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Part 154: Poison Arrow


VIDEO: Psyche Taxi

Turns out if you time your acceleration right, you can get a boost like in Mario Kart. I was trying it as a goof but I finally got it right for this segment.

Gotta avoid cubes here until...

Individual cubes dart from side to side here.

A third party? So someone besides Kokichi or Himiko?

That's just a guess, though. There's no way a third party exists.

If a third party did exist, why would they bring two arrows?

Kaito was the only one with a crossbow. I made sure I handed it to him...

Yeah, that's right.

So, the other two arrows weren't for Kaito...

So, the third party didn't hand the arrows through the window... Instead, they went into the hangar and shot the crossbow themselves?

Impossible. There was an alarm system and an electric barrier around the hangar.

Yeah. That hangar should've been completely closed off, right?

I feel like there might be another way. Some way that we haven't figured out yet. I'm overlooking something... Think, think... What method did the third party use to enter the hangar?

VIDEO: Hangman's Gambit #1

MUSIC: Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0

SHUICHI: ...but that shouldn't have been a problem for any of the Exisals, right? So if you wanted to enter the hangar, all you had to do was pilot an Exisal!

So was this third party piloting it?

By the way, I just wanna confirm something with Monokuma. Would the alarm still go off if there was a person inside an Exisal?

...I guess I can tell you guys. It makes sense that the alarm system and electric barrier wouldn't react to an Exisal. After all, the hangar is where the Exisals are supposed to be stored.

It’d be a hassle to disable the security every time an Exisal comes and goes, y'know?

Cuz it'd be a hassle to leave the Exisal every time you have to put it away.

So it's like Shuichi said? A third party got in an Exisal and entered the hangar?

But...can just anyone pilot an Exisal?

...Well, Kokichi?

Nipples, too!?

Anyway, this third party commandeered an Exisal and infiltrated the hangar.

I told you, that's impossible.


What? Not possible...?


Maki...what are you talking about?

Why are you trying to hide it? Why...?

Why won't you tell me?

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #6

If someone was piloting the Exisal...

they could have used it to enter the hangar.

That's not possible.

Is operating the Exisal...

and they were all moving,too.

There's no way to stop an Exisal...

You're right. It's impossible.

There is one way to stop an Exisal. I have to show them!

Looks like one of them was charged earlier than the rest.

SHUICHI: There was a used Electrohammer near Monokuma and the Exisals.

Yes, I think so.

Nee-heehee... Shuichi is getting warmer...

Who did it? Who is this third party?


The identity of the third party... The Electrohammer gives us a clue.

There's only one person among us that I think could do that...

Gee, I wonder.

What!? It's Maki!?


...What are you saying?

Remember what Kokichi said...

So if you use it against an Exisal, it'll run out of juice with just one shot, got it?

That hammer was used last afternoon, so it couldn't have been used this morning.

Oh, right. When we were all gathered in the dining hall this morning...

...I don't need it. I'd rather not use a weapon I'm unfamiliar with...

A knife? Well...I suppose you know best.


Knowing that, the Electrohammer I found could only have belonged to Maki.


She also knows how to assemble the crossbow and could have returned it to her lab later.

You brought a different crossbow than the one Kaito had, right?


...disabled the Exisal with an Electrohammer, and infiltrated the hangar.

Now we just have to figure out what happened after—


Why...are you getting in my way?

Getting in your way? Maki, what are you—


I admit to going into the hangar with an Exisal, and then shooting the crossbow.


VIDEO: Rebuttal Showdown #2

...You're right.

I used the Electro hammer...

I also shot the crossbow there...

However, I am not the culprit.

The words I'm supposed to cut are zipping across the screen pretty fast this time. Let's try that again.

What do you mean?

The arrows left holes in their clothes...

They were on his arm and back.

An arrow to each of those spots...

That's why the crossbow can't be the murder weapon.

Therefore, I'm not the culprit.

But the way she's scrambling to defend herself...

Someone's got some explaining to do.


I noticed something about the poison in my lab during the investigation.

If that poison had been applied to those arrows...

they would have been lethal, no matter where they connected.


Wh-What's the matter? Why don't you say anything?

Don't tell me... Are you...really the culprit?

... still fighting.

Huh? Fighting?

Do you remember that Maki said she would do anything to defeat Kokichi?

Maki is trying to kill Kokichi in this class trial.


Then when Maki said she would sacrifice anything, she meant...

The sacrifice that Maki is talking about must be...

Sacrifice us?

Then by hiding the truth, Maki was trying to get us to arrive at the wrong answer...

She knew what happened and tried to hide it from us...


But that mischievous plan was ruined alllll thanks to Shuichi here. Too bad, Maki! I already predicted this would happen.

This isn't over.


Maybe we do have the truth now, but this isn't over.

Huh? What do you mean?

Does this're gonna vote for someone else, even if it's not the truth?


That means finding the truth is not enough. We need to grasp the hope just beyond it.

...So Kaito...said that to you.

Then...does that mean you guys made up before he died?

I see.........Okay, I'll talk about it. Especially since it's my responsibility for involving everyone.

Ah, you think so? Maybe Kaito's charisma is starting to rub off on me...

That guy...could be pretty stubborn.

Maki, please tell us.