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Part 161: Space Oddity

Kaito's death puts a space shuttle on the title screen. I think this is as far as the screen develops. We'll have to see after I beat the game.

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Yeah, you can tell me anything! I may not look like it, but I'm a great listener!

Is it harder than Kaito's head? Let's find out.

Oh, that's pretty interesting. This is almost the perfect gift for a Luminary of the Stars! You're on the right path.

What? Why are you so surprised?

Because I never would've guessed you'd be interested in playing the piano...

Oh! But I'm happy that you're interested! I'll definitely teach you!

Playing the piano is gonna help you when you go to space...?

Of course! What if I meet an alien?

Sorry...I don't follow.

Well, we haven't confirmed any, but... It's silly to think that humans are alone in this vast universe.

Plus, isn't it more exciting to think they're out there somewhere?

Exciting, huh? Well, I guess...

Not just piano, any music! Even singing would work.

Communicate by singing... He's been watching too much anime.

What's with that face... You think it's impossible, don't you? I think it's totally possible to communicate with music.

The Voyager Golden Record...?

Well, I guess it *was* a while ago, so it's not that weird you wouldn't know about it...

Were these Voyager Golden Records sold in stores back in the day?

It wasn't sold. It was shot up into space.

Sh-Shot up?

It had greetings in a bunch of languages, images of landscapes...and also music.

Ohhh! I didn't know they did that!

There was another spacecraft called the Pioneer that had a message on a plaque. The Voyager and Pioneer were sent to the ends of the universe...and they're still going.

Contact with aliens, huh... Maybe it'll happen one day.

Yeah! In the not—too-distant future, in fact! I, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars......will be the first human to ever come in contact with an alien!

But communicating with the aliens by music... That might be possible. I know well that music can transcend words and language to unite hearts as one.

Oh god, I'm starting to sound like a hopeless romantic like Kaito! Hahaha...

Don't worry, I'm not panicking. I'm an astronaut, after all!

Oh, you wanna learn how to have peace of mind, like me? Alright, I'll show you how!

But he told me stories that made me question his definition of peace of mind...

It's surprisingly political!

Huh? You're giving this to me?

Th-Thanks, it's just...unexpected for you to give me something like this.

Who, me? But why?

First off, you're able to both cooperate with people and lead them. I haven't even had to rally everyone here together yet because you've beat me to it.

I-Is that so?

That's true...

Compared to me, you've still got a lot to learn! How about I make you my sidekick?

Should you really be suggesting that when you're still a trainee...?

But I'm still in high school.. Don't you need a college degree to become an astronaut?

That's okay! I can just ask a guy I know and we can get you in...

Besides, I'm not that interested in space. I'm sure others would be more suited.

I see. Well, it's fine if you're just not interested... After all, the universe is a harsh place. Only a few people can go up there right now. But once we astronauts open up a path into space...


For sure! I'm going to take the culture that grew on Earth and Spread it across the universe!

I'd rather stay on Earth...

What the heck!? Are you really *that* uninterested in the universe?

Yes, plus going into space sounds really dangerous and scary.

I told you, it's ourjob as astronauts to get rid of those dangers, right? Just relax and follow the trail I'Il blaze!

Yeah, that would be amazing.

Right? I'm so excited to see what kinds of things the people that come after me will do!

Do they need a pianist?

What are you saying!? Don't overthink things! There isn't any unnecessary art or technology in this whole world!

Like I said, before, I'm sure that music will travel across the universe and connect all life. You could work towards that... See? Isn't it exciting just thinking about it?

Um... You might get mad at what I'm about to say, but...

Hm? What's wrong? I won't get mad, so just say it.

I thought you just wanted to travel to space, and that's it. But you're already thinking about what you'll do afterward.

AUDIO: Kaito Free Time #1

I promise I'll make a path out of here too, so don't worry!

Oh, okay...

He tried to convince me of his goals, despite having no way to pull them off... Only Kaito could be this confident without a plan...

