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Part 158: Your Funeral, My Trial

VIDEO: Accusation

From this point forward, the accusation is just a formality. You won't have to think too hard about it.

SHUICHI: If the two of them switched while the press was stopped...


So...the person inside that Exisal isn't Kokichi...

Wh-What did you say!?


So the culprit for this case is...

Kaito Momota... That is what the Ultimate Detective has deduced, right?

I don't want to believe it either...but it's the only way any of this makes sense.


...Is that true? Is Kaito...really in there?


Hey, answer us! If you really are Kaito, then—


There's just no way that Kaito can still be alive...

Because I'm the culprit.

W-Wait, you? But didn't you say—

But you told us you didn't want to kill Kaito and—

But...the truth speaks differently. In the end, I was just running away from the facts.

H-Huh? I don't understand...

...Maki, are you...?

There was only one antidote, so it's more likely he died from my poison arrow.

This is the truth...

It's not decided yet. I could've still killed him with the hydraulic press. Either way, those are the two options. Monokuma knows the answer, riiight?

I guess that's how things turned out...

No, that can't be! The person in that Exisal is—

There's no mistake... Kaito is dead...

I...killed Kaito...

There is doubt. That's...the truth.

I understand how she feels, but if Kaito is the culprit... Why did he agree to Kokichi's plan?


There must be a reason for it. I truly believe that...

But don't know for certain that Kokichi drank the antidote.


You saw him drink it right in front of you, but you couldn't confirm he actually did it.

So maybe...there's another possibility.

Impossible... That's...impossible...

VIDEO: Argument Armament


I just realized that there are too many button prompts for the words in this sentence.



He drink it?

Drinking the antidote was part of his lie.

SHUICHI: I believe that Kokichi knew this and just pretended to drink the antidote. After Maki left, he gave the antidote to Kaito. make Kaito cooperate.

Make him cooperate?


The swapping trick required the victim and culprit to work together.

He needed leverage. He gave Kaito the exchange for his cooperation.

In exchange for his own life, you mean.

Kaito had no choice, he had to cooperate after Kokichi saved his life.

But didn't Kokichi make this plan? What good is it for him if he's dead!?

I imagine this was all part of Kokichi's plan to confuse us.

You wouldn't think that someone would plan their own murder.

He went so far as to give up his life...just to create this mystery?

He's crazy... Why would he go that far?

I bet Kokichi was determined to beat me at my own game, no matter what.


...Truth? Are you sure it's not delusion?


A delusion completely off the mark, to make you think that I died...

I don't give a crap if the extras in this game get it right or not.


Huh? Why?

If we're just extras, then even if we get it wrong, we won't get kill—

If Monokuma gets it right,then he takes everyone's lives, yeah? But if Monokuma gets it wrong, then he'd have no right to take everyone's lives. If Monokuma doesn't know who the culprit is, then this killing game can't function anymore.


Kaito...I believe in you.


If you're cooperating with this must have a reason.

I still think Kaito is the culprit. Thinking of it that way makes all the pieces fit.

VIDEO: Closing Argument

MUSIC: Closing Argument V3

I don't have much to say about Closing Arguments, either. To make things interesting for myself, I'm doing one pass through for each cluster of panels the game allows me to use.

MUSIC: Climactic Re-enactment V3

Last night, Keebo saw Himiko from the window of his lab.

That the culprit of this case! Locked in the bathroom, the culprit had asked Himiko to bring them a certain weapon.

She was going to the hangar to kill Kokichi and save the culprit trapped in the bathroom. However, the hangar had an electric barrier preventing her from entering.

She knew Exisals could bypass the she got inside one!

But the culprit didn't intend to kill Kokichi, theyjust wanted to disable him.

If they really wanted to kill him, they would have shot him in his vitals.

He didn't want Kokichi to have the chance to summon an Exisal with the remote.

Kokichi was definitely not expecting an Exisal to interrupt them.

The tip was covered in a lethal poison from my lab called Strike—9 Poison.

But even with poison in his veins, Kokichi continued to spin his lies.

The culprit's left arm was struck by a poison arrow.

But in that desperate situation, Kokichi thought up a clever lie. He incorporated this unforeseen event into his plan to help him win the killing game!

That was Kokichi's true objective. It's why he claimed to be the mastermind.

Thus Kokichi's final lie was set into motion. she went around to the hangar bathroom and passed the antidote through the window.

She believed that the culprit was going to die from her own poisoned arrow. But it was all another one of Kokichi's lies. He had only pretended to drink the antidote.

