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Part 160: We Got It from Here... Thank U 4 Your Service

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

VIDEO: Kaito's Last Words



So you all got it right, huh? Even Shuichi and Maki Roll voted for me...


But man was it hard to act like Kokichi the whole time. I mean, sure, he wrote most of his own lines.

It's even got a bunch of alternate lines for different events, too.


But even so, I still had to ad-lib. You guys couldn't tell though, huh?


You guys got it right. It's all good.


Why...did you kill Kokichi? You were against the killing game... So why did you kill him?


Was she protecting Kaito...or just believing in him, like me...?

Yeah, I should explain. Most of it's just like Shuichi said.

I-I've been thinking...this whole time...of a plan to throw the mastermind off guard...

Throw them off guard? What are you talking about? You're the mastermind!, that was a lie... I-I only pretended to be the mastermind...


The mysterious message in the courtyard... Using Gonta and making him a murderer... All that preparation was just to make you guys think I was the mastermind.

Wh-What the hell!? Why'd you do all that...?

The reason why...I pretended to be the mastermind...

To end it?

I thought if I showed you the despairing truth, you guys wouldn't want to go outside anymore... I thought it would end the killing game. But instead...this happened. I'm gonna die by Maki's hands...

Why do you think the killing game started again?


Because the true mastermind instigated it. I'm certain of it. They made a move...without us noticing. Maaan...thanks to that, everything is ruined...

So whoever that person is, they also instigated Maki's actions, too?

Yeah...they probably tried to eliminate me because I pretended to be the mastermind...

B-But that can't be... The reason I decided to kill Kokichi was......because I remembered the truth from the Flashback Light.

Maybe...making you remember the truth was what the mastermind wanted...

Maybe the true mastermind had us use the Flashback we would target Kokichi as a Remnant of Despair?

So the Flashback Light itself was the true mastermind's trap all along? They expected us to target Kokichi once we remembered he was a Remnant of Despair?

But...even so, this is all rather convenient for the true mastermind. The person claiming to be the mastermind just so happened to be a Remnant of Despair? We're all students of Hope's Peak Academy, and our fates are tied to the Remnants of Despair... I never would have imagined that fate would bring us to Kokichi's murder.

I didn't know about that Flashback Light. Guess that's another mystery for you.

Anyway, like I was saying...

Wh-Who knows...I dunno either... But it doesn't matter...we can't lose... This game is pointless...unless you win. That's why...I thought of a special plan... When I'm on the verge of losing...

I don't really get it, but is this the plan to throw off the mastermind?

Well, it's not that difficult... Kaito...I need you...

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker


And then trick Monokuma into thinking I was the victim so he'd mess up. If he ruled that either Maki Roll or Kokichi were the blackened... Then I'd show myself and Monokuma's ruling would be invalid. And if Monokuma's ruling was invalid, the killing game would end.

Yeah, I asked Kokichi about that myself. Why would Monokuma care if he messed up on who the blackened was? And...this is what he said.

Being unfair like that...isn't allowed...

What do you mean?

If no one was watching, there would be no reason to be such a stickler about the rules... There would be no point in making this a game in the first place...

But Monokuma's been a stickler about the rules, and about making the game interesting. That's why he agreed to my plan in the Virtual World...

In which case...I have no doubt that this death game is being shown to someone.

But who'd be watching? We're the only people left alive, aren't we?

That's right! The Flashback Light is the reason we even remember that!

But Kokichi mighta been right. Why have a death game if no one's watching? I wasn't sure about it at first, but after this class trial, there's no doubt.

That's why he couldn't afford to get the culprit wrong. Why he relied on Shuichi.

A death game is made to be watched... If that's true, then...who? watching this?

Is this killing game really a show for someone!?

...Honestly, I was just happy you guys cooperated with me.

Humans love to help. They jump at any opportunity to extend a helping hand.

