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Part 162: Burning Down the House

???: My name's Makoto. I don't have any talents or anything. I'm just a regular teenager...

NEW MUSIC: Hope of Winter

AUDIO: Makoto's Daily Life

See, even the way I look is normal. Getting into an elite school like this was just the start of my bad luck. I can't keep up with my classmates' conversations or the teachers' lectures... I'm just treated like empty space in the classroom. At home, my parents are constantly on my case...


We slowly zoom in on Makoto.

I want to run away from my daily life...

I want to run away...and run away...and run away and run away and run away.

MUSIC: Hope of Winter

I have a reason to live! I've got something to look forward to! That's why I'm gonna be okay!

Thanks for giving me something to get totally obsessed with! Thanks for the strength to keep going! I'll keep on rooting for you, so please keep trying your best! And—! One day, I'll also—!

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

Wh-What happened!?

I turned my head to where Maki was pointing...

VIDEO: K1-B0's Rampage

I don't know what he's planning, but it looks like he's attacking the school indiscriminately. We need to hurry and stop him... We'll get caught up in this mess if we don't.

But how do we stop him?

We have to talk to him! We can get him to come down!

Y-Yeah! You're right!

VIDEO: Academy Annihilation

W-We need to get his attention! Get him to come down!

and then slowly flew down to us.

...Here he comes.



AUDIO: Keebo the Destroyer

Please keep it brief. I have other matters I must attend to.

End the killing game...?

D-Destroy it!?

The killing game cannot go on if I destroy this school in its entirety.

So that's have that weapon?

What's with that weapon and the jet pack?

You had equipment like your lab?

I made some modifications to drastically improve their power output and functionality.

Since when have you been able to do that? You didn't level up or anything, right?


Didn' say that you didn't want to use anything from the lab?

Th-That's right! You don't like looking sci-fi!

Yes...I wanted to be treated like a real human. A creature of flesh and blood like you all.

H-Hold on! If you do something like that...we'll all die, too, y'know!?

TSUMUGI: We're only able to survive because we're inside this spaceship, y'know?

If my actions result in your be it.

"So be it"?

Monokuma told us that despair is our only choice. That hope...does not exist here.

As long as this killing game continues, only despair awaits us.

Wait...we still have hope.

Y-Yeah... If we all work together, even this killing game will—


And even if we did manage to stop this killing game and escape, where would we go? Earth is destroyed, humanity is extinct... We have no home to return to.

Th-That...might be true, but...

We simply do not have the power to change the outside world on our own.

And you would be willing to let all of us die to accomplish that?

That is a far better alternative than allowing Monokuma to continue the killing game.

A-Are you...serious!?

Kaito and Kokichi gave their lives to end this killing game...

...Is that what your inner voice is telling you to do?

No...I can no longer hear that voice.

For some inner voice has gone silent. This decision is my will, my choice.

No...that's wrong.


Because there might still be hope. There might still be a place to call home.

And what are you basing that claim on?

I just have a feeling.

Just a feeling...? You sound like that idiot right now.

...Kaito said so.

Hope's Peak Academy was the same way. It was a killing game made for an audience. This game must be the same way. Someone is watching this somewhere... There's someone left.

True, we cannot say there is absolutely no possibility. But even a mere possibility—

MUSIC: New World Order V3

We haven't investigated everything. There are still a lot of mysteries in this school! If there are still questions to answer, then we haven't found the truth.

And that means...we can't give up! We can't give up before we reach the truth!


Very well. I shall cooperate with your attempt to stop this killing game your way.


Until dawn?

Though dawn here is simply an illusion projected onto the dome... If you cannot stop the killing game by dawn...

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

AUDIO: Killing Game Squad

Attempting to destroy this precious academy is more than a violation of school regulations.

Huh? Is the robot malfunctioning? He must be—why else would he try to defy me?

Then let's kill him until he dies from it! Hell yeah!

Ripping a robot apart isn't gory at all, so I can go all out this time!

Pops! Can we kill him!? Please!?

...Well, any last words?

This place is dangerous. You all need to get out of here.

Keebo, are you okay!?

Shuichi... Please find this "truth" that you mentioned earlier while I stall them.


AUDIO: The Ultimate War

In the name of Hope's Peak Academy, the symbol of hope itself... I will destroy the Ultimate Academy, and bring down this monument to despair!

the Ultimate Academy became a battlefield.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

So the robot uprising finally happened... It's what I always feared, but...

I-I never expected it'd be like this!

But why did Monokuma leave a weapon like that in the research lab? He's...pretty careless, isn't he?

The ceiling shakes.

Hey, what should we do?

...Just as I said before. We need to find the truth in order to end this killing game.

Okay, but...what do we need to look for?

The mastermind...? Is there really a mastermind in this academy?

If the outside world is destroyed, then the mastermind must be in this school, right? Kokichi wasn't the mastermind... Then, in that case...

But I thought the only ones saved by the Gofer Project were us 16 students...

Someone... You mean a Remnant of Despair, right? Then someone else inside this academy besides Kokichi is a Remnant of Despair?

If we can find them and kill them, then this killing game should end.

Ah, I don't know about *killing* them...

This complex is huge, there must be places we haven't explored yet.

And that's not the only thing we have to find... To truly end this killing game, we must find this mastermind of despair...


Our home. Where we're going to live after this killing game ends. I know there is hope out there. We have to find it before we leave.

This isn't some fictional story, so I don't think things'll work out that well...

Since Keebo is distracting the Exisals, we won't have to worry about violating school rules...

There must be other rooms that we haven't investigated yet.

You're right... There's no point complaining. Let's all just do what we can.

W-Well...if we all work together, everything will be all right...right?


...Yes...that's right!


When all is revealed...this killing game will end!

MUSIC: Hope Searching

Nyeh!? We're gonna split up? But we were just in such a united mood.

Well...we don't have enough time left to all go together, unfortunately.

Right...we'll see each other soon.

The ceiling shakes again.


VIDEO: Entrance Hall Annihilation

The time to dawn and your bond with your friends will be displayed.
If your bond increases, you can move large debris.
So work hard to end this killing game before dawn breaks!

Next time, the final investigaation begins!