O-Oh, it's nothing... Instead of talking about that, it's a better use of our time to think of ways to escape.

A-Are you serious!? I didn't think you could even find this around here!

As, great job! I'm so happy!


You wanna know, right? Why I feel so strongly about the universe!?


I haven't even answered yet!

Fair warning, this'll be a long story...

So not only are you going to force me to listen, it's a long story...

He had a pretty big warehouse. I'd run through it looking for treasure. One day, while I was looking around in the warehouse, I found a map...

A map? Of what?

Hold on! One thing at a time!

I thought this was supposed to be a story about outer space!

After I found that map, I made a decision and set out... I went to the nearest pawn shop and sold the map for some cash!

There's no way I, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars, would ever follow a map to adventure! A life free from maps, finding my own adventures...that's the life for me!

Ah, I see...

I can't tell if he's demented or just really blunt...

Soon after becoming a captain, I met my destined rival!

Your rival?

Yeah! The boss of the Great Pirates!

We clashed on the field of battle many times, to the point we became friends... But during our final battle to see who would conquer the seas... I could've won, but I'm not the kind of guy to be satisfied with just the sea.

That's why I couldn't finish him off with a final punch... He got mad at me for holding back. We haven't met since that day...


How much longer is this story?

What, do you think I'm making this all up?

N-No, that's not what I meant! It's just that this has nothing to do with space...

That part's coming! Just chill out and listen. Don't be so impatient.

You could be a writer, Kaito...

A writer!? Hah, I guess I could write my autobiography about the universe. It'd become a must-have book for guys trying to become astronauts.

...Not exactly what I meant.

I'll just keep listening...'s written all over your face...

Huh? What is?

You're not taking this seriously, are you!? If it's boring, just say so! Pretending to listen is super unmanly!

Ah, no! I'm not bored or anything! It's really interesting, Kaito!

Oh, really? I guess I misunderstood. My bad!


Ah, okay...

I suppose this story has a part two. I wonder where it will end...

*knock, knock*



Sure thing... Let's sit down somewhere and talk.

He really must not feel well.

This gift is pretty popular, but there was never any doubt about whom I'd give it to.

A-Are you serious!? I didn't think you could even find this around here!

As, great job! I'm so happy!

Haha! You really want to listen to my stories, huh!? Well, if you say so!

*You* were the one who said you'd finish the story next time...

So where did we leave off?

You were fighting off rival hordes of pirates and had just left your ship.

You say it was amazing, but you forgot it? ...I'll keep it to myself.

After the battle, I was headed for a port, but...I got caught in a storm. I thought I was done for, but right when I was preparing for the worst...

Ah. I see.

What kinda reaction is that!? You think I'm lying!? It was a whale, man! The second smartest thing in this world after me! It probably saw my greatness and hid me in its stomach, away from the storm.

Once I made it to the port and stepped onto land, something occurred to me... I tried to conquer the sea...and it won. So I decided my next move would be...

Ah! He's finally to the outer space part...


I sold my boat and all my possessions and I entered the jungle! And much like the sea, it was a wild frontier. Cutting my own path through the foliage...I came across something.

This part of the story seems less grand than the part about conquering the seas...

But that was just the beginning... Defeating him opened a gate...

A gate? To what?

The...Underground Empire?

Yeah! There was a whole civilization in a giant underground cave! I invaded their empire and made the emperor my sidekick, but...

The time limit?

Well yeah. My summer vacation was over, duh.

...You had a pretty long summer vacation, didn't you? And anyway, I still don't know why you decided to become an astronaut.

Yes! That's what we were talking about!

That's simple! The universe is the final frontier for me to conquer! And it's sorta cool, isn't it? Aren't astronauts the best!?


No! There's no point thinking about it right now! I'm better off thinking of something else!

Alright! Let's get started then... There's a theory that the moon was created when a giant meteorite smashed into the Earth!

Sadly, this present was locked off when we were doing Kokichi's events, but Kaito is enough of a kid at heart to enjoy it, too.