Then, here's another question— Who are you, really? If Kokichi, a Remnant of Despair, is not the mastermind...

Wh-Why you...are just too cute!

Huh? Really?

Why did you agree to kill Kokichi?

Because he saved your life? You should've just...ignored him. He's better off dead anyway...


Geez... I wonder how far ahead he planned this evil scheme of his.

What are you talking about!? You want me to kill you!?

I figured you'd react like that... But...are you sure you're okay with that?

And her crime would be exposed so easily.

If that happened, then Maki and I would've died for no reason, right? Which is just what the true mastermind expects...


Nee-heehee... I *am* the Ultimate Supreme Leader. There are no depths I won't sink to.

...Even if I have to sacrifice myself.


Anyway...this is our chance... Our chance to end this killing game.

We'll bring the true mastermind and everyone who's watching...

Then everyone who died can rest in peace! Ah-hahahahahaha!!!

...Ack, aw crap. I'm gonna die soon... Can we get this started already?

You're seriously crazy, dude.

Nee-heehee... But, y'know...

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

No. I agreed to his plan once I heard the words "ruin this killing game".

He was crazy, but that let him come up with some crazy plans... And we needed a crazy plan in order to stand a chance against Monokuma. I bet on that chance. I didn't have any other choice...


Kaito... You mean, your health...?

But you said you were fine! You told me not to worry about it anymo—

Ah, my bad. That was a lie.

Haha, yeah it's pretty bad. Honestly, I'm at my limit just talking. can't be...

But I gotta wonder how this happened. I don't remember at all.

If he was fine during the medical exam, then that means...

This might be...the virus.


SHUICHI: A virus carried by meteorites that spread across the globe. Hope's Peak Academy, along with the rest of the planet, was in danger of extinction. Even though we had come so far and triumphed over so much despair...we were almost wiped out in an instant.

Kaito didn't use that Flashback Light, so he might not remember it...

But weren't we supposed to be immune? We were selected because we didn't-

Perhaps the virus was dormant when you were selected for the Gofer Project...


Kaito is...infected with the virus!? But how could that be!?

I dunno what you're talking about, but... I guess I'm pretty screwed, huh?


But you know, when I found out about the plan, I thought it was pretty awesome.

It was a pretty good plan. I thought we might be able to trick Monokuma.


Haha, and that's exactly how it went! Nice job, Shuichi! You're really something!

Kaito, did you...

That's why I was able to get on board with Kokichi and lie to you like that. Even if I messed stuff up during the trial, I knew Shuichi'd see the truth.

Heh. Just what I'd expect from my sidekick.

If you knew it was pointless from the start, then you shouldn't have gone that far...!

Nah, it wasn't pointless. It ended up being a huge success.


Because of this plan and Kokichi pretending to be the mastermind...

Behind this truth, there's gotta be a hint that leads to the real truth.

The real truth?

Yeah, no doubt. That's why Kokichi gave his life.

You talk as if...he was your partner. When you hated him so strongly before...

He made us go through so much crap. To the end— No, even beyond that...

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

Hey, can I ask one thing? You want to ruin this killing game, but... You kept saying how fun this game was.


H-How could a game...that you're forced to fun...?

I had to think this game was fun to survive... I had to lie to myself!

You little...

They all...piss me off!

Th-That's why...I'm willing to do whatever it end this game!

That coulda been a lie, too. He probably just said it so I'd cooperate with him.

Was it really a lie...? I think his dying words may have been the honest truth...

No, it's definitely a lie. He's not the type to shed real tears.

A lie...or the truth? Even now at the very end, I don't really understand Kokichi...

The drawing cycles through a few of Kokichi's expressions.

The truth is in the eye of the beholder, huh? Kokichi...was the very embodiment of a lie.

What? Me?

To be honest... I was jealous of you.


Your detective skills kept us alive... You were just way too cool, and I got frustrated...

So that's why I was so harsh on you. My bad...


