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Part 156: ...and I Will Beat Your Ass

VIDEO: Voting Time?

Psyche! What you pick here doesn't matter at all.

Aw, c'mon... No one's gonna figure out the truth. Let's just vote already. This won't be a problem, right, Monokuma? Cuz you know who the culprit is, don't you?


Y-Yes...of course...

Nyeh? What kind of a reaction is that?

Hm? Why do you seem so flustered?

F-Flustered? Me? Hahahaha! What are you talking about?

...What's going on with Monokuma right now...?

...You don't know, do you?


What does this mean!? Why doesn't Monokuma know who the culprit is!?

Monokuma...doesn't know who the culprit is either?

Wait...this case?

Yes, that's it! So that's what Kokichi's real objective was!

Huh? What are you talking about?

Huh? What are you talking about?

...A murder Monokuma couldn't figure out?


But what's the point of that? Kokichi's the one who's controlling Monokuma!

But consider how many elements of this case would be cleared up.

That must mean that he was using some way of monitoring us...

Perhaps there are hidden cameras, strategically placed to avoid our detection...

I can't say for certain, but he must be keeping watch somehow.

The Electrobomb *would* prevent any cameras from sending video wirelessly.

Which means, it wouldn't matter where the surveillance cameras were hidden.

Before we determine that for sure, I want to make one thing clear.

If the objective were to create a crime that would stump Monokuma, the Exisals...

Watching him!?

Yes. Remember what Monokuma said earlier in the investigation?

They would have been scanning the area, watching us.

But they weren't. That implies that they weren't watching us, they were watching *him*.

That reminds me... Before I stole an Exisal, all four units were focused on Monokuma.

That's why when I stole one to enter the hangar, the other three didn't pursue me.

So Monokuma must have been talking about Maki...

The person who shared that info with me didn't seem interested in sharing it with you guys...

So you share it instead! That way, it'll be fair to all the participants!

In which could only be Maki.

...You're right.

Um, summarize this discussion...

Kokichi used the Electrobomb in the hangar, and the Exisals to watch Monokuma...

No, Kokichi might not be controlling Monokuma at all!


But Kokichi's the mastermind, right!? Shouldn't he be controlling Monoku—

Remember that the only reason we think that, is because Kokichi told us.

Monokuma hasn't said a word about that. It's possible that Kokichi is just lying to us.

Ah-hahahaha! No way I lied! I'm definitely controlling Monokuma. The mastermind of the killing game is totally me.

That's right! He's a Remnant of Despair! How'd we forget that?

But that doesn't necessarily mean that he's the mastermind.

Umm...well...I guess. But is that really possible?


I can't answer that without causing problems, cuz I gotta run this trial fair and squa—

Even more reason to give us the answer! If you don't tell us the truth right now, you'll be an accomplice to Kokichi's lies.

No need to think about it. You're being way too forward, y'know?

Aren't you normally the forward one?


I mean, I don't mind cuz that's probably part of your strategy, too...

Unlike the lies you love so much, the truth should be impartial to everyone.


...And what *is* that truth?

Is that...really true?

Kokichi was just messing with you. I never once said he was the mastermind.

Then it was all Kokichi's lie!?

Yeah, that is what that would mean.

I see. Kokichi's own deductions...

I'm getting kinda bored with all the lying, so everything I say now will be the truth, 'kay?


But, what about the Exisals!?

If Kokichi wasn't the mastermind, how'd he control them so easily?

Miu's remote control...?

So the remote that Kokichi was using was made by Miu?

Oh, you didn't know?

Miu not only invented the Electrobomb and the Electrohammer...

Kokichi just slapped a receiver on each of the Exisals and took them for a spin!

Hey, isn't it a bit unfair to tell them all that?

Fairness has nothing to do with it. I offered up that info purely out of spite.

Spite towards you, for trying to usurp the mastermind's role and take over the game!

Wh-What's going on? It seems like they're...actually fighting...

There's no doubt about it. Kokichi isn't the mastermind.

Were we just being dragged around by Kokichi's lies the whole time!?


Then if he's not the mastermind, who is!?

Why are you so certain there's even a mastermind to begin with?


What do you mean?

But I wanna know!

The real mastermind is not Kokichi... Who could it be? I was thinking it was Junko Enoshima, but that can't be it. She's dead. We've never come into contact with her.

Anyway, this conversation has flown off the rails. Let's get things back on track. This class trial is to figure out who the culprit is, not the mastermind. So, yeah... Get to talkin'!

I agree. Before we worry about who the mastermind is, or what my intent is...

But Monokuma doesn't know who it is. How is he supposed to confirm the results?

We don't need to worry about that. Let's just leave the decision-making to Monokuma. gotta run the class trial, too. So no mistakes, okaaaay?

You've been watching us solve all these cases, but you can't be a spectator anymore. You're gonna participate in the class trial from here on out.


So, let's resume this class trial! Monokuma, you gotta use your brain too!

You versus Monokuma?

...When I play a game, I intend to win. But what's considered winning in this game? Beating the other players? No...beating the game's mastermind is the true victory.

You're dragging us around like this...just so you can win a game?

As I suspected... Your thought process defies all logic.

But since the outside world is in total ruin, this game is the only entertainment we have... At least I can enjoy this game to the fullest and feel good winning.

......Remnant of Despair? Eh, whatevs. Let's just get this started. If the students or Monokuma don't know who the culprit is, then I'm the winn—


Puhuhu... It's just like a Remnant of Despair to try to assume control of the game.

But these kids are all that's left of Hope's Peak Academy.

Whose side are you taking he—

Side? Isn't it obvious!?

...Monokuma joins your party.

Well, we were going to do it anyway...

Let's just ignore Monokuma. His actions are always beyond comprehension.

Yeah! Let's just focus on the case!

Hey! Be quiet so we can ignore you!

He's just gonna keep talking anyway, isn't he?

In my experience, whenever you learn a new fact... learn something else along with it.

You warmed up to him real fast... I guess you *are* both robots.

So, another truth comes out... That piece of evidence makes more sense now.

The evidence that I couldn't wrap my head around.

SHUICHI: But we know that Kokichi was trying to mislead Monokuma, so what about the video? It's pretty strange to present evidence that condemns you, after all.

Maybe he crushed Kaito with the hydraulic press so the cause of death would be unknown?

But if that were the only objective, there would be no need to film it. Discovering the crushed body would have been enough. No need to show us the film.

That's true.

Huh? Really?

There must be a reason you went out of your way to show us the body being crushed.

No reason, really. That's just my twisted personality.

You're lying again, Kokichi. There's a method to your madness.

Taking the video of the murder but keeping the victim's identity hidden...

What does it show? What doesn't it show?

Next time, one more weird trick to derail the class trial! Monokuma hates it!