That was why he commissioned Miu to make the bombs in the first place.

But because the culprit owed him for saving their life, they agreed to Kokichi's request.

In any case, the two were now working together as accomplices in an insane plan.

They had to work fast. If Kokichi died from the Strike-9 Poison, the whole plan would be ruined.

The two of them were finally ready to execute the insane lie!

Normally the safety function would have triggered, but the Electrobomb had disabled it. The press got lower and lower, and just as the culprit disappeared from view...

The culprit's left sleeve was dangling from the press, making us think he was the victim.

This would make it impossible for us to determine the identity of the crushed body. But there was another reason the victim was killed in this way... It obfuscated the cause of death, making the case that much more difficult to solve. This was all part of Kokichi's planlto create a murder not even Monokuma could figure out!

And here they are now in this trial, pretending to be Kokichi. They're trying to deceive Monokuma in order to defeat the true mastermind! ...And that's it. That's Kokichi's Unidentified Culprit Trick.

...Kaito Momota, the Ultimate Astronaut!


Really? Is it really Kaito?

I must reluctantly agree with Shuichi's deduction—


You're...still not gonna admit it?

Admit it? But it's wrong.

But, logically speaking, his deduction tracks...

Was Shuichi's reasoning wrong somehow?

No, my detective work was flawless. It's the truth.

So why is Kaito still fighting me?

Is this about Monokuma? Or is there another aspect to this?

You claim everything is set, and that's it. You don't have any evidence, do you?


...but that's just speculation in the end. No evidence to back it up. So if we reverse our reverse way of thinking, then it's likely I didn't do anything, right? It's totally possible that the body-switching never happened, and Kaito is dead. Not *just* possible, it's the actual truth...

No, we should trust Shuichi's deduction! I'm sure everything will be okay!

This emotion I've learned...I believe you call it "faith." That's what I feel right now.

That's right... We have to believe in Shuichi.

Well, I don't care either way. But if you guys get it wrong...


What will the results of this Voting Time be? If Monokuma makes a mistake, he won't be able to execute anyone, right? Then it will be my victory. And that will ruin the entire killing game.


You mean to ruin the killing game itself!

But...what does he mean by ruin, exactly? Monokuma can do whatever he wants to the rules. How do you "ruin" something like that? What would be the point...?

Yeah, yeah, I'm gettin' to it. Sheesh... Let's proceed with Voting Time, shall we?

Sorry I fell short of your expectations, but I'm pretty sure I won't make any mistakes.

Cuz I got the Ultimate Detective's airtight logic on my side.


I believe in my own logic... And...I believe in Kaito...

I believe in you, Kaito. Not as a detective...but as Shuichi Saihara.


Ah...can I just say something? I'd like to have one last conversation before we vote.

...Hm? One last conversation?

There's...more to talk about?


VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #9

Alright, let's pin this down.

Hm? Kaito, right?

That's what you said, isn't it?

And the culprit is Kaito, standing right there.

Isn't that correct?

I trust Shuichi!

I don't know exactly why, but he's putting his life on the line for it. So to put my faith in him...this is the only way. Everything that we've determined up to now... What if I turned it all on its head?

Time for a hail Mary!


What do you mean...lie?

Why did you say "Kokichi"? The one in the Exisal is—


The truth is...after we found the crushed body, I...saw Kokichi.


Yes. He threatened me, told me that if I didn't do what he said, he'd kill us all.

He wanted me to lie about what I saw so that the trial would be more interesting...

I have to tell the truth...

H-Hold on! Why did you wait until now to mention this!?

I'm so sorry, Keebo,'s true.


I really am sorry. But this is the only way.

If Kaito is risking his life to do this, then I'll stand by him.

He's not doing this to hurt us... I'm sure he's trying to save us all.


If Monokuma wants to rely on my detective work, fine...I'll just lie.

Everyone, please...don't vote for Kaito.


Hey Shuichi... I dunno what you're scheming... But as far as I'm concerned, you guys aren't extras at all.

......I'm not wrong.



Then you'll all get punished. There's no way I can let that happen.'s fine. Let's end this.

K-Kaito! really was you?

My bad for tricking you guys. I'll explain everything. But before that, it's Voting Time.

Kaito, no!

It's just like you to figure it all out, Shuichi. You're really something else.

So all you gotta do is believe in your reasoning. That's what detectives do.


Puhuhu... Well said. Let's get this started, then.

Next time: so long, space cowboy.