I was only so confident because you were there for me, Kaito. When you made me your sidekick, you said that you'd "take the responsibility"... And that... That's why I can do all this.

If you didn't talk to me back then, even now I'd be—

MUSIC: Sing the Empty Truth

Kaito, are you okay!?


Y-Yes... I've been determined to fight back for a while now...

N-No... Stop...

No, Kaito, I can't! I can't let you die, Kaito!




Wh-What's so funny...?

Oh, just thinkin' about life...and how irreplaceable it is. Know what I mean?


When a life ends, those closest to it mourn. But if you could somehow recycle that life...

If we could recycle life, the world would be filled with hope. That's my point.

What are you talking—

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!


What the—!? That's totally a lie!

What the hell's goin' on? I coulda swore there was more of youse chumps before!


Those old Monokubs were destroyed. These Monokubs are the latest model. They still got their factory settings, so in a way, it's like they're brand-new characters...

But who cares!? Now that my cubs are back, I'm not lonely and miserable anymore!

You...brought them back on a whim like that?

Finding other people?

I got no idea what's goin' on or what any of this means, but that's right!

Hell yeah! We're so fuckin' lovable and shit! Except Monodam, of course!


Now that the Monokubs are back, I've got my Exisal entourage protecting me again. Still wanna defy me now?

Th-This is bad! If he's got the Exisals again-


It doesn't matter... I won't let you kill Kaito. I'll...fight until the end...

S-Stop... Even if you fight the Exisals, you'll just get killed, dammit! The remote control and the last Electrobomb were crushed in the press.

Maki Roll! Enough alre-

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

I've always fought to kill, but...this is the first time I've fought to protect someone!


And...I've never...


And I've never......met someone as stubborn as you before......

Maki Roll!


I...don't want this to end. I just...don't...

...Maki Roll... I'm sorry... but that's not an option. I don't have as much time left as you think...

B-But, I...

Hey, Maki Roll. I asked you before... What's your enemy? hated yourself so much. You didn't even like yourself a little... And wasn't that the reason you tried to distance yourself from others?

That was your enemy.

But not anymore, huh? You're alright now! You fell for a guy like me! Now you can learn to like yourself!


Hey, hey...don't cry. Can't you send me off with one last smile? You guys, too. I'm not gonna allow any tears. Send me off with a bang.


M-Me too! I'm gonna hold it in!

Yeah! I'll endure it!

I can't cry. Even if I wanted to...

Can do!

Oh boy! My first Punishment Time! I've never seen one before!

But let me just say this to the true mastermind controlling Monokuma...


That's all.

I'll leave the rest to you guys! End this ridiculous killing game!

We'll end it. So, please...don't worry.

You have friends. Don't try to do everything by yourself, okay?

...Yeah, Kaito. Okay.

Don't forget! The impossible is possible! All you gotta do is make it so!

Yeah! Thanks, Kaito!

Maki Roll... How long are you gonna cry? You should smil-

I-I can't... That's impossible... I can't...

Ugh... U-Uuuugh...

Alright then! Let's end this with a bang!

You don't gotta tell me! I'm excited to get this started!


EXECUTION VIDEO: Blast Off! Second Ignition

MUSIC: Heartless Journey



Keebo, are you okay!? You got hit by that debris when you protec-

I-I'm...fine. More importantly...

What's the matter, Monokuma!? Upset that Kaito won!?

Eh? Whaddaya mean Kaito won?

Kaito didn't die from your execution!

It's...Kaito's victory.

Hmph... I dunno if he meant to do it, but he certainly went out like a stubborn jackass. Well, whatever! It's not like this is the end of the killing game! So it's fine!

It's...not over?

Ain't it written in the school regulations?

School regulations... So you're gonna follow the regulations, huh? The only reason you want rules is because you're showing this to someone!

...I just want an entertaining killing game, but you're certainly entitled to your opinion.


I made a promise to Kaito! I will end this killing game!