Are you giving this to me? Haha, you know me so well! Alright! As thanks for this cool gift, I'll tell you a cool story!

Yeah...that's true.

But since we're here, aren't you glad you met me?

Glad I met you?

Well...I guess Kaito has saved me before...

...A sidekick.

I've got quite the record. I could even be called the Ultimate Hero!

Your "record"? What do you mean?

I'm only an astronaut trainee, but in other fields, my name is legend!

Ah, really...?

Yup! For example...CThat star rookie in the major league? He used to be my sidekick!

That engineer who won a Nobel Prize? He also used to be my sidekick. I even showed our current prime minister the ropes of politics.

So you taught him the art of delegating to Kirumi?

Oh yeah! And that pop sensation? I taught her to sing and dance!

Ah, I-I see...

The game is probably referencing real people, but I have no idea who.

That said...I only nudged them in the right direction.

If you're lost, I'll believe in you! If you get scared, I'll help you!

Yeah... With just a nudge, a person can change. They can break outta their shell.

That's true. Even if it's just one person...anyone would be encouraged by that.

But that one person has to be special. It has to be someone like Kaito...

Your worry is my worry! My worry is your worry! And there's nothing wrong with that!

Ah, yeah...thank you.

...Only someone like Kaito could help me. Only someone like him could tell me what I need to hear.

...Ah, n-never mind. I shouldn't be talking about another boy like that...

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

He must just be frustrated by everything that's happened...I think.

Well, it's fine now. My punch probably brought him to his senses. If not...I'll Speak to him through my fists as many times as it takes!

Good luck with that.

Are you giving this to me? Haha, you know me so well! Alright! As thanks for this cool gift, I'll tell you a cool story!

Ah, okay...

He seems upset... Did I do something to make him angry?

When my sidekick is moping, it really ticks me off!


I told you, man! Don't hesitate to talk to me if something's wrong.


Spit it out! If you bottle everything up, it can't get fixed!

I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not looking for advice...

You've got some guts trying to lie to me.


Then he'd understand why. I told him all about the case that got me the title of Ultimate Detective. I told him that he would know how untalented I really am.

Yes, and the most important part... I just happened to find some evidence that was missed. I accidentally solved the puzzle. It was all coincidence, happenstance... And I foiled the culprit's plan for vengeance. I didn't understand the situation, I didn't know any better. That man...hates me.

What do you mean, trivial?

The culprit's feelings. Why are you even worrying about them?


You're right. Being a detective is a trivial job... You dig up dirty secrets for money. That's the whole job.

Huh? What are you talking about? Where's your pride in your work?

Your job isn't trivial! It's great! I'm talking about the culprit!

You have no right to say that! You don't know what I've been through!

Hah! Nice! It's good to see you actually have some bite in you. You're right, I don't know. After all, I'm not you. And that's why I can say this to you!

He killed someone and was trying to get away with it! He's a bad guy! If he'd gotten away with it, he'd be crushed by the weight of his guilt. But you got him before that happened! He should be thanking you!


And not just with that guy! From now on, if anyone holds a grudge against you...I'll kick their ass!

AUDIO: Kaito Free Time #2

So you just gotta follow the path you believe in!

You're my sidekick. So don't hold back and rely on me whenever you need to!

Alright, so he's foolhardy. But he supports me and expects nothing in return... He does so much for me... I could never turn my back on that. I will never betray his support and trust. I will never break my bond with Kaito!

Yeah! Just leave it to me!

...Everything is going to be okay. As long as we have this, we can move forward. Sometimes I feel as though I'm dragging him down, but I know I'll catch up one day. I bet he'd laugh and tell me I have a lot of nerve for a sidekick.

You have learned a new skill, Spacewalk.

I dunno, I've been able to avoid obstacles ninety-five percent of the time. I think I'll pass.

Kaito's Undergarments posted:

Kaito's favorite boxers. The universe is always burning in the most important parts.

You know there are creams for that, right?