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Part 166: You Are the Quarry

MUSIC: Hope Searching

Check out the new meter in the lower left. I'd have called it the Keebometer. Now let's go back in the main building.

Hold [X] or [R1] when near an Exisal to ask Keebo for help!
That's it. There's no trick to it or anything.

Even the Keebometer has an ahoge. It wobbles back and forth while the meter charges.

The north half of the first floor is blocked by more rubble. We'll be back for it later.

Same with the two classrooms and Kaede's lab on the second floor. This barrier requires all our powers combined.

After that, it's a straight shot all the way up to the fifth floor. Some labs are blocked off by the unmovable kind of rubble, and Shuichi won't enter the ones that aren't.

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.

VIDEO: K1-B0 Returns

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

That was one hell of an entrance!

I will destroy this door at once. Please stand back, Shuichi.


MUSIC: Hope Searching

Well then, I leave the rest to you. If there is anywhere else you would like to access but can't, please call me. ...I will blast open an entrance just like I did for you now.

Anywhere I'd like access...

If I can go *anywhere* with Keebo's help... Does that mean I could get in there, too?

No, Rantaro's case first. I need to investigate his lab.

But what kind of room is this...? It's almost...frightening...

What was his talent? I thought I'd understand once I came here—

Was that explosion the sound of you breaking down this lab's door? That's pretty drastic.

Ah, that wasn't was Keebo.

But...what even is this place? It's got an awful atmosphere...

So maybe he was the "Ultimate Quiz King" and he got that title by winning game shows?

I'm not sure... We should investigate first.

Then I shall help you!

Ah, yeah...that makes me feel better.

But now Keebo is a completely different person from the guy who hated looking sci-fl.

Or, actually... I guess I should say he's a completely different robot now.

Nyeh? Maybe...

Kirumi's been dead for a while, though.

...No, I don't think so. He doesn't have a spare, he's the same Keebo...'s true that he has changed quite a bit...

Yes, there are sixteen chairs at the table. I counted.

I could only smack away twelve of them.

Oooh, this looks promising! My magic's telling me this is important!

There might be a clue in here. I should check.

Looks like it still works... I should see what's on here...

What's the matter?


Empty? What do you mean?

There's no data in it at all.

It seems like that's the case...

N-No, but... My magic reacted to something.

There's gotta be something! Check it better!

"Check it better"...? Anyway, what was that about magic?

HIMIKO: And the one on the left is labeled B and it has a bunch of different astrological signs on it... So it looks like if we move both of the dials to the right things, the vault will open.

I must be seeing double! Four zodiacs!

SHUICHI: It says something about a hint somewhere in the academy...

HIMIKO: Nyeh? Was there really a hint?

...That's 144. Too many to try all the combinations at random...

Wait a minute... Let me think...

There's an A and a B dial, one with the Chinese zodiac and the other with astrological symbols... And a hint somewhere in this academy? I'm sure I can solve this...

That should help you have an epiphany. I *am* a legendary mage, after all.

Y-Yeah...thank you.


There's no time...I have to try. I should inspect these dials... If I can't figure it out... I can ask Himiko...


Remember in Fedule's Virtue's Last Reward LP when he'd play dumb and pretend not to know the answer to puzzles to get more dialogue, no matter how easy the puzzle was? Let's do that.

I wonder if it's like a diagram or some letters? It'd be a problem if it was some big object.

I-I've almost got it figured out! Do I just not have enough mana!?

I feel as though I'm right on the cusp of discovering something... Perhaps if I keep talking to Himiko, something will come up...

So we need to think about A, B, the Chinese zodiac, and astrological signs... Those are the clues to opening this vault.

Nyeeeh...I feel like there was something, but...

Maybe it was hidden really well?

No, it must be a hint of some kind... There would be no point if no one saw it.

Some...psychological blind spot.

A magical concept?

Hm, there's a technique mages use when casting spells.

For example, when we cast big spells, we add a bunch of flashy over-the-top stuff.

We have the audience focus on all that hide the source of our magic.

Of course, my magic is very advanced, y'know? Even if the source of magic for my spells was leaked, not just anyone could copy them! I usually don't need to hide it, but it's better safe than sorry!


We probably already saw it, but we don't know it's a clue yet.

Something we already saw...

That's it! Himiko's right!

At this point the game has Shuichi realize the answer and show it to us, but he's also going to explain his reasoning to Himiko after opening the safe, so I'm gonna cut out the redundant explanation.

Ah, yes...I think I've got something.

Then let's try it out! As your sidekick, I'll watch over you!

My sidekick watching over me...

There's no time. I have to test my deduction...


What's the matter, Shuichi? Did you lose your confidence after coming this far?

N-No, it's just...

Nyeh? What am I saying? Those words just came to me ...from somewhere.

It was a clue for these dials.

SHUICHI: Kokichi added more to it...

HIMIKO: Oooh! I see! So the A dial should be on the horse!

The other hint was hidden in the rear garden.

HIMIKO: Got it! So the B dial should be on Gemini!

Nyeeh, so that's what it meant! Thanks to your deductions, everything's all cleared up!