Hmm... You could cut this tension with a knife. What's everyone talkin' about, anyway?

Feels like we stumbled into the last act. I dunno what's happenin' at all!

Oh! Monosuke is acting nice! He's sucking up for brownie points!

Ohhhh, I just can't help myself around you cute little cubs.

Gather 'round, kids. I'll spend a whole month telling you about what you missed.


I'll tell you all about it, while I smother you with hugs and kisses! You kids go on ahead and wait for me at home.

We don't want it! Just go away!

By the way...I dunno where you got the idea that this killing game can be stopped. There's nothing a participant can do to end this killing game.

During his ranting, Monokuma took out...

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

W-What? What did you just do?

Was that...a Flashback Light just now?

Is it...broken? I don't feel like I remembered anything.

You'll remember soon enough...

Ah-hahahahaha! The killing game will never end!

He declared that this killing game would continue. He declared...there is no hope.


It took all I had just to accept the reality that Kaito was gone... And not just Kaito... Kokichi too... Someone we all trusted, and someone none of us trusted... We lost them both. But it wasn't all for nothing. Because we're drawing ever closer to discovering the true mastermind...

MUSIC: New World Order V3

Never ever! As long as I'm around, it'll never end. It'll repeat over and over and over... Why would I let something this fun ever end? I want to have more fun. As long as it's fun, we have to keep doing it. That's just simple supply and demand.

AUDIO: Ultimate Despair!

Puhuhuhuhu... Puhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. Such...despair.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

I found myself standing in that one spot in the courtyard. The place where Kaito and I would train together... My heart...felt crushed. All the loss and guilt and helplessness...sinking in my chest. But still I... I stood there.


...So, you came too.


For what?

I was the one who drove Kaito into a corner...

It's all my fault.


...Are you feeling lonely?



Yeah...lonely. I... I feel so lonely, and so sad I... I don't know what to do...

If he hadn't have been my friend, I would be...

I can't remember the last time I ever cried that hard. I wonder how long it's been...

But, I won't cry anymore. I'm sad, but...I'm grateful to Kaito.



That's why..I won't cry anymore. I'm not going to wallow in pity. I want to show him how much I appreciate all the things he did.


I'm sure that our friends who've passed on...don't want to see us miserable.


I knew you guys would be here cuz I cast a spell to find you.

Tsumugi? Himiko?

Umm... If you don't mind, can we join you in your training?


We're...going to end this together?

Himiko and I promised Kaito.

Yeah. We're gonna do what we promised and work together to end this killing game.

...Yeah... Absolutely.

Monokuma said that there's no hope anywhere... But he's wrong. There is hope.

That's right. I have friends. Not just my friends here, but also friends who have died... They all gave us their hope too. That's why...I'm going to live. I want to live for everyone who died. Despair cannot defeat me. I will hold on, and survive no matter what. ...Thank you...Kaito.

AUDIO: Huge Space Abs (Reprise)

Just start moving your body and your pain will become memories before you know it.

...Then you should train, too.

Well, I don't have anything to worry about. Cuz, I mean... I'm Kaito Momota! Luminary of the Stars!

Hey! No fair, Kaito!

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

Keebo? Ah, I don't know...

Nyeh... What is that guy off doing?

I don't think a robot really needs to do any training...



AUDIO: Keebo's Awakening!

???: Too quiet... And yet, this silence is quite refreshing.

It would fill me the power of hope... Guide me along the right path... ...I can't hear it anymore. All I hear silence. That silence means my will is now my own. Even if despair is all we have to choose... Even if hope no longer exists... I will never give in to despair!


No matter what, I will force this to end. This school, this Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, is steeped in despair...

VIDEO: K1-B0 Attacks

AUDIO: Annihilated Academy

Galactic Jacket posted:

Proof that you've cleared Chapter 5. A memento of Kaito. It depicts his fantasies of the universe.

Next time, culmination.