did you say!?

But...put plainly, that means...

It seems Shuichi wants to make one of us the culprit. Is that it?


Do detectives always accuse people, even when they're friends?

...It seems like it. You suspected Kaito in the previous class trial, too.


Wh-What's wrong, Maki? You seem like you're kind of on edge...

Of course I am.

No, you don't understand, I'm not trying to—

It doesn't matter how much you get in my way, I will absolutely defeat Kokichi.

Now, now! Let's stop this boring fight and continue on with the not-so-boring trial! So we all agree that the murder could be done by anyone and not just me, right?

Neither did I...

Really, Himiko. What's the matter? You've been weird since we mentioned small holes.

See? Now that's definitely weird.

Look at it this way—just because the culprit could be anyone, not everyone is a suspect. We can pretty much narrow it down to anyone who knew about the crossbow.

I-In other words, I'm not suspicious! Th-There's no way you can consider me—

It does concern me that Himiko went to the hangar last night.

Whoa, really? You went to the hangar, Himiko?

Yes, she did. I definitely saw her.

Y-You were watching me?

It's awfully suspicious that you went to the hangar last night...


Th-Th-That crossbow came from your research lab, right?

Anyone could've gone to her research lab, though. She's not the only suspect.

I-I dunno about that! She's...d-definite|y the most suspicious!


Cuz if you start panicking, then we'll know that you're the culprit!

K-Kokichi's the suspicious one! M-Maki too! They're both the culprits!

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PANIC-

VIDEO: Mass Panic Debate

What do you mean, replenishing your magic?
did not come from me.
then explain the crossbow.

So I went there empty-handed...
Then, who actually brought it?
I'm the number one suspect!

and I left empty-handed.
Kokichi did, of course.
I'm the one who shot Kaito!

That's not what Keebo told me!

Wh-What are you talking about...? It's...not a lie...

But Keebo saw you.

N-No! That was probably...Tsumugi cosplaying as me!

You know I can't cosplay as someone unless they're a fictional character!


That's...the crossbow case!

There's no mistake. That is the bag I saw Himiko carrying.

Nyeh... Nyeeeh!

What!? Hold on! Himiko went to the hangar with a crossbow!?

Uh-ooohh! Welp, it's decided then.

I just brought it there... I-I didn't shoot it!

You're right—I believe you! Himiko is totally telling the truth! true... But can we really trust Himiko here? She was acting very suspiciously...

Next time, this is the third time Himiko's been accused of murder, isn't it?