But...why did Kokichi add all that stuff to it?

He needed us to believe it... He was trying to *be* the mastermind.

Nyeeeh...causing us problems even after he's dead... He's such a pain!

If it was this difficult to get in here, there must be something important inside.

I-I'm getting nervous! Is it okay if I barf first?

...Do you feel nauseous when you're nervous?

That Monokuma pattern must mean there's something here, but how do we check inside?

Hm, I could use that thing in this lab.

If I put the USB stick in here, I should be able to check the data.

I found a single file.

I opened the video file, and...

AUDIO: A Message fr—

SHUICHI: ...Ah!?

Th-That... That was Rantaro, right?

He probably recorded it here before he died...

No, that couldn't be the case. The video was clearly recorded in Rantaro's lab.

It was supposed to open up after Gonta's case, but because Rantaro was already was locked, permanently. But thanks to Keebo, we were able to get inside.

Knowing all of could Rantaro have recorded a video in this room?

Ah, yes... Right.

I turned to the laptop once again, and with a trembling hand I played the video.

AUDIO: A Message from Rantaro (Extended Version)

I get that this is probably pretty confusing, seeing...yourself like this.
Guess I should start from the beginning.
First things first, you. No tricks, no actors. It's you.
The reason you don't remember recording this is because that memory was erased.
Think of this video as a message from the Rantaro before you lost your memory... the Rantaro after you lost your memory.
So, let's get to it, then. The reason I recorded this footage.
I won the right to a special perk for participating in the killing game.
Part of that perk is this video message.
Monokuma said he was gonna make some kind of puzzle for you...
...but the fact that you're watching this means that you've solved it already.
Also, you can't share this with anyone.
If you catch Monokuma shooing anyone away from you, that's why.
There's another part to this perk, something you get at the start of the game.
I bet you know what I'm talkin' about. Something you've had from the start, yeah?
Now, I *thought* that if you were smart, you'd have used it to end the killing game.
But if you're watching this, that obviously didn't work out.
Life's never easy, huh?
Well, anyway, that's the perk. Other than that, you're just like all the others.
You go in, they wipe your memories, and you start killing.
That's the way it is.
Now, Monokuma probably already told you this, but just in case...
This killing game will continue until there are only two people left.
Now the important part of that rule is that—

Guess you'll have to solve that little mystery. But hey, you're smart. I know you can do it.
...Oh. There more thing.
Well, the truth is...this isn't your first killing game.
You're the Ultimate Survivor. You survived the last killing game.
That's why you get this perk—the Survivor Perk.
But it's not all fun and games.
Anyone who finds out who you are is gonna come for you...
So watch your back. Trust no one.
And never forget...
You wanted this killing game, so you have to win no matter what.
...No matter what.


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

This isn't the first killing game? A killing game that...he *wanted*?

Who *was*...Rantaro Amami?

He said he survived the last killing game. And that video is part of the Survivor Perk.

Th-Then...why did he die so quickly?

Remember what he said...

No...she didn't know Rantaro's identity. She thought he was the mastermind...

Then...who is the one that knew Rantaro's true identity?

...The real mastermind would have known.

I believe so...

For now...

And he said he wanted this killing game... Why would he want that?

Another killing game... Why was he even participating in the first place? What was the other killing game? Because the killing game is—

What was that other part?

He said he had it at the start of the game... But when we found his body...

SHUICHI: And that Monopad was the same student handbook we had...

Yes, it could be...

I never imagined Rantaro, the first victim, would come up again like this—


Ah! A-Again! I-It's...happening! F-Flashback!

VIDEO: Remember

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

AUDIO: Our Hope

Is it just me, or is there something weird about these boys' proportions?

SHUICHI: Y—Yeah...

*cough, cough* A-Are you okay? Are you sure you're not overdoing it?

You're the one who's overdoing it. You should be resting at home.

I'm guessing a bit about who's who here.

Y-You know I can't do that... I don't know how much longer I'll be able to go to school... I won't get any better if I rest anyway...

Hope's Peak Academy is working hard to create an anti-virus...

Even if they do find a cure, the meteorites are still gonna be a problem for us.


Hey, man...don't look so sad! You're about to go on an adventure, right!? Now that I think about it...16 boys and girls going on a space trip together... You guys gonna do it?

SHUICHI: Wh-What are you guys talking about!?

Congrats, Shuichi. I heard there are some hot girls there.


I told you, don't look so sad—!

SHUICHI: I don't know if I can stand it... I'd have to leave everyone behind—

You have to go...I'm begging you.


*cough, cough*'re our pride, you know that? *cough, cough, cough*

Yeah, you have to do it...for us. We're leaving everything to you.

If things get too rough, then just remember all the fun times we had together. So...don't give up. You're our hope.

SHUICHI: I'm...everyone's—

MUSIC: Wonderful Story


This is...Monokuma's doing... He made us remember this.

But...why? Why make us remember that?That memory is no cause for despair—



What does all this mean...? What are lies...what is the truth...?

Next time, we take the long way to our next destination.