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Part 159: Bringing It All Back Home

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Lie Bullets:
Broken Press
Danger Function
Undisturbed Bloodstain
Spotless Bathroom
Unknown Crossbow
Survival Video

Kaito got crushed to death (argue)
with Kaito in the hangar (argue)
just leaves Kokichi (argue)

VIDEO: Back Route #8

This is the only statement we can cast doubt on, and we already know from the rest of the trial that the video is sus, so...

It could have been edited to make it *look* like Kaito was killed by the press.

Damn right!

K-Kaito again!?

Would you have liked it better if it turned out like that? Ah-haha, you wish!


Like I said, that footage isn't edited at all. It recorded the event completely as is.

*huuurp*... I remembered the video... And all my bittersweet memories of him...

Hold those memories within you...or they'll just escape as sour vomit.

But we all know Kokichi loves to lie. And that he's a Remnant of Despair. That leads me to believe there's something he's not telling us about that video. body?

Nee-heehee... I don't blame you for not believing it. It's hard to believe a smug idiot like Kaito got squished like a bug, right? But your lie won't work here, Shuichi.

...You're wrong, Kokichi. My emotional reaction is the lie. I put on this act to get what I want from you. I know that these class trials demand that someone dies. I'm prepared for that.

Is there a hint in what Kokichi has said? Some key to the mystery?

Isn't this enough? Kokichi is the culprit. He brought the evidence and even confessed to the murder.

Is common sense going to work here? On the Remnants of Despair, I mean.

Shuichi, I got a hit containing some important info!

A hit?

The word "living" stuck out to me, so I ran a search for that word in my memory bank.

And...there was one hit.

What important info was in your search hit?

Of course! The safety function!

A safety function?

Sequence breaking ain't easy. Look sharp, though; for this trial both the back routes are in the first half, unlike all the others.

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Lie Bullets:
Monokubs File 5
Unlocked Hatch
Hangar's Back Shutter
Charged Electrohammer
Monokuma Protecting Exisals

enter the hangar (argue)
four Exisals (argue)
controlling them remotely (argue)
all the hammers recharging (argue)
getting inside one would've been impossible (argue)

VIDEO: Back Route #9

Arguably one of the easiest routes to find, if you know what the lie bullets are.

It should have been possible to get into the cockpit, providing they could reach it.

But that's reckless, absurd, and useless...

Jump inside a moving Exisal? That's not really possible.

No, I think it is. You would need to be quick, agile, athletic, and stealthy...

...What? Are you implying that it's m—

Oooh, I see! And since he's a robot, he could have some robo-communication function!

Huh? Was that...directed at me?

As I've said, my speed, agility, and strength are equal to that of a human, if not weaker!

The selling point of being a robot is being good in combat, but...poor Keebo...

...Please don't act like I drew the short straw.

Stop this pointless conversation, Shuichi. If you want to say something, say it already.

Ah, Maki, just to confirm...

...Impossible. If I could do that, I would've turned the Exisal into scrap on the first day.

Maybe. Unless you were hiding your true potential, in which case...

Stop messing around. Are you telling me to prove something I can't do?

...Do you really suspect me that much?


Fine then, I'll explain. There was another problem that doesn't involve my talent.

You said earlier that the hatch doesn't have a lock, but that's incorrect.


An electronic lock?

Yes, you can't open the hatch from the outside. It's impossible to get into the cockpit.

Satisfied now?

How do you know there's an electronic lock on the Exisal's hatch?


...Because I checked it during the investigation.

...Just you?

I see. If that's the case...

...Yes, I did, and I'm sorry.

I thought you were hiding something from me, Maki. l was confirming my suspicion.

Now, please. Tell us the truth. How do you know about the hatch?

When Monokuma explained it to you, I just happened to overhear it. That's all.

Huh? That's a suspicious thing to say. Are you actually the culprit, Maki?


Either way, there's an electronic lock so you can't open the hatch from the outside. Because of that, no one could've entered the hangar piloting an Exisal.

There's something important that she's protecting by keeping her mouth shut. In that case, I have to keep pushing.

Nyeeeh... Maki's saying it's impossible, but there is a way to open the hatch.

Oh, you mean with your magic, right?

I won't say such a lame thing anymore. I can't stay a dreamer forever...

That would let you stop an Exisal and open its hatch.

Of magic is also an option.

A dreamer to the end, huh?

But the Electrohammers were recharging yesterday, so entering an Exisal would be—

And that's it for back routes, everyone! I think we ended them on a high note.