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Part 164: Atom Heart Mother

Pardon the interruption, but I figured that if friendship power is a mechanic this investigation, we might as well go all the way with it.

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

And now we're in this lousy situation... Being an Ultimate sucks...

I don't know why I'm complaining to you. You're stuck here, too.

...And if there's time to complain, I'd rather spend it being productive.

This is...something you should give to a child. You shouldn't give this to someone my age.

Well...when we get out of here, I'll give it to the kids. That's why you gave it to me, right?

...Yeah. What of it?

No, nothing... I just thought you'd be more worried about the kids.


Oh, you mean the kids at the orphanage?

...They'll be fine.

Even if I'm not around, those kids should know how to take care of themselves.


Of course, the older children care for the younger ones until they're old enough. There are several other older kids there, so they should be fine.

But...I'm sure you're like a big sister to those kids. They must miss you terribly.

They probably just want someone to spoil them. It doesn't necessarily have to be me.

Don't say that...

Shuichi also mentioned that he couldn't see Maki as the Ultimate Child Caregiver...

Oh! Maybe......she doesn't want people to find out she's worried? Maki does seem pretty reserved.

Um, no! Uhh, well... I also wanted to know what child caregivers usually do.

What they

...Normal stuff. I play with the kids and make sure they don't do anything stupid... When it's time for their afternoon nap, I sing them lullabies or read them books...

...What did you expect?

Like...some kinda Super-Duper High School Level Ultimate childcare technique!

...That's stupid. Nothing like that exists.

Then it has to be love! Your deep love is the reason why they like you so much!

Don't hesitate!


I think you gotta let love into your heart so you can act without any hesitation.

Are you talking about emotions? So I have to act on my feelings first... And that feeling is love, right? Well, that is...if I had any.

That feeling of cherishing someone is an emotion everyone naturally has. When you build up that feeling, it becomes love, don't you think so?

It's about having a benevolent heart!

...Like a god? That kind of thing is one of the most uncertain ideas in the world.

You think so? I wouldn't know if there's a god or not... But I think it's only natural to think about cherishing someone.

You have to love children!

......Is that what you're into? One wrong move and the police will be all over you.

N-Not that! Kids are just an example...

But it's the thought of cherishing someone other than yourself.


Is that all? Then, I'm going.

She left... I felt like she was annoyed... Or was she just being shy?

Can me?

...Then let's go.

I wonder if she's interested in the piano? I would be happy if she was...

What do you mean, "go bad"? Doesn't that defeat the point of these things? Ah well, it's far from the worst thing a parent can let their kid have.

This is...something you should give to a child. You shouldn't give this to someone my age.

Well...when we get out of here, I'll give it to the kids. That's why you gave it to me, right?

What's it like...?

I only know orphanages from books and stuff... But I wanted to know what it was like at yours.

If I had to describe it for you, it's like going to camp. One with children of all ages.

A camp, huh? Then, do you cook together?

Not really. We had a cook who prepared us three meals a day.

However, we'd help the younger kids do theirs until they learned how to do it.

Ooh! And that's how you became the Ultimate Child Caregiver, right!?

...I won't deny it, but it's not like I did anything special.

Yeah, just like how family members help each other out.

Is that so? I didn't have a family, so I wouldn't know.


Damn it. I was totally being inconsiderate.

It depends, but we usually did since the older children had to take care of them anyway. Since we didn't have much of an allowance, many of our toys were old... Some of the kids wanted newer games, and that got pretty problematic.

No...we didn't have anything like that. Once you get to high school, you can start earning money from jobs, but that's about it.

Hmm, I see... There wasn't much to do then.

The teacher at the orphanage thought we didn't have much to do, either.

What? You don't know what a piano is? Don't they have one at the orphanage?

Oh, yeah...there might be an old upright piano.

Then, I just need to go there. How about it?

Oh, that's true. Hahaha, sorry for inviting myself... I got too excited. But I'm serious! When we escape from here, can you ask the teacher for permission?

...You're such a busybody. What good will come of that?


You actually believe...we'll be able to get out of here...

Of course! And we all need to work together to do that!

AUDIO: Maki Free Time #2


A-Annoying... Maki's insults are always so harsh...

But she doesn't seem like a bad person...

If she's being this straightforward with me, does that mean we're closer now?