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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 155: I Am Not Afraid of You...

But with all the Monokubs destroyed, this segment was no longer possible. And so, the curtain quickly fell.

VIDEO: Post-Intermission

When Kokichi remembered that he was a Remnant of Despair, I planned to kill him...

I was confident in my talent as an assassin. I knew I would be able to do it.

We've tried to end this killing game before, but...


That's what I thought.

I knew Kokichi would take advantage of my naivete, simply because it's him.

Nee-heehee... Maki totally gets me.

...and broke into the hangar with an Exisal.

But when I entered the hangar, I saw something I never expected.

MAKI: Kokichi was shot in the arm with a crossbow arrow, probably by Kaito when he fought back. Both of them stopped and looked at the Exisal, most likely surprised by its sudden appearance. Kokichi immediately took out his remote and attempted to control the Exisal I was in.

That should've been enough to stop him, since the arrow was coated with poison.

Some of the poisons in my lab were far more lethal...

...I wanted Kokichi to confess his true intentions before he died.

And find out why he was always lying and trying to confuse us.

What do you mean?

He could've made it seem as if the late Junko was secretly behind this killing game.

That way, he could reveal himself as the "surprise mastermind" to liven up the game.

Because of his suspicious actions, anyone would already suspect him as the mastermind.

MAKI: Kokichi said it was a hint, but was it necessary for him to go out of his way just for a hint?

I think that if he wanted the thrill, he would've carried out the plan carefully. So when his carefully laid out plan goes to waste, he would be in utter despair.

Nyeh... That's a good point.

Maki must have wanted to hear it directly from Kokichi himself...

I-I don't're saying... But a-anyway...why are you...starting up the k-killing game...when it should've ended? Y-You already...know it's all meaningless... and th-that I'm the mastermind... Do killing that much?

MAKI: I realized it was pointless to continue the conversation, so I shot the final arrow. But then...


Wh-Why? Why would Kaito protect Kokichi?

At that moment, my mind went blank. I knew I had to do something about the poison.

I rushed to Shuichi's research lab for the antidote.

So you didn't have the antidote with you at the time...

Ah-haha! That's sooo mean!

But that was my first mistake. Because of that...


You what...?


When I returned with the antidote, the hangar shutter had been closed.I assumed it was Kokichi's doing. But because of that, I couldn't enter the hangar anymore.

I needed to give Kaito the antidote somehow, so I went to the bathroom window.

Kaito noticed it and grabbed the antidote...

But...Kokichi stole it from him.

Since I'm...the mastermind of this killing game...

Wait! There's only one antido— don't have to worry about Kaito. He fulfilled his dream, right? He already...went to Space.


...or maybe not. Because now another class trial is going to start.

Class trial...?

You'll be the blackened for this case, y'know? The blackened who killed Kaito.

I...I killed...?

Shut it! Screw the class trials! Like hell am I gonna let you have your way!

Kaito, why did you protect Kokichi!? If you didn't help him, then—

I couldn't help it... Even if it's Kokichi... I-I can't...have you kill anybody!


Awww...Kaito wasn't protecting me... He was protecting Maki! ...The situation just got way worse, huh? Maki is gonna become the blackened responsible for killing you...all because you protected me.


D-Don't you worry, Maki Roll. I'm not gonna die that easily... Just leave it to me. I'll put an end to this killing game!

Ah-haha... You're still full of energy, even like that... You really are...not boring.


Nee-heehee... I wanna see what a dying Kaito can do. So show me what you've got! I won't meddle with your plans!

What are you—!?

Don't mind me... Run, Maki Roll! Just...hurry up and run... Run... ...and live! You gotta live!

I tried to enter the hangar by breaking the control panel with my knife...

In the end...I couldn't...

So that's where the marks on the control panel came from, huh?


The bathroom door was closed. I called out, but neither Kaito nor Kokichi answered...

I couldn't do anything anymore... All I could do...was leave.

That's when I made up my mind.

As the blackened who killed Kaito, I would kill Kokichi during this class trial...

Then Kokichi, knowing what he knew, still helped Maki cover up her crime?

Was that why you smushed Kaito in the hydraulic press?

How dare you...make fun of him!

You call yourself a friend...? You enjoyed watching us suffer!

Ooohh, Maki is so scaaary. Good thing I'm in this Exisal. Pretty sure Maki would've already killed me if I was out there in the flesh.


So...what are everyone's plans now?

You can vote for me, but if you do we'll all die together. Or vote for Maki, and live. Welp, choose whichever you want. I don't care either way.

Why...? Why are you so calm? Your life depends on this, too!

No, we can't vote yet. ...We don't have the whole truth.


Thank you for telling us everything, Maki. Thanks to you, I finally understand...

...A hidden truth?

Yes, I'm positive.

Because there's something wrong with the testimony you've given us.

The part of Maki's testimony that doesn't add up...

Oh yeah! The alarm should've gone off if someone got close to the shutter!

I was too focused to notice at the time. But now that you mention it, it is odd.

Maybe the sensor just missed her?

Nah, the security there isn't that sloppy.

Then why didn't the alarm go off...?

Like I told you, this isn't over. There's still a hidden truth to find.

That's right, there must be some kind of reason behind all these oddities.


VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #7

I did attempt to enter the hangar...

At the time, the alarm system didn't go off.

But, if you had approached the shutter...

Maybe it was just broken...?

I'm not going to tell any more lies...

So what can we learn from that...?

Looks like we were too hasty to discard this possibility.

But Maki only had one bomb, and she used it during the raid this morning...

Then the only other person who could've used one is Kokichi, right?

Huuuh? Why would I use an Electrobomb?

I guess so... I can't come up with a reason why Kokichi would wanna cut the alarm.

But we know that the alarm system was neutralized. It had to be. In that case, then...


The main objective of Kokichi using an Electrobomb was...

Deactivate...the safety function?

The Electrobomb wouldn't have just taken down the alarm system...

That's true, but...why would he do that?

There's only one reason that anyone would want to do that...

All wrong...?

What aspect of this case runs contrary to the new evidence?


If the Electrobomb was used while Maki was trying to deliver the antidote...

Maybe Kaito didn't die by poison. It could be something else entirely.

Yes, the cause of death could now be...

What!? He could've!?

If the safety was off, the press could have crushed Kaito while he was still alive.

Right after I threw the antidote, I tried to open the shutter...

And if he was crushed by the hydraulic press after that, then we have our cause of death!

If that's the case, it'd mean the one who killed Kaito wasn't Maki...

...I see...very impressive. The hydraulic press *could* have been the cause of death. But that's...just a possibility.

What do you mean?

Kaito's death could have been either the poison arrow or the hydraulic press. Both causes are possible, but you'll never be able to determine it... matter what.

No matter what?

Right, Shuichi?

...Is it really possible to determine Kaito's actual cause of death?

You can't check the body, and you don't have any conclusive evidence... You can't deduce any more from here on out. There's no way to know what happened.


So that's what you were trying to do...

Nee-heehee... Do you finally get it? Yup, that was my plan. The gimmick of this murder case isn't the unknown victim...

No one understands but me! Only *I* know the answer!


Nee-heehee... Are you troubled? I'm sure robots don't have intuition, right? But there's nothing you can do about it. This is just how the trial goes. So...who is the culprit? Maki or me...?

You heard the man! Put your vote in bold. Will you make the right choice or the dreadfully wrong one?